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Corruption of champions fairy

Corruption Of Champions Fairy
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Content in this section is based in the world from the text-based game "Corruption of Champions" by Fenoxo. Setting and characters used with permission, writing and recording is all my own. These are stories that happen between the listener and a partner, a companion, or a submissive. Most take place at the listener's camp, in comfort and safety, and many are continuations of stories that began elsewhere.

Name: Carmencita

How old am I: 22
Ethnicity: I'm from Syria
My hair: Reddish
My Zodiac sign: Pisces

They are also compelled by their queen to implant her offspring and their pleasure-giving honey medium into the bodies of the powerful entities who may cross their path.

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Brain Drain 5. Some light hypnosis on her part that the observer fails to fully grasp, in their exposure to similar substances. Thank you for listening. As it turns out, your butt is not quite out of reach, and it is smarter than you thought. Mental Muzzle - Truth and Flow. A very simple file about trying to evade a tentacle beast's amorous advances by climbing a tree. Corruptive Brain Drain Deepener. Because this work involves vulnerability and trust, please listen to the contents of all files you intend to trance to in full before going into trance for them, so you can be sure their themes are ones you can safely and enjoyable consume while in deep trance.

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There is a discord server where everyone is welcome, backers and newbies alike. The tentacle beasts can fuck any hole perfectly, lubricated, seeking the spots that induce forcible and forceful release of sexual fluids. The exchange? Climax to the limit and then cum on the tendrils gaping your pussy.

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She happily submits to your pinning and fucking her, but her uniquely sensitive vagina shortly has her riding a manic high of repeated orgasms, and leaves her flooded with your seed and almost unconscious from pleasure-fatigue afterward. Deeper and Dilute. This line of encounters will continue onward through the Bee transformation files into a few possible 'endings'.

A pussy-having-listener version for those who would rather subjugate the bee handmaiden using their own personal 'honey', will be made available soon as a different Sweet Revenge file series.

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Mail eSuccubus. Continuing the Bee Girl handmaiden story, you manage to resist the compelling vibrations of her wings and choose to give her a taste of her own medicine. Your cock buried deep in one of the special vines with a suckling sleeve at the tip. Stud Farm 4 - The Machine. Ass and mouth, fucked. A long sample can be found here. Sleep - Inversion. You'll lick at her pussy, taste her honey, enjoy her ministrations in return.

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ing can get you early file access, and special backer-only files. New to the site? This site and the work on it are funded entirely by a Patreon campaign. She'd like a little licking, some oral pleasure to get her off and dull the aching arousal she can only really get rid of when the Queen lo her back up and sends her out. Nipples teased. Contact Me and Links Mail eSuccubus.

People like you. Ass, pussy, mouth, fucked. Tags on entries are not exhaustive, but if you notify me of something you'd like to have tagged I will do my best to tag it on future entries. She's already incredibly horny, and as the bee girl does not have a cargo of eggs to implant, she has no way to access her normal sexual outlet.

They make a honey which shares these qualities and is sought after. For listeners with penises. Corruption of Champions.

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This file picks up after the other Bee Girl files, or as an alternative to them. The result is mutually pleasurable and the bees become quite addicted to performing the action, very quickly. The bees use the aphrodisiac honey and their pleasure-granting venom to pacify people, and then after the sting proceed to insert their ovipositors into a willing hole and spurt out the Queen's young to be carried.

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A tentacle beast experience. Meeting an unusually collected and calm goblin well, for such a lustful species anyway in the forest. She has tested her aphrodisiac substances on herself and is incredibly turned on.

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Further tentacles wrap in a kind of net around your cock and balls, jerking you off to the limit and holding you suspended until conclusion. Check out the Newbie Files. Fairy flies inside listener's clothing and works them to orgasm. Length: 25 Minutes. A natural alteration to the terrain caused by corruption, tentacle beasts seek out anything with sexual fluids and attempt to extract them. Arousal, good natured trancy pleasure, ending in climax and an invitation to return.

Entire body bound and rubbed. Nipples, clit, teased. If I forget or you spot a content warning I did not, notify me and the entry will be edited to reflect that warning. She uses her highly reflective silver nipple piercings to draw the observer in. The creatures in the forest are indiscriminate in their desire for sexual fluids. The tiny woman uses her unique position to enforce rigid climax as quickly as possible.

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The giant bee-like women who dwell in the forests of Mareth serve a queen who is inherently purified and immune to the corruption which suffuses it. File length -: - 32 MB. Become a Patron!


They will bind and then pleasure anyone who they sense, trying to induce addiction and corrupted aphrodisiac driven desire to return. They will soak up every drop and leave their 'victims' quite clean, despite any forest leaves scattered in your hair from being suspended then ridden into the ground with long tentacles in every hole.

Tentacle Beast.

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The bees use the aphrodisiac honey and their pleasure-granting venom to pacify people, usually, but today she has no cargo of eggs at all, she's just incredibly turned on and willing to offer a bottle of the transformative honey the bees create - which is safe and delicious in small quantities.

Backer Only. On all fours, fucked in the ass with a curvy and cute bee girl's ovipositor that spurts aphrodisiac honey and implants one's belly with the bee offspring who will later safely and pleasurably emerge. Bee Girl. Content on this site contains a variety of graphic themes, some of which may be disturbing to some listeners. File assumes listener with penis. Search form Search. Dripping s of listener's arousal drive fairy companion into a lusty haze.

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Length: 12 Minutes. You're freed when the ravishment is over, but after that kind of treatment are you ever really free? Climax to the limit and then cum inside one of the tentacles as they drink it all up. Get Involved Become a Patron! This audio is based on content from Fenoxo's game "Corruption of Champions". Please exercise discretion. Go To Your Place.

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The creatures in the forest are indiscriminate in their desire for sexual fluids.

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Can only be encountered in the Deepwoods area, unlocked after exploring the Forest sufficiently.

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Edmund Add sank into 's pose in the middle of the field, his forehead touching the grass, his arms extended forward, and a plea and gratitude gesture.

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Every Wednesday, we take … Fairy Tales.

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Faerie can only be encountered in the Deepwoods zone, unlocked after exploring the Forest sufficiently.