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Huge pregnant belly waddle

Huge Pregnant Belly Waddle
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Experts use 3D technology to see why pregnant women walk the way they do. By the time you hit your third trimesterit's normal to feel a little more like a penguin and a little less like a pregnant woman—and it turns out, the 'pregnancy waddle' isn't just a myth, at least if a study is any indication.

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To keep it simple, we've put together a list of things you might need to address in order to accommodate your new gait.

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There are some simple stretches you can do to relieve tightness, and t pain can be eased with modifications and stretches. Your body is incredible, and your waddle is helping you stay safe during pregnancy and is a that your body is preparing for delivery.

The waddle

Women have been getting pregnant since the beginning of time, so presumably, our bodies have gotten pretty good at dealing with its stressors. Here at Baby2Body, we are all for exercising during pregnancy and all our workouts are specifically deed for your stage, so we advise you look at workouts in the app that are deed for where you're at right now. Pregnant women are at higher risk of an injury while lifting due to differences in posture, balance, and an inability to hold things close to the body because of their changing size.

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Waddle away, and stay safe! Again, the Baby2Body App gives you the workouts, stretches, and yoga flows you need to feel great.

This is why pregnant women waddle

It's a good idea to have a gait analysis done by a professional who can assess your running style and ensure your shoes are supporting your changing body. During pregnancy, your body starts producing relaxina hormone that relaxes the ts and ligaments in your pelvis, allowing it to widen. Your changing body and upset balance can make everyday tasks and activity harder, and a little unfamiliar. Try a more supportive style of shoe, and look for a pair that provides adequate arch support.

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Run, mama, run! Where you might have originally had a neutral position, you may now find that you roll inwards or outwards. Luckily, your body is really good at dealing with change, and will find ways to accommodate this shift. Nov 13 Written By Caitlin.

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If you're unsure, seek advice from a physiotherapist who can recommend specific exercises for you. Having a baby comes with a lot of twists and turns.

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Using a belly band can also be very helpful to reduce the pressure of the belly on the pelvis, bladder and other structures as it bounces with every stride". We know that pregnancy le to anatomical and physiological alterations which affect the musculoskeletal system —and those effects are on full display in your altered gait and posture.

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Know what to expect and how to stay healthy with the Baby2Body App! Try it free today. So with all that in mind, we hope you can all embrace your new way of walking, waddling, and moving! However, it's important to remember that movements exercises you did before without a second thought may require a little more care now that you're expecting.

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This new way of walking can strain your muscles and ts in ways they aren't used to, which le to the expected pregnancy aches and pains we're talking to you, ankles and hip flexors. In the later stages of pregnancy, your tummy grows outwards, which shifts your center of gravity and makes it harder to balance, especially while walking. Don't forget your form No one wants to feel weak and helpless when pregnant—because we're anything but!

Download our app for more healthy living tips in pregnancy and motherhood. If you are a runner, you'll probably want to keep running during your pregnancy—and there' nothing stopping you!

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This may include changing your footwear, terrain, pace, incorporating various stability and strength based exercises into your strength training routine. Your spine and pelvis may also start to curve in order to support your growing stomach, and that makes you lean back slightly while standing or walking.

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And it's no secret that "the bump" becomes the center of your world: it's where you feel kicks, connect with your baby, and what stretches out your favorite tops. That means changing the way you move—technically known as a pregnancy gait—but to most, the pregnancy waddle or more endearingly, the penguin or duck walk!

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Pay attention to "niggles" Address any muscle or t pain when you feel it—don't leave it! Enjoyed this post? Pick supportive soles One major way your gait changes involves how you plant your feet on the ground.

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Paying attention to perfecting your form is paramount. Let's get into it! Downward pressure from your growing baby can also widen your pelvis.

Week-by-week guide to pregnancy

So, what's the big deal? And yes: your body knows how to adjust, and it's incredibly resilient. It's no secret that your body goes through some pretty major changes during pregnancy—and one of the biggest ones is a growing bump.

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Our week-by-week pregnancy guide is full of essential information.

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