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Erotic piercing stories

Erotic Piercing Stories


Body Art: Piercing Another form of body modification is piercing. Piercing has also been around since the dawn of time. Nose piercing was first recorded approximately 4, years ago. The Bible in Genesis Abraham requested his oldest servant to find a wife for his son Isaac, the servant found Rebekah, and one of the gifts he gave her was a "golden

Name: Bridgette

Age: 28
What is my sex: I am woman
What is my hobbies: Drawing
Body tattoos: None

He began probing at my pussy, looking for my clitoris.

The piercing

He assured me that cumming would not be a concern when he was through. He used that moment to shove his prick into my ass. He began sliding his dick in and out of me rapidly. As he looked at my pussy spread there for him, I felt a trickle of my juices beginning its way down the crack of my ass. He waited until I was right there and then he bit me again.

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He sucked it in between his teeth and bit down hard. He spread my knees apart and sat down on an adjustable stool between them. I started calling tattoo and piercing parlors after we hung up the phone this morning, and I found one in Orlando who sounded promising. When I was on the verge of cumming again, he abruptly stopped.

The piercing

He slid it in and out a few times, and the latex of his glove began exciting me and it gripped the walls of my pussy. I yelled out at both intrusions into my pussy, and then……. He pulled his dick out of my pussy and I felt it at the entrance to my ass.

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He then used the pliers to grab onto my clit, and as he squeezed them shut, I felt both tremendous pain and pleasure. He stood up and explained to me that my legs needed to be strapped down, and I would have something inserted in my puss during the piercing, so as to prevent any sudden movements.

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He shoved the needle through my clit in that instant, and suddenly, I was pierced. He got all the way inside me, then stopped to allow me to adjust to his size. I was just about to cum when he stopped touching it. He showed me the pliers he would use to clamp my clitoris during the piercing, and showed me a huge needle that would be used.

‘piercing’ stories

I felt his tongue sliding around my ass hole and dipping inside, He fucked my ass with his tongue for a few seconds and then stood again and pressed his dick into my pussy. He put his black gloves on and walked over to me, stoked my legs lightly as he moved my feet to the stir-ups. He said he never allowed husbands or boyfriends to watch as he gave their women piercings, because he wanted to be the first to give them an orgasm with the rings in their clit. I was cumming so hard I could barely breathe, and my ass felt like it was on fire.

He un-strapped my legs and told me to roll over on the table.

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Then he proceeded to massage my clit with his tongue, and began finger-fucking me with what felt like his whole hands. Michael had asked me to come around pm because he closed at 9pm and he knew I would take a while since I was so nervous. He pulled his dick out and I rolled off the table and began dressing.

‘piercings’ stories

He began fucking my ass faster, and then I felt him swell as he got close to emptying his balls. Turning the Table. Keywords began sliding clit began clit felt clit pierced cumming hard dick pussy massage clit pulled dick sliding ass time michael. I wandered around smoking a cigarette and looking at the various tattoo des on the walls. I brushed my hair until it was tangle-free then blew it dry so that it curled up. My fear began returning. He spread my ass cheeks and bent over me. I left for Orlando atwith Cindy rolling her eyes that I would actually go this far in search of the perfect orgasm.

He took the pliers in hand and used a piece of gauze to dry my clit.

Erotic stories

I felt his dick start pumping its load into me, as I starting cumming hard yet again. He leaned in closer and I could feel his warm breath on my pussy, and he started sliding his fingers around my lips and hood. I got up on the table as he got the supplies together and put them on a tray.

I paid him for the piercing and left the shop. I sprayed myself lightly with perfume and then got dressed in my short black skirt, no panties or bra, and my Pooh chambray shirt you got me for Christmas in California. The stirrups were set up and he told me he needed me to take my panties off, pull my skirt up, and get onto the table.

Erotic stories

He sat down again, and touched the tip of his tongue to my clit, pushing on it lightly. I ran through the entire scenario you told me in my head and came explosively when you began fucking her in the ass.

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Thank you for publishing this awesome article. He said under no circumstances could I be drunk during the piercing, so I got directions and called Cindy at work. He began slamming in and out of me, then suddenly stopped.

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Suddenly he slammed his dick into me and before I could comprehend him being inside me, I felt the most horrible pain no, wait, pleasure of my life. I exploded, cumming harder than ever before.

‘piercing’ stories

The shaving cream provided the perfect lubrication for me to massage my clit while I thought of you fucking another woman. He began licking and sucking at my rapidly enlarging clit.

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Total 0 votes. The rough texture made me even hotter, and I almost came then. He began sliding in and out of my ass slowly, and I felt the ring moving around. He started telling me how tight my pussy was and how he loved to fuck the women that came in for genital piercings.

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Michael began sucking my clit hard, and I felt the beginnings of an orgasm. I shamelessly begged him to fuck me and give me some relief. I finished up my primping by making sure my legs and underarms were shaved free of hair, and stepped out of the tub. I felt the tip of his dick against my pussy opening, and I held my breath, because I was afraid him penetrating me was going to be painful.

‘piercings’ stories

All I could think about was how good having my clit pierced would feel during sex and all the time, actually. All of the customers were women wanting belly button piercings, so it only took a few minutes for each of them, but by the time Michael finished them all, it was He locked up the shop, and handed me the paperwork to fill out giving my consent for a piercing. He added another finger and started finger-fucking me a little harder, paying a lot of attention to the area of my g-spot, and then I was suddenly surprised to feel his mouth on my clit.

He shoved into me until his whole cock was buried in my ass, and I once again felt a sharp tug on my clit. He stood up and asked me if I was ready for him to make me cum.

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When we first met on a cold winter night in a coffee shop, I had no idea what he did for a living, and he was wearing long sleeves, so I certainly had no idea that he was tattooed.

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We walked back to the car with her head on my shoulder and drove back to the apartment building.

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Body Art: Piercing Another form of body modification is piercing.

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