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Crossdresser shopping stories

Crossdresser Shopping Stories


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Name: Violette

How old am I: 24
Caters to: I love male
Eyes: Brilliant hazel
What is my Zodiac sign: Taurus
Figure type: My figure features is quite strong
What I prefer to drink: Vodka

Thank you for the inspiration.

~ a place to be your beautiful self

Thank you for sharing your story. I loved the dresses, skirts, and tops.

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I know who I truly am now, and so do others. What are you looking for?

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Someone there will be glad to help you. Thank you for sharing your experience. Omg girl what a great outing! Two other women shopping for something or other are trying to watch me without being too obvious. She was so cool about it, and told me the best times to shop, ie. Thanksgiving morning I went to the grocery store dressed.

Our crossdresser shopping trip

In utter shame and embarrassment. There was no going back now so I took off my windbreaker and slipped a light dress over my head. It was the perfect opportunity to slip in a trip for clothing in between the bank, pharmacy, pet store and others. Along came Amazon—safe, secret, and anonymous. That is due to, the members, the Ambassadors, my friends, and Vanessa just saying Hello! This is never going to happen without help.

Being able to be you comes down to you,the relationships you have with family, people in your community, and the support you gain from those relationships. I would appreciate any feedback from all of you, my newest and dear friends. The imagining and anticipation mixed with fear and trepidation?

damsel asian Della

I totally agree, this website and … ». It changed my life around—big time. They are for me. There are few things that get the adrenaline pumping, the voice quavering and the nerves tingling in quite the same way. Meet crossdressers, make friends and share your inner women with others.

But the really amazing part was that once the first 30 second conversation was done when she said I was in the wrong department and needed to look over there for my size the next ones were just no big deal. I am happy being me! It was only recently that I stumbled across CDH. There was a list of errands, which required at least a couple of hours driving here and there. After a back and forth pleasant conversation with a college age salesperson, who treated me without judgement, she directed me down the mall to Victoria Secrets. If you have a real life Crossdresser shopping stories There has been a great change in my life as Bre.

For me, I grew up very masculine and then it shifted in my early 20s. Today I enjoy all of that and so much more. I would love to chat more if you wish.

I just wandered in circles passing clerk after clerk, too afraid to seek assistance. Is there something else I can help you with? Four more times that day I spoke with salesladies and in all four cases we might as well have been discussing pots and pans. I could get breast forms and more without having to tell a fib to a disinterested clerk. This is actually fun.

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The saleslady at Dillards did not treat you right though… Many Dillards have one-room dressing rooms available, often one specified for handicapped. I neve You see s around - a bra that's not yours, stockings in a color you would never wear. I just thank all my friends at CDH for helping me move on to more challenges! Maybe some day. I would love to go to a real store and ask for help.

My first reaction was of utter confusion.

lovely lady Corinne

The departments were laid out as misses, petite, ladies, plus, none of which made any sense to me. I guess the one who told me to see her personally in th efuture if needed was different. Then — the moment of truth. Unbelievable; no screaming, no call to security, no demands to get the h… l out of this store. Same questions to the next clerk, a lady in her sixties. Amazingly, only 20 minutes has elapsed. I have been buying more passable clothes lately instead of 6inch heels etc. I cannot tell if they are confused, startled, curious or angry, but no matter, I keep at it and after three tries I end up with an above-the-knee dress instead of the skirt I had in mind.

My wardrobe has mostly been acquired through trips to obscure shops often adult only for lingerie. I went to check myself in the mirror. And hon it only gets better as you get further in to the experience shopping while dressed en femme is without a doubt the most fun you can have.

I Crossdresser shopping stories quickly building up my courage despite all my initial fright.

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Once you get started it is easy to continue. I have so much to learn. Do you remember the first time that you heard the call from feminine lingerie? They are thigh-highs and I wear them myself.

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Up until now, I have always travelled as a man, mainly because of the constant need to prove my identity at airports. So Happy 3rd Birthday Crossdresser Heaven, and to many more!!!

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If there are readers who, like me, need the encouragement then perhaps this will provide some. I am like almost everyone! On a recent trip to two different Dillards in Kansas City, one put me in a normal one-room dressing room right behind a register. Nerves under control, I check the time. You are so right that almost always the biggest issue is our own fear and anxieties.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned

I have shopped for myself a if times in drab. Good luck … ». A few weeks ago I shared my experience going out crossdressed for the first time. However, last week I decided it was time to travel as the real me, so I went out and bought a fresh suit for the occasion.

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Although I have been dressing for some years, it is only been lately that I have gained courage to expand out from mere solo time locked in the house. Yes, it was truly surprising to me that the ladies girls — 1 at least could not have been more than took no more interest than with any other customer. Great job getting out shopping! Can the same person wear a ladies in one measure and a petite in another?

Good luck with it and enjoy yourself. This might only be a small step for many and a minor accomplishment to those further along in their self-realization. I admire you for sharing about it. I might as well have been asking for a nice pen and pencil set. Is he having an affair, or could he be crossdressing?

Our new persons

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It is about seven, seven thirty in the morning at my local Wal-Mart.

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I got to do something last week that I never thought I could do in this rural part of America!

Her Long Leg Cast

A while back I made a post here about a successful venture to Sephora in which I asked an employee there for help.

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It started when I was eleven years old, my fascination for girl's clothing and crossdressing that is.