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Girl getting a physical

Girl Getting A Physical
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Other names for a physical include a complete physical exam, a routine physical, and a checkup. A doctor or nurse may recommend a physical to :. In this article, we discuss what to expect during a routine physical exam.

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The casualties of teen sports can range from minor sprained ankles and repetitive strains, to more serious conditions like heat stroke or concussion. The health care provider will ask about any history of illness, hospitalizations, or injuries that might prevent your teen from playing, or that might limit the amount of activity your teen can handle.

The two types of exams

While sports physicals are offered at other clinics, such as those inside some drug store chains, they can be combined with, but should not take the place of, an annual physical exam by your teen's health care provider. What Is a Sports Physical?

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Parenting Reference. Or the health care provider might recommend certain modifications, like using special protective equipment, carrying epinephrine auto injectors for severe insect allergiesor using an inhaler if your teen has asthma.

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The health care provider's decision is based on several factors, including the: Type of sport and how strenuous it is Position played Level of competition Size of the athlete Use and type of protective equipment Ability to modify the sport to make it safer If everything checks out during the sports physical, the health care provider will give the OK to play without any restrictions. Girls may also be asked about their period, and whether it's regular. During the sports physical, the health care provider looks for any diseases or injuries that could make it unsafe to participate in sports by reviewing the family's medical history to ensure additional tests are performed if necessary.

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Playing on a community or school sports team is a great way for teens to stay in shape and learn teamwork. Many club sports, however, do not require a physician's clearance. At the end of the sports physical, the health care provider will decide whether it's safe for your teen to play the sport.

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Finally, remember that even if your teen has a sports physical every season, if it is not a complete physical exam, they should still receive a comprehensive health exam each year. Even if your state doesn't require a sports physical, it's a good idea for every teen who plays a sport to get one annually to make sure they're in top shape and healthy enough to safely participate.

No matter which sport your teen plays -- whether it's soccer, football, baseball, track, or martial arts -- there's always a risk of getting hurt. Could I have CAD? Missing Teeth?

Procedures & tests

When Is a Sports Physical Done? The teen's pediatrician can perform the sports physical.

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That's probably why more than 38 million American children and teenagers play at least one sport. Many schools also offer sports physicals. Your teen should be asked to fill out a health history form as well as a teen questionnaire that investigates daily habits and lifestyle choices it asks about drug and alcohol use, among other topics.

What happens during a sports physical?

If everything checks out during the sports physical, the health care provider will give the OK to play without any restrictions. What to Expect During a Sports Physical Your teen's sports physical should start with a thorough medical history.

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Physician's assistants and nurse practitioners also can do a sports physical and the required forms. Most health conditions won't prevent kids from participating in sports, but sometimes they'll need treatment and a follow-up exam in order to play.

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Some states won't let young middle school-age athletes start a season or play a new sport without first having a sports physical. A sports physical -- also known as a pre-participation physical examination -- is a check-up to assess a teen's health and fitness as it relates to a sport. Your teen's sports physical should start with a thorough medical history.

It's rare for teens to be barred from playing entirely. To avoid getting hurt or sick on the field, court, and track, teens need to be prepared.

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Sports physicals typically start in middle school and go through high school. Additional testing such as blood tests, X-rays, or electrocardiogram may be ordered during the sports physical. They'll usually set up stations around the gym, where health care providers will perform the different medical tests.

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Ideally you should try to have the exam done about six to eight weeks before sports season starts. That way, if the health care provider wants to treat a condition, refer you to a specialist, or do a follow-up exam, there will be enough time before the sport begins to be cleared to play. If your teen takes a break from sports one year, make sure they still receive an annual check-up. Some kids have serious allergic reactions to bees and other stinging insects found around playing fields.

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Staying physically active is important for everyone.

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Do you really need to see a family physician every single year?

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The physical—an awkward occurrence that, unless you were very involved in athletics, you may have been avoiding.

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Topic: Physical Health MP3, 5.

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Participating in sport and physical activity provides multiple benefits for physical and mental health, and for potential quality of life.

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Some of this is a result of people being unsure as to how often they should get a physical examination.