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Diaper reform school

Diaper Reform School
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Carissa glanced awkwardly around at the group of young women. Though they were in a group, each seemed to be standing alone, avoiding eye contact with the others and blushing if noticed. The source of their discomfort was fairly clear. They had each just been changed into a new set of clothes, all in the same room with the others around. While being dressed in front of strangers was bad in its own way, it was really the clothes themselves that caused embarrassment.

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Once, he even patted her on the derriere, and she had responded by slapping him furiously across the face. She blushed furiously as Peter washed her naked body with a wet towel and then massaged her thighs with baby oil.

A brand new school

She had never felt such an intense arousal before. He held her while Ms. Powers shaved Melanie's public hair, leaving her vaginal lips as smooth and exposed as a baby's. What happened to the fear and anger she had felt just minutes earlier? She felt dizzy again, and, unable to maintain her balance, she collapsed on the floor.

As she drove up to the main entrance, she saw Peter Andrews waiting for her.

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Powers, of course, had not told her about the fast- acting sedative she had mixed in Melanie's juice. Standing directly behind her, he was studying the visible contour of her panties through her white pants, training his eyes on the spot where the garments converged between her shapely buttocks. Lifting her to a sitting position, Peter secured her wrists behind her back with adhesive tape, depriving her of the use of her hands.

She blushed. Perhaps, Mr. Andrews, you could assist us by inserting a finger in baby's rectum and telling us whether baby has a fever. There, Ms. Powers led her down the hall and into a spacious bedroom. Melanie gasped and pinched her legs together as Peter entered the nursery room. All for you own good, of course.

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She smelled talcum powder and saw Peter lift her ankles high in the air and part them. Moaning, Melanie struggled vainly to break free. A white cotton diaper appeared between her thighs. Melanie shut her eyes tightly, as if to blot out the world.

Story: the institution – an asylum-like boarding school

Peter put his arm around the naked girl and lifted her onto the padded table. With workmanlike efficiency, the headmistress deftly unbottoned the girl's blouse and slipped it off. He constantly made lewd advances, despite her incessant rejection. But was that good or bad? Standing between her parted legs, Peter pressed a finger to her anus and gently forced it into the humiliated girl's sphincter.

With a smirk, the headmistress inserted a pacifier in Melanie's mouth. To her surprise, it was furnished as a nursery, with an adult-sized crib and a padded table.

Élan school

Her wrists were drawn up over her head and secured to the table with surgical tubing. Ignoring her protests, the headmistress unzipped Melanie's pants and pulled them down to her ankles. What was happening to her, she wondered.

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Though she was intelligent and well educated, her condescending attitude annoyed Peter. Her diaper was unfastened. For some reason, she recalled a neighbor boy named Tommy, who had once tied her a tree when she was twelve years old. Ever since, she had felt guilty, secretly having enjoyed it. Powers said.

School for pampered boys

Ignoring the drugged girl's pleas, Ms. Powers slid the diaper under Melanie's hips and secured it with three-inch steel pins. For several minutes, Ms. Powers worked the tube back and forth in Melanie's rectum, as if to stretch the miserable girl's sphincter. By the way, you also agreed to submit to periodic health examinations and medical treatment. As he did so, an unimaginable feeling of excitement surged through her nervous system. When her bra and panties were removed, she groaned in humiliation, feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Dirty diaper stories — the reformation school

Peter placed her on the floor. She tried to struggle, but her arms and legs failed to obey her. He left it there for some time, "accidentally" letting his thumb stray into her opened vagina. You can't do this, Melanie tried to say, but she was too weak to form the words. He had pulled her panties down and left her alone to be rescued by passing strangers.

The reform school

Almost at once, she felt her bladder release. Melanie looked down at her body, clad in the babydoll gown and white cotton diaper, and gasped. To Melanie's dismay, the diminutive gown barely reached to the edge of her diaper.

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Melanie was led to the changing table, and her soaked pajama was removed, leaving her naked except for her wet diaper. You also agreed to accept any disciplinary measures we might institute and waived all rights to criminal or civil action.

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Her blue eyes were accentuated by her jet-black hair, which was cut short on the sides. Removing a syringe from his coat pocket, he plunged the needle into her shoulder. To her Diaper reform school, hot urine began streaming into her diaper. Now they were both teachers at the same reform school for girls. Her feet were lifted up and her ankles were also bound, securing her in the most humiliating position conceivable.

Cross-town traffic. Hours seemed to pass before the light finally came on again and Ms. Powers reappeared. She and Peter had met three years earlier, in graduate school. What was this strange sensation she was experiencing? Melanie squirmed on the floor in her wet diaper. As the diuretic began its work, Melanie felt an intense pressure build in her bladder. Too weak to resist, Melanie was barely aware of the headmistress rubbing her limbs and loins with baby oil.

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Melanie smirked. In truth, he was offended by her rejection and secretly anxious to avenge his wounded pride. Then she placed a cotton gown, fashioned like a little girl's pajama, on the semi-conscious girl. Soon, the headmistress's cold hands pried open Melanie's cheeks, and the enema tube penetrated her anus. As she went inside, she saw Peter's reflection in the glass door. She cried tears of shame as her urine soaked the cotton fabric and seeped onto the floor, forming a pool where she lay.

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Melanie moaned in despair as the flimsy garment came off, exposing her lower orifices. They had taken an instant dislike to each other. The headmistress was dressed in a white outfit, similar to a nurse's uniform, with a pale blue sweater that buttoned up the front.

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Peter smiled, delighted at Melanie's transformation. When Melanie tried to stand, Peter injected her with a hypodermic. After finishing off the juice, she was escorted through the classroom area to the dormitory. With despair, she saw Ms. Powell appear with a rubber enema bag.

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She heard Peter chuckling to himself. He extracted his finger with maddening slowness, leaving Melanie gulping in dismay. Margaret Powers, the headmistress, greeted them in the lobby. Suddenly, Melanie felt dizzy.

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Melanie moaned in humiliation. Melanie arrived at the school fifteen minutes late. Powers countered. To keep from falling, she thrust out her hands and leaned on the table. Savoring her shame, he slid the finger as far as it would go into her rectum.

Now, the humiliation fantasy that had been buried deep within her all those years was turning into a reality.

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Hephzibah House describes itself as a private Christian boarding school for teenage girls.

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Ever since running away from the reform school 3 months ago, Kelli has had restraints at all times.

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The competition challenged students from State University of New York SUNY colleges and universities to think about the policy implications of their research.

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The facility was closed down on April 1, due to reports of abuse, many from former students, dating back to its opening in

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