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Donnas sister on that 70s show

Donnas Sister On That 70s Show


Eric is afraid he'll be in big trouble with Donna after he runs over her cat, Mr. And Kelso is sure he's in bigger trouble when Jackie catches him giving Laurie a kiss.

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Despite the fact that she was a couple years older than the rest of the gang, Laurie kept finding ways to insert herself into their activities; she briefly "dated" Kelso while he was in a full-on committed relationship with Jackie, worked tirelessly to maintain her edge over Eric in the "Red's favorite" sweepstakes, and even married Fez so that he could avoid deportation and, well, because she was bored.

After a brief hospitalization with pneumonia, Mary Tyler Moore passed away in January at the age of According to Kitty, they're "very complicated people who can't be summed up in a couple words," to which Eric has a succinct response: "Grandma yells, Grandpa drinks.

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They may not be with us anymore, but every one of them will be fondly remembered — particularly among the many fans of one of the sweetest, smartest, and funniest sitcoms of all time. Tanya Roberts stole her scenes as Midge Pinciotti Fox. Mary Tyler Moore lent her iconic comedic flair to the role of Christine St. George Fox. Tom Poston brought decades of sitcom experience to the role of Burt Sigurdson Fox. In reality, Kitty was simply going through menopause — an emotional blow made even worse by Burt suffering a fatal heart attack in the Formans' driveway.

Bob: "You wanna go for a walk? He wasn't only a sitcom veteran; according to USA TodayPoston appeared in more sitcoms than any other actor in television history, with a small-screen career spanning all the way back to As Burt on That '70s ShowPoston offered a warm, loving, slightly tipsy contrast to White's distant, emotionally unavailable Bea.

The pair appeared over a three-episode stretch during which Kitty believed herself to be pregnant again.

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In Augustshe passed away from an accidental overdose of an unspecified combination of drugs less than a day after entering a Los Angeles rehab facility, according to The Hollywood Reporter ; she was only 43 years old. Every week, viewers could count on that cast to bring the funny: Topher Grace as the nerdy, acerbic Eric Forman, Laura Prepon as his girl-next-door sweetheart Donna Pinciotti, Ashton Kutcher as lovable idiot Michael Kelso, Mila Kunis as spoiled rich kid Jackie Burkhart, Danny Masterson as stoner and conspiracy theory enthusiast Steven Hyde, and Wilmer Valderrama as the perv-tastic foreign exchange student known only as "Fez.

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Of course, with so much talent having been involved in the series, it seems only inevitable that since its ending way back insome of those featured players and guests would have shuffled off this mortal coil — and this is sadly the case. Among them are an actress best known for her time slinging the hottest burns at That '70s Show 's group of buddies, another whose career was revitalized by the show's excellent use of her ly-underutilized comedic talents, and another whose very name is synonymous with television comedy.

Unfortunately, Kelly's aforementioned issues included severe depression and alcoholism, and despite publicly and emotionally coming clean about her problems in a interview with ABC Newsshe was never able to overcome them.

Topher grace as eric forman

ElsewhereRemington Steele, and the excellent revival Newhart. In addition to the main cast, That '70s Show 's supporting players and even guest stars were never anything less than note-perfect, and watching the show today, it's positively shocking how many familiar faces, from '70s legends to future superstars, passed through Point Place, Wisconsin.

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Moore enjoyed her share of big-screen success as well, earning an Oscar nomination for 's Ordinary Peoplewhich won the Best Picture statue. The long-running Fox sitcom That '70s Show will be fondly remembered by fans for as long as people are watching television.

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Kelly's personal issues forced her from the show beginning with season 6, at which time the role of Laurie was recast with Christina Moore. In DecemberRoberts fell ill with an infection that ultimately spread to her bloodstream. During That '70s Show 's much-maligned eighth and final season — during which Grace and Kutcher both departed to pursue film careers — Moore appeared for a three-episode stretch as Christine St.

Jackie briefly ends up working as Christine's assistant, only to find that her hard-driving personality is just a touch different from the one she projects to her audience and that the world of TV isn't quite as glamorous as it's made out to be.

Laura prepon as donna pinciotti

However, she will forever be remembered for her vital contributions to the medium of television — not to mention for her legendary talent and screen presence. But one shouldn't have to think very hard to come up with more than a few laugh-out-loud moments involving Donna's weirdo parents: goofy, hirsute Bob, portrayed by veteran character actor Don Starkand his budding feminist wife Midge, whose wide-eyed airheadedness and surprisingly thick wise streak were brought to life by Tanya Roberts.

The show's goofy sensibility, inspired running gags, and consistently hilarious writing would have likely made it a hit in any event, but the show was raised to iconic status thanks to the talents of its core cast — an ensemble with chemistry like few others in TV history. There are television icons, and then there is Mary Tyler Moore, whose talents helped guide the course of the medium for several decades. Roberts had been retired from acting for a decade and a half, but fans of That '70s Show will always remember her as Donna's good-hearted, free-spirited mother, who was just as quick with oddly insightful advice as she was with a head-scratching non-sequitur.

But while Moore was perfectly capable, she just couldn't quite embody Laurie's combination of venom and Daddy's-girl vulnerability quite like Kelly. When you're the older sister of the lead Burnmaster, though, you've got a leg up on the competition — and so it was with Eric's big sis Laurie Lisa Robin Kellywhose reputation for egregious promiscuity was matched only by her razor-sharp tongue.

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Prior to her role on That '70s ShowRoberts was best known for her stint on the fifth and final season of the classic TV series Charlie's Angelsfor her role in the cult classic fantasy flick The Beastmaster, and for being Roger Moore's final Bond Girl in 's A View to a Kill. When one thinks of That '70s Show 's parental figures, they may be forgiven for immediately calling to mind Eric's parents Kitty Debra Jo Rupp and Red Kurtwood Smithwhose loving relationship and strongly-drawn character quirks made them two of the most memorable sitcom parents to ever grace the small screen.

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For the decade or so prior to being cast as Midge, she had appeared mostly in low-budget direct-to-video flicks with titles like Night Eyes and Sins of Desire — but on That '70s Showshe revealed herself to be a gifted comedic actress with a knack for delivering Midge's ditzy dialogue with deadpan aplomb. Moore brought her devastating comic chops to her brief run on That '70s Showfilming her scenes on the same soundstage where she held court decades earlier as the star of The Mary Tyler Moore Showwhich ran for seven seasons from tovia ScreenRant.

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She maintained a tireless work ethic despite struggling with alcoholism and Type 1 diabetes for her entire adult life — struggles which she publicly shared in a pair of memoirs — and only with the onset of serious health problems in her 70s did she begin to slow down. That '70s Show 's gang of buddies spent so much time engaging in friendly and sometimes not-so-friendly verbal sparring matches with each other that few of those outside of the group could hang when the burns started to fly.

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