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Arcanum called shots

Arcanum Called Shots


The Trojans failed to make a field goal the entire first half against Russia and found themselves down at halftime. And even though Arcanum played strong defense and bounced back offensively in the second half, its first half shooting woes were just too much to overcome in a loss. We really did.

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It's only a matter of time before one of Maug's gang tries to take credit for this, and that'll make what we have to do next even tougher. Could this really be considered justice? As he was the last, I finally hung my axe back on my belt. Perhaps it was for the best anyway.

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The gnome was still waiting by the door when I exited, with a look of absolute horror on his face. If you weren't here, their sins would only grow worse I placed my head over an empty oil drum and I retched into it.

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Behind me I could hear the splintering of wood as his fist contacted the door that I'd just escaped from. One of them dropped dead before I could even take a step, a trickle of blood running down his forehead and the sound of a gunshot erupting throughout the shack. Unable to hold it in any longer, I hung my head low and began to cry. How can either of you say for sure that we've done such a good thing when we're standing in the middle of a bloody pile of corpses?!

Did you really think it would end any other way? At first I heard the wood begin to splinter, and finally it burst. The last dog stopped and merely growled at me. I didn't pause for even a moment, attacking him from behind while he still struggled to recover from his failed attack.

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He, too, met with the blade of my axe in a most painful fashion. At least I've succeeded, even if I should die here. I couldn't waste time feeling sorry for myself, sorry for the mess I'd gotten myself into. He had to have heard the screams and the gunshots, he had to know I was coming out.

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It wasn't as though hacking apart thugs would damn me any further. Vollinger was the first to notice. There was no justice in cruelly tearing apart defenseless thugs, no matter their past sins.

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If I backed out now it would only be a matter of time before Maug took over the city, now that Pollock was dead. Don't think you'll brush me off that easily. I walked all the way up to Maug completely unopposed. The sound of footsteps and shouting grew suddenly louder, but I didn't even turn around to look. You all had to know this was coming from the day you ed on with Pollock.

I looked down at him, axe in hand, "Move. I turned to face the thugs that had burst in behind me with a hateful glare in my eyes.

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Even if he'd known for sure I was up to no good, he sure as hell didn't want to stand in my way. The orc next to him turned, grunted, and charged at me. Where did I go wrong? Vollinger's gun rang out, then rang out again, and two of the dogs fell to the floor, motionless. I'm not getting out without a fight now. One was either damned or not, and I was most certainly the former. You're the smartest one in this bloody hotel.

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I approached, ready to defend myself if I had to, and it tucked its tail between its legs and ran away. It might be gruesome, but killing Their deaths do more good than their continued living would have. He nervously grabbed his dagger and held it out towards me, trembling. Terry darted past my legs and leapt at another thug, strangled screams mixing with his bestial growls. When the last of them fell I carefully stepped over the door they'd burst in through and I looked out at the thugs outside.

He roared out loud in pain, his voice carrying clear throughout the shack and no doubt to the slums beyond. The smell of blood and Arcanum called shots flesh was nauseating enough, and the thought that I was the cause pushed me over the edge.

At long last, after what seemed like hours of fighting, all of the thugs lay dead around me. Regardless, I still hated it.

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Thanks to you, the people that can't afford to live anywhere else are going to be able to live without fear, without extortion I felt comfortable in his arms and, despite my frustration, I didn't honestly want him to let me go. He barely had time to gasp in horror before the axe severed his neck clear through. The orcish guard on the side of the room cried out a foul, grunting scream for several seconds before he, too, was permanently silenced. His primal bellow grew strangled, then abruptly cut off as his oversized body tumbled to the ground with a wet thud.

They merely stared on, slack-jawed, as each of them dropped one by one. I advanced on the remaining thugs, the blade of my axe smoking where the blood rapidly burnt off. Without skipping a beat, I drew my axe back off of my belt and swung it at him. The thugs were too shocked, too horrified to even move. That I would likely have to do it again only sickened me further. With a phenomenal burst of strength I cut clear through nearly Arcanum called shots of Pollock's body, severing far more than just his arm. He slowly walked over to me and put his arms around me comfortingly.

My axe tore into him relentlessly, burning through the thick leather covering his body and ripping apart Arcanum called shots flesh, leaving behind only charred, bloody remains. I stalked back out the way I came in, passing by Terry's gruesome work and continuing on into the next room.

I stepped forward and placed the coins he offered into my purse. The gnome at the door to the Bentley sneered at me as I walked past, but his eyes grew wide when he spotted my axe and the blood covering my armor. The bloodbath that had raged for half the night was over, and I stood at its center.

Revenge, perhaps retribution if I'd wanted to make myself feel good about it. I could still hear their cries in the back of my head, the horrible sound of tearing and burning flesh. He was right. He wouldn't live for even 5 minutes.

That's right. I could hear the sadness in his voice, but I couldn't tell if he was sad at what I'd done or what it had done to me. I wasn't fast enough Terry rushed out of the door to the room we were in and I could hear the strangled grunts of the orcs outside as he tore into them as mercilessly as I'd torn into Pollock's gang.

I heard a banging at the door suddenly: his underlings, trying to force their way in. When did this become acceptable? Scowling, I swung my axe once more. I've killed men twice as good as you! You've done a good thing this day.

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I might as well take as many violent thugs, criminals, and selfish low lives with me as I could. I must have been quite the odd sight, sobbing in the midst of a pile of corpses that I'd been the cause of. If he didn't want to move out of the way that was his own damn fault. I easily dispatched the next one while Virgil was still pulling his axe out of the one.

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I mercilessly tore through anything my axe blade could touch, and any thugs that dared get within my reach paid the price dearly. Virgil walked alongside me, chopping into the first orc that approached us with his own axe. I heard the sound of an unfamiliar yip as three war dogs burst into the room through the open doorway left by the orcs.

He swung a clumsy ham-fist in my direction and I leapt forward, rolling to safety.

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Arcanum pulled all the stops out in the last quarter, but despite its best efforts, the Trojans could not close the gap and fell in the Division III sectional semifinal round at Butler High School.

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