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Father son mutual masturbation

Father Son Mutual Masturbation


A young female medical assistant teaches a young boy not to be ashamed of his overly large cock head. In Up. An unlikely bond develops between a father-in-law and his son-in-law when they become gym buddies. The only son of a coal miner from a sleepy village in the North of England, who died when he was five, he grew up with his two

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Finally, on the 5th day, there was an envelope in the box. I did take comfort in the fact that he didn't say he hated them and not to send more. As I reached my mid 20's, my viewing of porn and masturbating fantasies changed a little bit to include thinking about men and their big cocks.

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My dad was sitting in his big lounge chair watching TV which was normal. Just too much to risk both in reputation and disease to find someone to live out some of these fantasies. Have a good day. Based on my fear of not knowing of who you are and your intensions, I will not comment on the subject matter in your correspondence.

I eventually asked his dad about work and if anything exciting had happened lately. Maybe I could send more with a note that would put his mind more at ease on who sent them and what he thought of them. Dad hadn't seen me, thank goodness. Before sending them this time, I went to Father son mutual masturbation post office and set up a PO Box. I then wrote at the top of the first picture, "I hope you like these more than the ones. Yelling out to dad to see if he wanted anything. I found myself stroking my hard 8 inch cock to thoughts and images of big hard cocks as much as big tits and round asses of hot porn stars.

I wondered often if they even had sex more than twice and that was just to conceive us boys.

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I guess that is the case for most teenagers growing up. Instead of just leaving and going back to his apartment, I decided to walk out the door and then re-enter making as much noise as possible so dad would be aware that someone was now there in the house.

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The biggest problem now was how could I find out if my dad would be into it and how would I be able to go about finding that out. Plus, sending him something in the mail to the house might land in my mom's hands and that would be no good either. This time I also sent a picture of my own cock at full 8 inch hardness. I could then step it up a notch if he could find out if my dad liked them and wanted more. I never thought these fantasies would ever turn into something real.

I went into the TV room and made small talk with my dad.

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I realized that was probably the only thing my dad could say based on him having no idea who sent him the pictures. I was hoping it was good news, but also feared it would tell me to buzz off and stop sending him stuff in the mail. I had a couple of beers, but not enough to even feel the least bit drunk.

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Maybe I could walk on him the next time while he was stroking his cock and offer to do it for him. They could be just of girls in bikinis and no nudes or men at first. I came up with the idea of instead of a letter, I would send him some sexy pictures. I checked the Box every day after sending the second letter, but got no response. Those thoughts continued with me as I drove home to my one bedroom apartment that was just a few miles from my parents house. The question now was, what to write that could convey that. My dad was old school and didn't have much use for computers, so an would never work.

I wondered what he was thinking about.

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My dad I thought wasn't gay and might be totally turned off at the thought of it, especially with his own son. My parents were not very affectionate either to each other or their sons. I now realized in my increasingly sick mind that all those sexual fantasies about sucking a hard cock might be able to come true in a situation that I knew it would be safe and that no one would find out.

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Then I thought, what if I sent him an anonymous letter to his work? It wasn't as big as mine, but it was a nice size and I liked the way he was slowly stroking it like he had all the time in the world for his fantasy to play out. I got the answer of "no thank you. I wondered now how often my dad did this and if I would ever be lucky enough to see him doing it again. Coming in the kitchen door and making my way down the hall to the family room, I saw an image that would now be tattooed to my brain for the rest of my life. What I thought was not normal was the fact that his pants were unzipped and he had his cock out.

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I thought about how frustrated my father must be because my mother was even less affectionate that he was. We chatted for awhile about nothing special while my thoughts kept drifting to what I had witnessed and what I thought about it. It was nice to realize dad was still sexual and got horny just like everyone else. Did I really see what I thought he saw? I slowly backed up out of view and then turned and walked through the kitchen to the door.

I then went online and printed out about 6 pictures of hot girls with big boobs in string bikinis. I was from a small town and there were just too many risks. As I thought, my hand was now stroking my own hard cock very slowly just like dad. I couldn't remember the last time my cock was this hard or when I came this much when I finally exploded with the thoughts of my father stroking his cock just a couple of hours ago still in my head. It made sense.

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These thoughts brought on another hard on which I gladly stroked up and down and came with the same force as the night before. Hope to hear back from you soon. So many thoughts running through my mind and I didn't know what to do. Maybe my thoughts of cock were only in my sick mind. Who was I to deny my dad a good cum session.

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My next letter contained even hotter pictures of big cocks and hot women mostly focusing on the big cocks and girls sucking them. Dad gave a brief smile and responded that "nope, same old same old. I couldn't wait to get home and open the letter. I am not sure who you are and why you are sending me this material.

I thought of other ideas of maybe blackmail or something like that, but I would never want to hurt my dad in anyway just to live out my desires.

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On the back of it, I wrote, "Here is a picture of me. What did this mean? I wondered if there was something wrong with me and whether I might be bisexual. I waited a good 15 minutes to let dad finish what he was doing.

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Mom was in the kitchen and dad was watching TV as usual. He was slowly stroking it with his eyes closed. She never wore anything remotely revealing and seemed very prudish about anything that seemed sexual on TV. I guess it made sense now that my dad would turn to masturbation in place of actual female contact. After 15 minutes, I open the door again and closed it loudly.

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I would never consider myself gay which I felt I demonstrated over and over again by the of girlfriends I had over the years along with all the masturbating I did to images of women, some even with their clothes still on where I could just imagine them naked. That way I would be assured that only dad would read it.

I put the letter in the mail on Monday on my way to work and then waited a couple of days and stopped by my parents house.

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Those thoughts all changed one day while stopping by my parents house after hanging out at the local bar with friends. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I hope you like it and can feel more comfortable commenting on my letters.

Father son masturbation

How would I know when it would happen again and what if his dad lost it at the suggestion? The next morning, I woke up in a good mood. My name is Robby and I am in my mid-twenties. No, I thought, that is no good. Was his father actually masturbating in the family room? I then proceeded to make some noise in the kitchen looking for a snack. I stroked my hard cock as I addressed the envelope and put the stamp on the letter.

I froze for a second and didn't move.

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Only thing now was what to write? I never knew his dad had sexual thoughts any more or ever. I acted like I hadn't just seen my dad masturbating, but couldn't get the thought out of my mind. It was a letter address to Mr. Sam Pictures. Climbing into bed that night, sleep alluded me as my thoughts kept focusing on my dad's cock. Please let me know by sending me back correspondence to this PO Box address. While that encounter didn't reveal anything, I decided to step it up and send him some more graphic pictures of women sucking and fucking big hard cocks.

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I have a younger brother and two very conservative parents, David and Karen.

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