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Desi cuckold stories

Desi Cuckold Stories
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Hello to all the readers and especially my followers who were asking me about my other encounters of my sexual journey. So here comes the most awaited story between me and sultan. Those who are reading this story for first time please read the earlier two parts to have a better insight into the story. Hi, I am Aditya name changed 32 years from Delhi. I was married to my wife Riya name changed 7 years ago, ours was a love marriage.

Name: Kameko

What is my age: 65
My figure features: Fat

It is a very tight one which will surely shows a beautiful view on her 32 size boobs. She said I prefer same dress. Shana: I too love you da darling Me: Did you think our sex life betting bored. Without asking you I have said you can stay in my home. He hugged me and said sorry for not able to come to my marriage. She said your fantasy will not come true lol. My name is Suresh and my wife name is Shana. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. With a curiosity I asked all girls?

Next day morning I woke up early as I had a meeting in office early. She said yes he has well-built body. This thought made me feeling excitement for his arrival. S: dear there is no need to ask me.

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I am 28 and she is We got married a year before. My penis size is 6 inches. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum.

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I said him his room is ready. He was looking like a real man with well built biceps and a broad shoulder. We decided to have lunch and start to a movie. First of all, I will tell about her.

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I really love you a lot da my baby. I casually asked her how is my friend. They can only see. We started to a movie and came back home after night dinner. After lunch me and my wife went to room to get ready.

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Home Stories Submit Search. I said she will look so attractive in this. My friend is Ram who is working in Mumbai. Ram saw her in a T shirt and stunned a minute and came to reality and said omg you are looking so beautiful Shana. I am sorry for my English. He has helped me a lot in my college days. She said if she wear this I am not responsible for anything.

After 2 weeks, time my friend Ram called me and said he will be coming tomorrow to Pune city. I am little afraid to open this what running on my mind.

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Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. I understood that this cannot happen on overnight. But he saw her in social media, He commented that unbelievable girl for you. That thought give me ample enjoyment.

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I said okey dear and that night I had a wonderful sex with my beautiful baby Shana. Tell me what you want to say M: Ok dear I will tell this to you. S: I have noticed that. As a daily routine we had passionate lip kiss. I wake my wife and ask her to prepare lunch as soon as possible. Me: Darling I love you so much. But I am not too sure on Ram.

Since he is a well-built man he should have a bigger bulge.

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One of my friend from Mumbai, coming to our city for a project and it will take around 2 months and I have promised that he can stay in our home. So many times I thought Ram who fucking my wife Shana when I fuck her. I am sure he will enjoy my wife's beauty. Me: I am not sure whether you will like this or not.

Here I am going to narrate a sex story that will make you enjoy every bit. But we cannot do anything to that. Darling, I want to tell you something S: if it is not your fantasy you can tell anything dear M: well it is not about that fantasy. Ram finally arrived my home. Since he came on a Sunday morning we thought can go out either for beach or a movie.

But I have never said that to my wife. I ask her what dress she gonna come. She gave back a nice smile to him. After couple of months, one night I had a conversation which turns our life. He gave handshake to my wife and I have introduced him to my wife and my wife to Ram. He is almost 6 feet and my wife is 5. I am Suresh from south India.

After some conversation she accepted and I have choose her the t shirt. Shockingly she said he is looking very handsome and girls will fall to him easily. She is a modern girl and loves to wear modern dresses and also sarees. They started to have conversation which made me happy to see that they mingled so soon. She is a beautiful women with beautiful assets that men will dream of living with her. Her lips will be red without any lipstick. I said come one please come in T shirt. S: what are you saying dear M: I know it is a bit shocking for you but I have just said what is in my mind for past few days S: Sorry dear.

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If we choose a wrong person to fulfil the fantasy it will end up in disaster. But he is well built tall and handsome guy. She is very fair and slim about 50kg and she got a beautiful pair of boobs with shape Whenever she goes out I am sure at least men will oogle her in eyes itself. S: What ever it is I will not get angry on my baby. He has not seen my wife since he is out of station during my marriage. Days passed away and I have tried my best to make my wife to accept my wish.

There started the kinky thoughts. He loved my wife's cooking. The moment he saw her I can see he is so keen to see my wife's boobs through kurta. I asked whether you will fall with a kinky smile.

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I said to my wife about cuckold fantasy. I had a thought if this 2 months will be enough for my wife to get attracted to Ram's well built body.

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I will try to keep it in better way. My wife was in jeans and kurta when he arrived. But she has not lent her ears to what I want to say. What I meant is S: why are you struggling so much to speak to me Me: I know you for 7 years.

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