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Communal showers camping

Communal Showers Camping


The off-season or winter shut-down for camp and glamp site operators offers time to catch a breath and recover from the madness of a busy summer season. This may be as a result of customer feedback or just your own personal opinion. Increased or constant turnover of visitors and use of communal cooking, washing and bathing areas puts cumulative pressure on the provided facilities — perhaps more frequent and rigourous cleaning soft Facilities Management is required, or the fittings and componentry need to be maintained more regularly, repaired or even renewed also known as Hard FM. According to industry experts, holidays involving camping and glamping are on the rise.

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Image source: Pixabay. In these cases, you will definitely want to have plenty of coins on hand. Image source: YouTube.

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These can be put over the stall door or wall, and will hold all of your things up off the floor while you get clean. These handy buckets can be used as a small stool to sit on while you wait your turn, dry your feet, or put your shoes on after you bathe. In either case, waterproof lanterns like these are great to have on hand to illuminate things while you lather and rinse.

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However, this is rare, and the problem is more often that the shower stalls are not very well lit. If a shower looks especially unhygienic, spray it down with the bleach and use the shower nozzle to rinse everything off.

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The problem is, planning epic RV journey is somewhat complex. Staying in campgrounds on a regular basis means you will probably end up using the bathhouses at some point.

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Photo: Virginia State Parks on Flickr. In any case, whether you choose to use them or not, the campground showers are likely to be a part of your future as an RVer, and that means it is a good idea to have some special tips and tricks on hand when you do find yourself seeking out the nearest bathhouse.

Bar soap is cumbersome in the best of situations. By heeding these simple tips, you can make sure your campground shower experiences are as pleasant as possible and continue smelling great throughout your adventures. Very rarely, you may come across an especially primitive bathroom that has no lighting whatsoever.

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Pick and choose what you like and have a splashing good time getting clean during your travel adventures. The holes allow excess water to drain, leaving you with a relatively dry place to get dressed. That said, there are some things that are less appealing about community showers.

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Instead of dealing with this issue, simply purchase a set of over-the-door hooks. Choosing to shower late at night or in the afternoon will often help you avoid long waits and a lack of hot water.

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Also be sure to check out these other great uses for a five-gallon bucket. This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here. In fact, many RVers use the campground bathrooms almost exclusively, appreciating the roomy showers and ample hot water they so often provide. Below are a few of our favorite tips for these occasions.

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Most people pack their shampoo and soap in a shower caddy or bag. Step 3: Enjoy unforgettable memories! Image source: Amazon.

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However, by packing these things in a 5-gallon bucketyou can give yourself a leg up in the campground shower game. Step 2: Plan your dream RV trip. Usually, the busiest times are the morning and evening. Additionally, there are a few showers out there with no hot water.

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In order to protect your feet from any nasty things that might be lurking on the floor, invest in a cheap pair of flip-flops to wear while you shower. As RVers ourselves, we understand the process and have helped millions of RVers journey with confidence and make their travel dreams come true.


Besides, the fact that it must be stored in a special little box adds another step to the process of showering. Some of the more primitive showers out there are lacking a simple hook to hang your towel and clothes. Carry a bottle of spray bleach.

To fix this issue, lay down a rubber non-slip mat with holes in it. They also make a great little table to put your toiletries on when there is no shelf available, and by drilling some holes in the bottom and sides, you can ensure mildew will not be a problem.

Public showers

Dirty floors, long wait times, and the inconvenience of hiking to the bathhouse can turn a person away from the idea. Putting on long pants and shoes after your shower can be difficult because the floor ends up soaked. Not all bathhouses have heaters, and several are without air conditioning. For these reasons, making the switch to shower gel is probably your best bet if you plan to use the campground showers on a regular basis.

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Some campground shower floors can be questionable to say the least. Photo: Amazon. Communal showers make the slippery bar even more difficult, as it can so easily fall to the dirty floor.

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Love RVing? We love this natural shower gel from Puracy with citrus and sea salt.

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Campsites and camping companies within the Netherlands may remain open under strict conditions.

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We're thinking of purchasing a tent again after not camping for about 15 years!!

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I realized I've never been anywhere with shared showers before and I wondered if there's any kinda rules for it.

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Some groups and families like to camp together.

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Not heard anything in camp showers, but my son once embarassed me totally in a swimming pool changing room, the type with just a curtain across instead of a door.