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Hotel hookup tumblr

Hotel Hookup Tumblr


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His towering figure standing above you. One of his hands cupped the back of your head as the other snaked around your waist, pulling you closer to his chest and backing you into the wall of the lift. You had a one-night stand? I felt a connection with you. Just being nuzzled under his arm was enough warmth for you. Adrenaline filling the whole atmosphere backstage, behind the wings of the stage.

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Was there a reason? Niall was placing his guitar in the case, and Harry was looking at you. Oh my god! Once behind the white door, with the engraved black in the gold metal, the night was filled with sweat, moans and pleasurable moments that the two of you may or may not remember in the following hours. Thank you so much for coming tonight. Liam and Sophia were sitting in the corner, chatting and keeping the PDA on the down-low. Maybe you should have stayed.

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Everyone was yelling and screaming as Louis sprayed Liam with water from the water gun in his hand, a laugh leaving your lips as the four of them stood by your section and sang. Ed was his wing-man. You stood in awe of him.

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You cringed in your seat as she continued to blast at you for your actions, making your Hotel hookup tumblr pound even more than it was, due to your sickly hangover. It was cooler than inside the room, and you felt a chill on your arms as he took you further down, away from everyone.

And she was right. But thank you for being so patient with me. Uhm, would you like to me? You somewhat hoped so. You stood and watched as his Adams apple bobbed when he took a gulp of the liquid inside the brown bottle, dribbles dribbling down his chin from the corner of his lips. Do you remember me? A soft smile on his lips as he made his way over to you and your friend.

Deep in his mind, he desperately wanted you to him. His green eyes staring down at you. I was going to take you for breakfast, and get to know you more. No anything. Where was this going to take the two of you? Good show. And with that, you were pushed onto the sofa and demanded to tell everything. We love you.

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No note. Your mouth agape as laughs emitted around the already loud room. As you got lost with the music, you felt a nudge to your ribs and opened one eye to look at your friend. You were there.

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As he proceeded to move his hand lower, you brought it back up to your lower back and pulled from his lips. But the best ones were the ones who looked confused. Was this going to be a potential Hotel hookup tumblr You figured such a rundown club would be kept as far from the luxurious hotel he was staying in for the specific leg of the tour. Ed had a hunch that he had taken a liking to you, yet he wanted Harry to figure out to get you back home with him.

He said something about you! His forest green eyes focused upon you and only you, like you were the only girl inside that club that night. The chords to Best Song Ever started around the stadium, and you could feel your friend going crazy. He knew. I need to make it up to you. How about breakfast tomorrow morning?

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The drive to his hotel was quick. His eyes looking out around the people around you, and waving every so often at those who waved at him.

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I am so sorry this has taken me forever to write, love. I hope you like it! You slept with Harry Styles, and left him the morning after! Fans were squealing, some were crying, some were even looking at you with disgust. You shook your head, nuzzling yourself deeper under his arm, watching as car droves past the club. Ed laughed softly, looking over his shoulder as you pushed your way through the crowd huddling together at the edge of the dance floor. No, yeah. Why were you going backstage?

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Slurring, dancing, and tumbling occurred as you made your way out of the stuffy and there was no lying that Harry was getting a little too handsy. You lived together, Hotel hookup tumblr a flat in the centre of the city, so getting places and coming home was always easy for you. He did want to see you again. You mouth kept opening, before you chickened out and said nothing, mentally cursing when he began to walk back to where Ed was sitting.

You knew he felt embarrassed, and upset, and that was the last thing you wanted. However, that one night when you stepped into the flashing and crowded club, he knew those morals were going to be thrown out the window, and forgotten about just for that night. And with that, you looked up and saw Harry looking at you with a confused look on his face.

It sounded beautiful. By the time you got backstage, the band had come off and the boys were just coming down from their high. From the moment you met him to the moment you left that morning.

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You did leave him that morning after a filled night of pleasure. You just never believed that the Harry Styles would be buying you drinks in a rundown and old club.

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Of course you knew who he was. He nodded swiftly, taking your hand in his as he took you from the dressing room to the corridor just outside the doors. He sent a soft smile your way, and crouched down to Preston who was stood mere metres away from you. He was mixed up. He smelt like his Tom Ford cologne and alcohol, with a little hint of smoke, and the mixture smelt good on him.

As soon as you stepped into the lift, his lips were instantly on yours. I really am. His hand was tightly gripping your own as he pulled you through the paparazzi, grumbling under his breath when they kept snapping photos and asking to see your face. Ed was already off as soon as Harry took off to you, and he was lost amidst the crowded dance floor. Or, a taxi.

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You gathered your clothes, sliding them back on before you made your way to the door of the hotel room, your head turning to look back at him; one of his feet was hanging over the end of the bed, his arm folded behind his head as his other laid across the free space where your body laid just moments ago, and his snores were soft around the quiet room. I was going to go and give Hotel hookup tumblr her drink, then have a dance myself. But this was the moment where Ed wanted Harry to emerge from his shied shell and ask a girl himself. A bottle of Budweiser beer settled on the counter top to the side of him, his large palm curled around the neck as his finger trace the round rim of the bottle.

And with that, he watched you disappear into the crowd, with a drink in your hand for your friend. Preston stood in front of you, a smile on his lips as he helped you and your friend over the barrier, claiming that Harry wanted to see you backstage as soon as the show was over.

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As you looked around, Louis was spread out on the sofa, as Lottie was stood beside him. Watching him perform. Was he even going to remember anything? But you can come and sit with me at the bar, and we can chill.

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And it fit your face perfectly, in his opinion.

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