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Boys in panties stories

Boys In Panties Stories


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She opened the passenger door and the boy, almost in a trance, took his seat beside her and off they drove.

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His small suitcase was packed and ready to go. At such an impressionable age, his body and thoughts affected by the rush of hormonal change, Chris couldn't help but steal glances at the maid as she scurried about, her brief uniform showing off frothy white petticoats as she bent to place the various dishes on the table.

Although this was unusual, Chris' father was a member of the alumni and hence the selection of St. Mark's for the boy's education. The boys helped serve the breakfast, bringing each of the ladies food before taking their seats which alternated around the table, one of the ladies, one of the students, and one of the priests.

Panties stories

Just as he realized he was the last still waiting, Mary pulled up in the driveway. Chris listened attentively and impressed Mary as a perfect little gentleman. It was covered in a canopy hung with wispy lace as were the curtains and the vanity. You've been so kind to me. Re-printed as found. The breakfast was held off the main dining hall in a separate room. The boy, although embarrassed by the presence of the two ladies in the bath, being in such unfamiliar surroundings, didn't dare refuse the kindness of his host.

If you would like to take credit for this work, please --credit is given where credit is due. Never had he been in such a wondrous place. As she enveloped him in a warm hug and drew his head against her bosom, Chris once again seemed lost in her warmth. She thanked him as he took his seat and introduced herself as Mary.

Panty boy stories

I'll be back later with your things. He was a freshman at St. Mark's Academy for Boys, and, although his studies were progressing nicely, he was still homesick. Reilly woke up early that morning and quickly showered and dressed in his school uniform.

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Glancing over her shoulder, she smiled as she noticed the boy's stare and gave her hips a more pronounced wiggle to tease him further. The Thanksgiving holidays were now upon them and this presented something of a problem. The subject came up on Sunday as Mary was chatting with Father Tom after Mass at the local parish where he assisted. While most all the other students were from the region, Chris' family lived almost miles distant. Despite his confused state, Carolyn's efforts were pleasurable.

From this new vantage point, Carolyn also displayed the frilled garter tabs that held her stockings taut. While his family wasn't poor, flying home for Thanksgiving and then again in a few weeks for Christmas was more than they could afford.

I've called the school, but there's no answer". To his surprise, they were greeted as they pulled up by a tall young woman dressed in a maid's uniform.

Panty boy stories

Mary went on to explain. This morning promised to be interesting at least. It was definitely a girl's room; the walls papered in a delicate pink floral pattern and the bed which dominated the whole room looking as if it belonged to a princess. Boys in panties stories she knelt at the side of the tub and began lathering his scalp, Chris' eyes were drawn again and again to the bodice of her uniform. The boy noticed the affectionate manner in which she had addressed him, and while blushing slightly, liked the sound of it. Somehow your suitcase didn't make it into the car when we left the academy.

Carolyn was obviously well endowed in that department, and peeking through the sudsy lather, Chris watched intently as her cleavage shook so closely to his face. Covering himself beneath the suds, he sat quietly while Carolyn soaped his back and scrubbed him with a soft brush. Chris waited sheepishly, anxious for the woman to leave him in privacy.

Chris returned from the kitchen and moved to take his seat, but Mary motioned him to her lap where, although a little embarrassed, he felt very comfortable. Edited by Paige S. Author possibly a "Daisy", according to a reader. With her arm around the young freshman, she cradled him affectionately against her massive bosom and ran her fingers thru his curly hair. It was November, and he had been away from home for over two months. I guess I will just have to wear what I came in; it's no problem. Mary offered to open her home to the boy for the long weekend and the priest agreed subsequent to approval from Chris and his parents.

Here, Carolyn will shampoo your hair and I'll look for something. A suggestion was made to continue this interaction, perhaps by permitting the students to visit off-campus periodically. Mary smiled knowingly at Carolyn as she took note of the boy's distraction. Susan's room was far different from any he had been in before. Following the young woman a step of two behind, Chris couldn't help but notice how her long shapely legs disappeared beneath the froth of petticoats.

Return to Petticoat Pond's Main. A solution was quickly found. Mark's was a small school run by an order of cloistered priests.

