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He wears my underwear

He Wears My Underwear
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Name: Karlyn

Years: 21
Meeting with: Guy
What is my sex: I'm lady
Hair: Reddish
Figure type: My body type is thin
Favourite music: Country
What is my hobbies: Travelling
Body tattoos: None

It was a bit awkward afterwards and I said playfully 'hey those are mine' but he didn't really respond and just went to take a shower.

My boyfriend likes wearing women's underwear. is he really gay?

I don't know about OP, but I'm really attracted to masculine men and I like being dominated in bed. Thanks for posting something new and interesting. I care so deeply about his feelings and I want to address how I feel about it without being insensitive.

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Except this time I put my hands around his waist and but and I can feel my lace thong on him. I spend a lot on it and I wouldn't want my bf wearing it and stretching it out. If you are not sexually attracted to him, or if it freaks you out intellectually when he is wearing panties, it would be good for you to figure out why wearing panties changes your attraction to him.

When I'm about to have sex with a man I don't want to give pull my lacy thong off of him. Target sells Evolve brand, which are basically the same as 2exist but half the price. I think if he had some more masculine thongs that were his I would be down for it. If it's a deal breaker for you, and something you have no interest in changing, then he needs to respect your decision.

Fast forward to last night we had a few drinks with friends and went home for a little fun before bed.

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Plus and perhaps foremost, the way the BF approached it was weak and if I were the GF I'd feel a bit violated because he evidently gave no care for what she felt or thought about it but went ahead without communicating beforehand. I tried to block it out and just enjoy the sex but something about my panties on him just completely turned me off. We've been living together for 3 and we communicate well for the most part.

I hope this turns out well and he doesn't get defensive. I wish I had a penis so I could wear them. Thanks for the links I'll check them out. If my manly as fuck boyfriend started wearing lace underwear I wouldn't want a bar of it. The first two are very similar to what the CK thong you posted, while the last one is more like feminine undergarments re-imagined for the male body.

He takes his boxers off and he enters me as he normally would. She is being reasonable about it and there is nothing wrong with her not being into it. We're under the blankets and he went down on me for a bit so I'm just totally turned on and ready for him. Is it an issue of him wearing womens underwear or wearing YOUR underwear? A lot of my guy friends wear 2exist underwear. I want him to be comfortable around me sexually but I also want to be comfortable around him.

I like the idea of finding compromise, and I think that if you guys can have a good compromise filled with talking and whatnot, that will help a lot. That is true, BUT: if there is something that you don't like about your partner's sexuality to the point He wears my underwear it actually turns you off, then that is a big red flag that you and your partner are not sexually compatible.

Savage love: i fantasize about men in women’s underwear

How can you wear them and feel sexy if he's gonna steal them? He would probably be ecstatic that you are willing to support him and your sex life may even get hotter. I've been on both sides--both wanting to try something new and kinky and not being quite there yet with something my partner wanted to do. A few years ago he told me he likes wearing women's panties sometimes because it makes him feel sexy.

My boyfriend wears womens undies

I think the issue is that it's my women's underwear. And don't do anything you don't want to. No one should settle on anything less than someone who will appreciate ALL of them.

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But it was very obvious by your post that you care about him and don't want to be judgmental but you're just not into it. No fair stealing your pretty panties. If it's just a problem with wearing yours, point that out and ask him to get his own though he might enjoy wearing yours purely for the fact that 1.

My boyfriend likes wearing women's underwear. is he really gay?

That, I think, is the more important question for you to focus on. There's no way to have this conversation and it not be awkward. My underwear is special. I tried to not be judgemental about it and understand. While the gender bending kink is certainly a possibility here, he may like women's panties for other reasons as well. But I think he got a hint that it wouldn't be something I would just dive into. They may be willing to do so for me, but I am not selfish enough to let them.

I'm trying my hardest to be open minded about it but something about him wearing my panties is too feminine for me. In other news, I kinda want to wear my girlfriend's panties while I fuck her now. As a dramatic example: "For every person out there that wants to be peed on, there is someone who wants to pee on them".

