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Forced sissy prostitute

Forced Sissy Prostitute


Her loud yelling and her hand banging on the table startled me. I was blindfolded and shackled to the wall.

Name: Jessalin

How old am I: I am 40
Ethnicity: Swedish
Sex: Girl
What I like to listen: Classical
I like: In my spare time I love riding a bike
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You have to in order to favorite this gallery. Gave me hair extentions. Had one then anyways.

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She was owned buy a big black pimp I had come to know as 'Daddy'. One day I woke up i a haze, my chest sore.

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Not long ago I woke from another drugged haze my body wracked with pain. The second thing the device can do is deliver an excrutiatingly painful electrical shock that will dropping me sobbing in a fetal position. First it can render my body limp and out of my own control for a period of two hours, afterwhich I will slowly regain function of my body again.

Use me like I had used other women. They pay more money when they dont have to use a condom" The sex change was not all Daddy did to me.

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The device can do one of two things. A womans gash now lays where my cock hung " Another hole to make me money" Daddy says. Description saved Blonde-Jaelyn-Fox Description saved Description saved C58EE Description saved D6A Description saved se Description saved upskirt Users who added this gallery.

Sissy men forced into prostitution

He forced female hormones into my body, making it more feminine. Remember that you can also add descriptions to each image. Now I work 20 hours a day making Daddy money. Live Sex. Add a description of the contents of your gallery, so it will be more visible for other users.

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Description saved. This is how Daddy enforces his will.

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Daddy had forced me to undergo another surgery, changing me fully into a female. Daddy had drugged me and had breasts implanted in me.

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Daddy cares about making money I do as Daddy says or else. Daddy does not care that I am not gay. Daddy pimped me out, mostly to men just getting of of prison, men that hadnt been with a woman in a very long time, and did not mind so much that this one had a cock. He also had my vocal cords cut, preventing any kind of decernable speach, just moans and screams.

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For three years Daddy kept me locked in his basement, allowing me to wear only womens clothes, as slutty as possible. They held me down and fucked my mouth and ass mercilessly. Share this picture.

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You are not ed in. After that he and other men use me. Enter Code:.

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I used to be the kind of guy that used to love abusing and degrading women. The last thing he did was have a device attached to my spine.

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Daddy does not care that I dont like men or cock. She had once been a guy, and her fate was now my own. If I protested that I was not gay, or resisted servicing the cocks Daddy invited to use me, Daddy would beat me unconcious, or worse. One day I abused the wrong girl.

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Sissy men forced into prostitution.

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Sissy forced prostitute.