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For as long as he could remember, he had only taken showers, and this bath was not just a bath. As they pulled in the circular drive to Mary's house, Chris looked out in awe. He spoke of his studies and his participation in intramural sporting events, and she in turn spoke of her life in the small community just down the road from the academy gates.

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She led the boy into his room for the weekend, and while he was too polite to say anything, he couldn't help but feel strange. He had always been an excellent student in grammar school and, from his earliest years, had been something of a teacher's pet to the nuns at St. Boarding school was a new experience, however; he missed his mom and sisters and, although he never would have dreamed it before, even the nuns.

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Mary introduced the woman as Carolyn, her personal assistant and maid. He sat his suitcase behind the car near the trunk as Mary came around the car and motioned him to her. With that she left the room and Chris quickly removed his clothes, and, leaving them folded on the bed, hurried into the bath. Her perfume filled Chris's senses and after being separated for months now from any female company at all, Chris delighted in the conversation and seldom let his sight off her.

The table seemed almost too empty, but then Chris remembered that Mary had been recently widowed, and Mary explained that, like him, her daughter Susan had decided to stay on the West Coast with friends for the holiday. As a reward for doing especially well in his classes, Christopher had been selected as one of the half dozen students invited to take part.

She lovingly wrapped him in her arms and gave him a kiss on the forehead, explaining how pleased she was to have him for the holiday. Chris stole a peek into the bath Boys in panties stories saw that it too was definitely that of a young lady: everything in pink, from the towels down to the thick carpeting.

The boy, his eyes glued to the woman in her short black satin dress and dark stockings and heels, blushed as Carolyn curtseyed and, taking the lad by the hand, led him into the house. His mom and dad also thought it an excellent idea after a recommendation from Father Tom. Wednesday, after the other boys had already been picked up by their parents or taken to the bus depot, Chris anxiously awaited his ride.

You needn't worry your little head. The breakfast over, the boys cleared the dishes and the Fathers expressed their gratitude to the ladies for attending. Petti Pulp Fiction. No copyright notice was posted.

Being alone, there was no need to feel embarrassed, so he slowly slid into the warm luxuriant suds. Obviously Mary was wealthy, the house appeared almost a mansion and the grounds leading up to it were nearly as large as the entire campus.

‘boys in panties’ stories

Carolyn re-entered the room and noticing the boy being ill-at-ease brought him relief. Mary explained that she was a widow with one daughter away at college on the West Coast. A small group of ladies from the local parish had been invited to share breakfast with some of the students and their teachers.

The large tub was near overflowing with a froth of fragrant bubbles. As the two of them chatted, Carolyn served the meal. Of course, after a week of dreams filled with visions of the older woman's breasts and the heady aroma of her perfume still in his mind, Chris' answer was guaranteed. Chris served Father Tom and then brought a plate of bacon, eggs, and pancakes to the woman he would be seated Boys in panties stories to.

Did you notice that? She told Father Tom how Chris was such a cute little child welcome to visit her home at any time, and as the priest agreed to allow the boys off grounds and thanked her for the kind offer, Chris was lost in a flood of senses. Why don't you draw a bath for our little guest, Carolyn, and he can get what I'm sure is some needed sleep.

Panties stories

Dinner was about to be served, and after being shown the powder room where he could wash up, Carolyn ushered the boy into the formal dining room and seated him next to Mary at the large table. He guessed she was nearly forty and although on the heavy side, had a very kind and even pretty face. Everything about the house was beautiful; it was huge and decorated with ornate lace curtains and fresh flowers on every table.

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Just as the boy settled into total relaxation, he was startled by the door opening and Mary entering, Carolyn at her heels. Where's the suitcase? With that, Mary excused herself and Carolyn led the youngster up a long curving stairway to make an early night of it.

It was assumed Chris could remain on campus, and while that was possible, it would cause the staff inconvenience in that repairs to the dormitory had been planned while the students were away. He let his head rest against her wondrous breast and let the smell of her heavenly fragrance fill him. There were no females at the academy at all; the teachers as well as the support staff were all members of the religious order.

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His head was low to floor because of the spanking he was getting and he could see up her dress.

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