I think you're on the right track, talking to him honestly.

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Maybe he just really loves the way thongs emphasize his physique. You say him wearing panties is "too feminine" for you. Depending on what he likes, and his reasons behind his kink, I figured some of these sites might be up his alley.

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While this is not on par with "My boyfriend wants me to lick his butthole and I don't want to! I would end a relationship before I would ever ask someone to censor their sexuality in order to accommodate me. Do you think he's secretly gay or something very unlikely since you said he was going down on you? My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years.

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Also their cock ring underwear look pretty legit. End of story. I'll take a realistic viewpoint that takes into that we're human over "so cope with it and let him think he's hot" any day of the week. It's not that it completely turns me off to the point where I don't find him attractive. This is indeed an important distinction, since what he's getting out of it could be completely different depending on which one he's actually into. Just remember to ask her first, both to borrowing her panties and to having sex with them on.

It's an awkward subject. It's not that I have any problem with guys enjoying gender bending, it's that his masculinity is a huge turn on for me and him being feminine would be a major turn off.

I caught my husband wearing my lingerie

Partnership is about finding the person that you fit best with, not accommodating others to the point that it becomes unenjoyable. I unbuttoned his pants, pulled them off and he's in his boxers. I haven't confronted him about I before but I was suspicious that he wears mine sometimes. You do have to talk about it though. It'd be removing a huge part of why I was with him attraction to begin with, and after as long as we've been together I'd feel a bit baited-and-switched if he then wanted me to get all into that kink with him.

I think this type of kink is pretty mild, though, so I wouldn't really care if he did it with his own purchased undies. We sell these where I work, and I've heard that they're super comfy and fit well. It just doesn't turn me on. Whatever the case, this preference seems pretty harmless, and in an ideal world, OP can be honest to herself about whether she can still be turned on by him when he is wearing such underwear, compassionate towards him about his preferences and affirming that they are okay even if she is not personally turned on by themAND able to reach a reasonable and fulfilling compromise for both of them.

Just as some people find it hot others don't, and both have a right He wears my underwear feel that way. If your distaste for his gender bending kink is that much of a turn off for you, you should talk to him and figure out how important his kink is to him, and if this is something you guys can workaround.

Everyone has different sexual preferences, and no one should have to deny what they like for anyone else's sake. It looks like I'm a little late to the party, but I just wanted to suggest a few places you guys could look together for lingerie and undergarment esque things that are deed for the male body. But how do you bring that up to the man you love and live with?

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If you are still sexually attracted to him, then it would be a minor thing to be GGG Good, Giving, and Gameand accommodate him by going panty shopping with him and buy him somethings he will like. I love him so I'd do my best to work around it, but I really would be pissed he waited five years to tell me about it. I'd find underwear I haven't seen in a while in the hamper. Maybe I can get a valentine's gift for him.

If you can't find the words, print out this post and let him read it. What this guy said, read 10x over to outweigh the people who state tolerance is the key to everything.

Caught the panty theif

That is probably the reason he enjoys it so much; because of the gender bending kink. Its just the fact that it's mine and it's feminine. Edit: I read all your comments and I think tonight I'll tell him how I'd think it would be hot if we got him his own sexy underwear. I'm glad my panties are too tiny for my boyfriend to ever fit so he wouldn't have this opportunity.

If she is unhappy with the idea of him wearing very lacy, frilly, or otherwise very "feminine" underwear during sex, then maybe there is something closer to 'androgynous' that could still make OP's man feel sexy while not lessening OP's own turned-on-ness.

I caught my husband wearing my lingerie

I'm not sure why I feel uncomfortable with him in my underwear but I do so I hope he accepts that. This subreddit gets really monotonous at times. How should I talk to him about this without making him feel weird. The important thing to figure out is are you still sexually attracted to him when he is wearing panties?

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