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Horseland sarah and will kiss

Horseland Sarah And Will Kiss


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As always, I recommend all of you to the challenge as well as reading and sharing the fics included under the cut! Bucky x Reader. That was the first threat. Having reserved the practice area for a few hours to practice her dressage, she had been at it for a while.

Challenges arise when the world refuses to let you take a softer, non-violent route. Alternative ending. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Visit Blog. I can help you afterwards with your training. It can be a one-shot or a series, but it has to be the first chapter in the series. Can the Avengers help you figure it out and keep you out of harms way?

Fear for life. And with an enemy threatening you and everything you love, will you and Bucky find each other before its too late? She's just a baby and she loves you very much. He sat sandwiched between Thor and Steve, laughing carelessly at the jokes that Sam told. Dom vibes. This challenge is the only consistent things in my life rn, work hours are up and down, the lockdown measures are shifting and everything is very bizarre.

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Reader, Asian! She likes him better than me. You knew your husband very well and knew that he was jealous to see your daughter laughing and playing with Bucky. You start humming some Whitney Houston song and laugh every time he throws water in your face. You take the little one on your lap and start tickling her, making her laugh out loud. Mentions of lose of. I have standards.

Sarah Whitney x reader Sarah Whitney imagine Sarah Whitney imagines horseland x reader horseland imagine horseland imagines yoshino writes imagines sorry this took me forever to post nice to see my reading of Canterwood Crest is coming in handy lol.

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Turning around, [Name] grinned when she was met with the sight of Sarah. A little girl helps you navigate a compromise. Punishments i. Based off both the movie and the musical. She had the same smile, the same cheekbones you were passionate about, and his stubborn, annoying manner. Sarah was already asleep, but still kept fiddling with Sam's beard. You can leave.

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Everything was alright until she asks why everyone else seems to have a mom except for her. I love my little girl. Female degrade comments. I can help you set up the jumps. How on earth is he going to work up the courage to ask her out? Just give me a chance while I get through everything going on with my family. Sarah Whitney x reader.

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She said dada first, not mommy. If you want to write for a specific reader Black! That and Whitney is a terrible influence on my life. About Privacy Policy. Reader, Latinx! With the upcoming horse show being just around the corner, everyone at the stables had been training nonstop, trying to work out the latest kinks in their performance before the show. Knocking out Sam. Trashing the apartment, leaving a note. Soon Sarah follows her father and fills your face with wet kisses. Detective Bucky Barnes is a little less enchanted with the idea. Under the same roof now after the tragic passing of your two best friends, their child was yours to take care of.

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What happens when you see him again a decade later? Sam leaves the sink and runs to the kitchen entrance to take his daughter on his lap.

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Send me an ask with the prompt and character. The weird kidnapping. The break in. They just wouldn't admit it. Arranged Marriage. She brings her hand up to his beard, playfully. Dismounting from her horse, [Name] led them to the drinking trough where she leaned against the fence to take a breather.

This is the last part for a bit. Alpha Male actions. Fuck buddies it is then. Strong Violence. Bucky and Sam were always fighting like children, but behind all this hatred, everyone knew that they would give their lives for each other.

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Sam pulls you to lie down on the fluffy living room rug, showering your face with kisses. Attempt kidnapping. Sam was washing the lunch dishes and wiping away the tears before they fell. I will work on finishing the ending. Please use warnings as they apply. Reader, etc. But as the universe would have it, you were stuck with him. Only two entries per prompt, first come first served. You wanted to practice jumping right? You roll your eyes and hug his waist. Mentions of killing. With a complicated past plus raising a toddler, you both find yourselves needing to confront a few things before it tears the only family Sarah Rogers has left, apart.

Horseland has certainly been busy these past few days. Only the kidnapper getting killed. Theme: The three big things that get my creativity flowing - sassy dialogue ideas, unusual words and their meanings, and storytelling songs.

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In this odd time, this challenge has been a great comfort! Warning: Language. The stalking. Sarah puts her face against Bucky's neck, feeling his scent. In a few years she'll call Bucky dad and not me. You hugged him from behind, caressing his chest. After they had eaten lunch, you were lying together. You were so focused on getting Sarah to say other words, you didn't even notice when Sam came out.

Sarah was Sam's exact copy.

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If there are any triggers that are not in the warnings, I will not reblog, or include in the master list.

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