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Family home nudity

Family Home Nudity


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Scientifically, when they are very little, they don't care. At any rate, thanks. Oh and congratulations on the baby - if I read you right.

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Ilovebreadyum86 Sure. Thanks for responding. Of course, this is not a scientific survey and I have never seen any data on it, but I tend to think you are right. One more - if I might - how do you think you and a sibling would handle it if you went to the gym together? Embarrassment is one thing, loathing quite another.

Still, my family, as I say, with a dad for a doctor was definitely not the norm. My mother would just sigh and say that having naked boys around the house was the price of doing business in a doctor's home.

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Is it a question of shyness or habit? Feel free to contact me.

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I guess I was wondering how common that is. She was lucky to have you as a loving and caring daughter. Okay, I am following you. Growing up, my dad was a doctor and he treated nudity as pretty much another day at the office.

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No problem. I can even see the appeal in the lifestyle in the sense that it feels good to be natural and as we were intended to be - at least for me sometimes. Assuming you have sisters, did you never have a gym class together or were in the same locker room?

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As my kids get older, I generally tend to assume that we will be more like my family, though I certainly would not demand that. Thanks again - and no need to reply if it is too personal.

As teens, however, there is a tendency for them to become a bit more relaxed about nudity again. That sounds a lot like my life with my girlfriend - especially before the kids came along. This was not so much about nudism and lifestyle. Thanks for replying. From the sound of it this is more about habit than shyness.

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Had to laugh at your descriptions. Of course, when your dad is a doctor - as mine was, you tend to treat nudity like any other day at the office. Nude too, though not quite as much.

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Vote B. Like I mentioned, my family - both growing up and now, are pretty easy going about nudity. My girlfriend and I have lived together for ten years and have three children and we seem to be right in the middle with a tilt toward the way my family was. Plus, irony of irony, I have someone else messaging me at the moment. That may be - and certainly nothing to apologize for or that you need to explain. They will be more easy Family home nudity about nudity because we are somewhat easy going. My sense is that your response is fairly typical. No need to respond if it is too personal - and I should have thought to include that option in the question.

I understand- just remember that old aphorism. Vote A. Pretty routine to see family naked, but not a lifestyle. I apologize if there is any delay in replying, but I promise I will get to it.

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Beyond that, I expect to some degree that my kids will tend to adapt to the way they were raised. Thanks for your reply.

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Would you prefer to message me? That, and the natural development of teens will make it normal. Again, my parents were not nudists, but dad was quite casual about it being a doctor. It is just that I never would have seen my dad naked - at least I don't think so - but we use the lockers at a gym and so we sometimes see each other.

Although we are not, my girlfriend and I know a nudist couple. My family, as I say, with a dad for a doctor was definitely not the norm. Thanks again. Okay, thanks.

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If so, I will "Follow" you. Very sorry to hear about your mother. My sense is that your response is closer to the norm, though maybe a little extreme in the opposite direction. I am assuming - and it may not be true, only time will tell - that my kids will tend to take a certain level of nudity as normal.

Anyhow, I just want to see how we stack up to other families. There are evolutionary reasons that help explain this - but I'll spare you. That is exactly like what it was with my brothers growing up. You should be a writer. My girlfriend grew up in a more conservative home - two sisters - and she says she saw one of her sisters naked maybe once in her whole life until my girlfriend moved out.

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Just to give you a small background, my parents were born in a time where the country is so conservative, where religion plays an important role on how people behaved. Thanks again for your reply.

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If I may push - no need to reply if it is too personal - you say "not common," but per my poll, is it embarrassing when it happens, or pretty much taken in its course? My family - both growing up and now - is the exception rather than the rule. Even here in the States, my parents are about the same age as yours, my dad was a bit more casual about nudity than the average. Though not my mom, and only my dad if we happened to be at the gym or a public swimming pool locker room together. Not in the way they were when they were babies, and of course they react different around their parents, but that is the basic psychological pattern.

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We're nudists. At about ages 4 to 6 - it varies somewhat - kids develop a sense of modesty. My girlfriend and I are pretty easy going, though now that we have kids we are a little more conservative.

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Give me one minute. Very good people and while we have no interest in the lifestyle, I can say nothing but good things about the nudists I've met. You do what you always did.

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Thanks again for responding. I get the sense, though, that we are the exception. I would think they carried that until adulthood - especially my super religious mom. My sister saw me in my underwear when I was a teenager more times than I care to count.

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So seeing my brothers or sister naked was not uncommon. Kind of like with my family - you take things as you find them. My girlfriend and I are nowhere near as easygoing as my parents - especially my dad - was, but we are also not exactly prudish. If I might - for some reason your answer prompted a question. Well, it is sort of the bell shaped curve. So I will have to juggle all this.

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