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Betray bobbi no nose

Betray Bobbi No Nose


But im leaning more towards betraying bobbi and letting Fahrenheit live, coz i love loyal characters. Could never bring myself to kill Fahrenheit. She is a pretty cool character, and I would have to betray Hancock. The best option gameplay wise is really to kill Bobbi or convince her to leave. But really it will only have a very minor impact on the game either way.

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She asked me to work on digging a tunnel in her basement. Get paid We dealt with Hancock's bodyguard and found his loot in a locked up train car.

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Now you have 3 options: 1. Open the Train Car Bobbi lied. After reaching the last fragile wall, you have to talk to Mel and select the I'm Ready dialogue option becouse activating the wall might not work.

Stealth confronting bobbi no nose

Let him make a short speech. Enter the Strongroom There is Fahrenheit waiting for you in the strongroom. Now I need to meet up with Bobbi in the tunnel and start digging to the Strongroom. There are two routes to the strongroom.

Fallout 4: the big dig walkthrough

Bobbi promoted me after I exterminated a group of Mirelurks in her basement. You have to kill her.

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She asked me to recruit a man named Mel who is locked up in Diamond City Security. Get out of the basement Go back and wait for the explosion in the room with the last fragile wall. His bodyguard Fahrenheit confronted us and demanded we leave. She hasn't told me much about the job.

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I met Bobbi No-Nose in an alley in Goodneighbor and agreed to work for her. We were not digging to the Diamond City Strongroom.

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Kill Fahrenheit and her men Available if you decided to stay with Bobbi. Now all we have to do is use it to dig our way to the Diamond City strongroom. Go back to the Goodneightbor and meet Bobbi and Mel in the dig.

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If you killed Fahrenheit then you have to do one more, small task for him - Confront Bobbi. First one is filled with mirelurks, the second one is filled with with ghouls. Talk to Bobbi You will find her in a small alley in the Goodneighbor. Bobbi's Place.

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You have to visit her at Hawthorne Estate. Fahrenheit thanked me for not letting Bobbi steal from Hancock's strongroom.

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His bodyguard Fahrenheit confronted us and we ended up killing her. Meet with the gang in the strongroom basement.

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Talk to Fahrenheit Fahrenheit thanked me for not letting Bobbi steal from Hancock's strongroom. Now you can go to the Goodneighbortalk to Hancock and unlock him as your companion. Bobbi lied.

Fallout wiki

You have to use Mel's robot to destroy fragile walls. At the end Fahrenheit will give you a new weapon - Ashmaker. Talk to Fahrenheit Available if you managed to convince Bobbi to leave. Talk to Bobbi inside the Train Car. Kill Bobbi Available if you decided to betray Bobbi.

Fallout 4: ashmaker

The easiest way, but the most expensive, will be to bribe him. She asked me to meet her in Diamond City to tell me more about the job.

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Talk to Bobbi. She asked that I speak to Hancock in person.

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After it's done, he will be ready to you. Dig to the Strongroom Mel brought a robot to help with the dig.

Fallout 4: ashmaker

Instead we ended up breaking into Hancock's strongroom. Mel brought a robot to help with the dig. We dealt with Hancock's bodyguard and found his loot in a locked up train car. Bobbi revealed that we are digging to the Diamond City strongroom to steal what's inside. Talk to the Diamond City Security. Bobbi paid me for a job well done. I broke a man named Mel out of Diamond City Security.

Man, im having a hard time deciding on who i should kill: bobbi or fahrenheit.

I confronted Bobbi and she got violent. Talk to Hancock Now you can go to the Goodneighbortalk to Hancock and unlock him as your companion.

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Quest completed.

Our new persons

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How to unlock: talk with Bobbi through the door in the alley near Hancock's house in Goodneighbor.

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And Until youve managed to keep your iPod from providing up the ghost, you almost certainly are not accurately swimming in MP3s possibly.

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Backstory: Shortly after waking from VaultNate felt something was very, very different.

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Fallout 4 is no different in this regard, with the companion this time around being the extremely charismatic John Hancock.

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He monitors developments in the Commonwealth and compiles reports on matters of possible interest to us.

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