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Belly punch fiction

Belly Punch Fiction
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Fantasy storylines superheroines, spy vs spy are also welcome. To submit your own, simply send your work to iamsleeperkid yahoo. It was all Lisa could do to hang on as Louise bucked, twisted, and thrown elbows to break free, but if she could hold her for ten seconds, she might be able to end this match. Samantha stood over her fallen opponent and was about to cover when a wave of convulsions overcame Monique and she flipped on her back. Finally she lay still, spread-eagle with her arms above her head.

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Bob looked at her quizzically when she motioned him to the bedroom with a finger, but he followed. It could barely be heard. Tiffany giggled as her daddy unraveledunravelled from the back seat. The disregard he had for the money when he lost tens of thousands in a night at the casino confirmed it.

Stop asking so many fucking questions. The vast sums of cash that appeared out of nowhere gave her a Belly punch fiction clue that he was up to something illegal. The unit she referred to was a townhouse located directly opposite the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary, a place of safety with one important feature: Bruno would not be there.

Her heart started pounding. Bob thought Kathy was being overly cautious when she asked him to hide in the back seat and enter the building undercover, literally. The case looked like it had come straight out of the vault of a jewellery store. Gasping for air, eyes bulging out of their sockets, she let out a stifled scream. The trip back from the coffee shop was a paranoia-filled adventure. She wanted to scream and run away but knew she could not. If she was not careful, this man would kill her. In his mind, he was totally justified in what he had done and actually thought she deserved more.

As he stacked his luggage onto the airport trolley, he turned to face Kathy. Weeks had gone by since she had been able to speak with Bob. At the pay phone beside her local convenience store, she made the call she had anxiously been waiting to make.

Schoolyard belly punch

In a couple of hours, she had packed and loaded her car with as much as she could safely fit. It was obvious Bruno was in a foul mood and Kathy did not want to risk saying anything that might tip him over the edge he regularly seemed to occupy.

Tiff and I went to the beach a few times.

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A minute later, the look on his face made her glad she had chosen to do it this way as she pulled out the first item from the mystery box and laid it on the bed. Kathy stood side-on, looking at her naked body in the full-length mirror.

Inside the sleek, black box were rows of sparkling, exquisitely cut diamonds with their gradings on a little card beside them, VVS1 - VVS2. A shiver of excitement ran through her as she recalled the tenderness and love she felt for Bob. She wished she could rewind her life but knew that was impossible now.

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It was obvious Bruno was not a good guy. Her mind went back to the four relaxing days she spent with Bob while Bruno was away. Looking at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, she noticed something that she rarely saw these days: she was smiling.

Once in the unit, Kathy carried Tiff into her bedroom for a nap with the promise of reading her a story. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. It terrified her to think what a fucking hiding might look like. She scanned the street before indicating to turn into the driveway of her apartment building. He let go and she dropped to the floor, gasping as she desperately tried to get air back into her lungs.

Belly punch stories

She also considered that he might have someone staked out watching the unit. They worked out that he had to be a criminal, but it was the long, black box that convinced them he was not a petty criminal. Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Driving into the basement car park, she waited for the security gate to close behind her. She could not be sure. His open hand slammed against the side of her head with such force that she ricocheted off the wall behind her. There was no conversation during the drive from the airport to the unit. Bruno walked through the automatic doors of the terminal, and she felt her stomach lurch.

Bellypunch stories

He hoisted her up violently and wedged her against the wall, her feet dangling inches off the ground. Do you hear me? Kathy lived in a different world now, one not of her own choosing.

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If not for the gravity of the situation, she would have enjoyed recording the look on his face when she placed the Magnum revolver beside the uniform. Like a wounded animal, she felt trapped in the soft underbelly of Belly punch fiction that threatened to devour her. There was one thing she was certain of. Bruno announced over breakfast one sunny, Tuesday morning that he was going away for a few days.

He walked around the room, muttering Belly punch fiction himself and pounding his right fist into the palm of his left hand. As soon as the plane landed, Kathy felt her heart thump faster in her chest. To any casual observer, they were the picture of a happy family, but that was very far from the truth. It had crossed her mind that maybe Bruno had bugged the phone or perhaps elsewhere in the unit. Otherwise shut the fuck up! They had to be stolen. I have a feeling he would hate this gun to get into the hands of the police, and the s are a big bust for the cop he must be paying off.

Was he behaving oddly, or was it her guilty conscience playing tricks on her? By the time she emptied the entire contents of the box, Bob no longer looked so sceptical about her suspicions. She debated whether to tell him what she had found in the box Bruno had hidden under blankets, or to simply show him. He quickly moved towards her, his ominous eyes flashing with renewed anger.

She wished he would stay in Melbourne longer than a few days at a time. Her baby was fast asleep in another room. Judging by the way he flew across the room and grabbed her by the throat, he did not buy a word of it. He did not care. She knew the consequences of that could well prove fatal.

Wave at Bruno.

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She and Bob met at an out-of-the-way coffee shop neither had ever been to before. Kathy desperately wanted to Belly punch fiction with Bob. She could imagine what kind of hell he would be going through worrying about her, but the risk of getting caught if she tried to call him was too great. Kathy was surprised by the amount of luggage he had to collect at the carousel and prayed this did not mean his trips to Melbourne were coming to an end. After she cleared the breakfast dishes, she went into their en suite to shower.

I fucking know you had Bob around here most of the time I was gone. Absurdly, she was grateful to him for letting her off lightly. What a controlling bastard! She hated the way he treated her and knew the abuse was just the beginning. I should be bigger than thisshe worried. She seethed inwardly, not daring to expose her true feelings to him. He did not say where, and she did not care. If I want you to know something, I will tell you.

She had a plan, and she prayed that it would work. Driving with Tiff in the car to meet Bob, Kathy knew she was not being paranoid as she frequently checked the mirrors, making sure no one was following.

She watched to make sure nobody entered on foot behind her, not taking her eyes away from the rearview mirror. As soon as they entered the unit, she sent Tiffany off to watch TV in the living room.

Belly punch stories

He scared her beyond belief. A long week passed and Bruno insisted she remain indoors until her bruises faded.

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It was not over yet! Her nervousness was growing, and she desperately hoped her outward appearance did not match that inner anxiety. She cowered in the corner, tucking herself into a ball, making sure she protected her tummy. She cried and moaned in pain, but it was in vain. Calling on her former acting experience, she smiled and waved.

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