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Halo sex story

Halo Sex Story


This is not my first story but it is my first submission so be a little bit kind, yeah? Be warned! This is about bicurious twin brothers

Name: Ellette

Age: 28
Caters to: Guy
What is the color of my hair: Silvery
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Libra
My figure features: My body type is skinny
My favourite music: Reggae
My hobbies: Looking after pets
Stud: None
Smoker: Yes

Axel flipped sides and rubbed his hands on Jarred's chest,he bit Jarred's earlobe then neck. Axel carried Jarred in his arms to their room as it would be from now forth and settled Jarred on the bed pulling off his underwear again.

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Even now as Jarred woke up he kissed Axel and rubbed his hand on Axel's bare,broad,muscular chest,then his hand traveled to Axel's hardening cock and he jerked it,Axel moaned and grabbed Jarred's butt gently and pulled Jarred into him Axel loved Jarred and was gonna be with him always.

Jarred fell to his knees as the pain brought him down,'fucking bitch try that again',Ellis spat rubbing his chest where Jarred rammed him. Jarred felt the car race forward as more gunfire hit the bullet-proof car. Jarred and Axel had sex in the limo that night and then when Axel brought Jarred back to his home,Jarred was shocked to see it,A giant off-white mansion.

Axel pulled down Jarred's underwear and held his hard cock,he then took Jarred's cock into his mouth and began to suck.

Halo sex porn stories

Jarred backed away,but even as he did,he realized that he was backing up towards a dead end,'FUCK!! Jarred felt a hard blow his his stomach and it hurt as hell,he yelled.

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A tear welled up in Jarred's eye,he wondered if this was gonna be the last memory of his life He felt a hand on his cock and then pain as a mouth bit on his cock and then pulled,'doesn't this thing get hard?? Lenny gave one final thrust and then withdrew his cock and jerked it over Jarred's face and the Halo sex story ropes of cum from Lenny's cock hit Jarred's face as Jarred turned his head the other way,'yeah Lenny,show this fuck,whose boss',someone said All the other men in the room were in one circle on the bed around Jarred's face and one by one they came on Jarred's face,some slapping his face with their cocks and others with their hands,they grabbed his ass slapped it multiple times.

Seeing his boyish features,Axel guessed that Jarred mustn't be older than Jarred told Axel everything that had happened and how he'd ran away from his home.

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Lenny pounded Jarred's ass hard in and out,pinching and biting Jarred's nipples as Jarred cried in pain,the room filled with moans like,'oh fuck yeah,Lenny skrew his ass hard'and 'yeah fuck that bitch',Jarred waited for the pain to ease up,because he knew that they were all gonna take turns. Ellis began to push his cock in and out of Jarred's mouth as he gagged and struggled. Axel took off his clothes That was 2 months ago,yet Jarred remembered that day as it were yesterday.

The thug closed in on Jarred and grabbed him,in one smooth move he cuffed Jarred's hands behind his back.

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Jarred felt himself being lifted and the heard a door open and then he was heaved onto a bed,by Ellis. Jarred climbed onto the seat and moved over Axel,only in his underwear Axel rubbed Jarred's naked body,over his abs and chest and then grabbed his ass,pulled him up and kissed him hard.

Just as one other grabbed his ass and go on top of Jarred,a man came screaming into the room,'boss,Alfred Zane's men are here. As Ellis began to undo his zipper Lenny grabbed his hands,'not here man,lets take him back to the den,then when we're done we can dump his ass back here,make it look like an accident',he said as he fished a black cloth out of his jacket and tied Jarred's eyes.

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Lenny rammed his cock hard into Jarred's ass Jarred screamed but his scream was silenced again,this time with a sock. Jarred went down on Axel's cock and came back up sucking it,'Uhh,yeah,Jarred you suck cock like a pro,done this before??

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Live Sex Cams on GayDemon! Jarred struggled against his restraints as he felt his shirt being torn off. Axel saw that the boy,Jarred was really shaken up although he didn't like to show it.

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Jarred Summers woke up with a jerk,breathing heavily,he was dreaming of the night that changed his life for ever. Jarred tried to move,to free his mouth but he realized that he was tied down to the bed. I see you around a lot,going to school or to soccer practice. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics. The man carried Jarred off the bed and dived into a corner of the room as the sex-bed was sprayed with the bullets from and AK Jarred felt his body being lifted and then he felt everyone around him running,he heard a car screech to a stop and doors opening and shutting.

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Axel',Jarred said wiping the cum off his face with the towels Axel had given him. Jarred traveled down licking Axel's hard tan abs and undid his zipper,he pulled out Axel's cock and licked it. A limo,Jarred saw as the man removed Jarred's blindfold. Click to watch now on GayDemon. Jarred had heard this name many times,one of the reasons why no one was on the streets Mafia,but Jarred didn't care because all he wanted was to get out of his abusive,drunk uncle's house,where he lived after his parents died,his aunt was the only reason he was living with that monster,but after she died of cancer a year ago the nutjob started coming home drunk,hitting Jarred and blaming him for his wife's death The room burst open and men started screaming and gunfire filled the room,Jarred just wished a bullet or two would hit him and end his worthless life.

: [ protected]. But instead he felt a warm body on top of him cut his restraints and he yelled,'cover me,you idiots'. Jarred felt someone pull off his pants and underwear,he thought it was Lenny but he was shocked to hear the man at his legs say,'yo Lenny come us'.

Ellis Halo sex story his hands into Jarred's jeans but Jarred rammed his head into Ellis and Lenny laughed as Ellis drove his fist hard into Jarred. Jarred took little comfort in thinking that if they had to kill him they wouldn't have saved him.

I really like you Jarred Jarred moved over from his seat to the other side where Axel was sitting and knelt down Axel ran his hands through Jarred's black hair and brought his head closer,he placed his hands on Jarred's face as he kissed him passionately.

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