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Hypno slave stories

Hypno Slave Stories


One half of me wants this more than anything! If you do not know theirdo not list one.

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Seeing Freddy zooming around the stage flapping his arms like wings and chirping was just too much. After you cum you will fall to your knees and praise me, your hypnotist-master! Ask him to remove his little hocus pocus spell and we can go!

Hypno slaves stories

Scooby handed Fred the laptop and he and Shaggy checked out the photos Scooby was looking at. Fred put his socks on grudgingly, and slipped his feet into his brown loafers. Shaggy and Scooby were pulling him out the door. In one swoop, Scooby pounded Mesmo in the head, knocking him out cold. He did afterall have two handfuls of fresh warm cum that could not go to waste.

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No, you see now that I know the collar works on the canine brain, I need a human guinea pig to test it out on. The hypnotist circled the blonde youth who was far more body-weight proprortionate than his friend, even a little muscled. The collar now off, Scooby still stood there, no difference in his stance or state. He took his time undressing himself intently examining his three hypnotized victims. We gotta wake him up and like get the heck outta here.

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They were now en route. Daphne for her part was feeling a little weird. Like two robots, Freddy and Scooby Doo turned on their former friend, holding him by both now struggling arms. With only his shoes and socks to go, Fred suddenly became aware of a slight difference between his feet… his left felt Hypno slave stories and damp, while his right felt perfectly normal. Daphne and Velma drove as far as the Highway on-ramp. In a moment I am going to remove the mind control collar from your neck but you will remain in your trance… you will remain hypnotized… deeply hypnotized and under my control.

Freddy was doing just as he had been told; he had to bring Shaggy and Scooby to Mesmo. He wanted the collar on Fred Jones and he was willing to bet the dumb canine would remain firmly in his power even with it off.

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He seemed to lose the scent trail there. Fred got up on his knees and barked three or four times, looking, almost horrified.

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Scooby jumped up on stage and sniffed around. The gang followed Scooby out of the theatre and into the street. Fred Jones was probably one of his most handsome acquisitions and he looked deliciously vulnerable standing there wearning nothing but his ascot.

So I brought them. As Fred disrobed, Mesmo circled the nearly-naked Shaggy like a predator not entirely satisified with the kill. Shaggy gave Freddy a warm two-second rub on his bare shoulder.

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Normally he dropped Daphne off last, but tonight he decided would be different. Seize him! What happened? Fred did not know how to respond, Shaggy did. He coulda killed me! Mesmo approximated it to be 8 or even 9 inches at full hardness. Freddy remained abnormally quiet for someone who was just intent on getting answers moments earlier.

He caught whatever he could with his masturbating hands. He turned and put the collar on the already hypnotized Fred Jones. He was no longer swaying. Ducking right underneath him and dodging his first attempt at putting it on him, Shaggy came nose to nose with this hypnotized canine companion.

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His body showed the work. For the briefest of flashes he asked himself, did I really bring Shaggy and Scooby back to see this hypnotist? Once it was on, Mesmo laughed to himself. And I suggest we get outta here before he rehypnotizes you or me, or Scoob. Come on girls. On your knees Dog! Scooby himself was virtually hypnotized.

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When he was down to his underwear and socks, he stopped, turning towards the zombified Great Dane. And that Merlin magician? First Fred, then Shaggy, erupted like machines spewing their semen all over the place. Er… ok, I guess? But something is missing I think… oh yes!

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But no sooner had that thought occurred to him was he back in full zombie-mode, awaiting his next order. The blonde whisps of trace amounts of hair, his slightly tanned skin, still fair, muscled thighs and perfect calves.

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Both threw their socks out the window after doing so. Now what kind of a host would I be if I did that? Look, I think Freddy is going under! Shaggy was a little creeped out but said nothing, somewhat fascinated with it all. Why are we naked? Ew gross Scoob, my foot is covered in, gulp, cum! After a minute or more it started to become weird. Make your penis hard! It was fun and even a little kinky, she thought to herself. Where are my clothes?!! He played right into it like the performing ham that he was.

He pointed back stage.

The hypno-master is always faster

He almost looked like he was trying to communicate something though no one in the gang would notice it initially. But unbeknownst to Freddy, Scooby had already done just that and was going through the computers picture files…. Scoob, get me my clothes! Seeing Freddy as a dog, he whistled flirtaciously at the stage, not even sure why.

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Shaggy turned his attention to Scooby who was now standing blank-eyed and stiff as a statue, almost alongside Freddy who was in a similar stance. The audience, particularly, the girls in the audience were cheering, Daphne among the loudest, though Velma ed in as well. What is your name young man? In short order Freddy pulled his upper torso out of his white shirt and had kicked off his brown loafers and yanked off his socks, which felt drenched in sweat from the heat.

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Do you understand slave? Fully reclothed, so-called crisis averted, the gang reunited, Freddy took the wheel and drove everyone home, making sure to leave Shaggy for last. She said nothing. I want you hard.

Mind control stories

Freddy Jones went to the gym twice a week, sometimes three times and compared to Shaggy and Scooby, he ate like a bird. Fred Jones sat in the downstairs passageway, his fly open, his penis hard and fully liberated from his blue jeans. Not so much thick, but long, definitely long. They had been filled in entirely by their trusted hound, their liberator Scooby Doo. The two were now in the parked mystery machine in the parking lot of the KFC, where they ordered their dinners with extra water so they could wash the sex off of their feet.

We found him.

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He was right outside the theatre, yeah, looking for us and his clothes! Your dog is now completely under my hypnotic power, look! He dropped the laptop and immediately went up behind Shaggy and Fred and removed their mind-control collars. Several times if I recall some of our mysteries. At this point Shaggy was laughing himself silly. Freddy in the meantime, was now down to his skivvies, standing alongside his discarded pile of clothing none the wiser of his predicament now that he was virtually nude.

Freddy still said or did nothing.

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You betcha! Freddy immediately stood on his own, almost coming to attention on his sleeping feet! You two check around the streets around the theatre! Where were they? But Velma and Daphne were already on their way up on stage to where Scooby was standing.

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Jimmy came home from school, yet again, extremely bored.

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A woman forgets to label her hypnosis video tapes, and accidentally hypnotizes her best friend and her boyfriend into becoming sex slaves.

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It was a small challenge, as is to be expected on a brand new site, but the entries are all great and worth to be checked out!

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Spiral Swirl has arrived in Ponyville to not only help ponies with their problems but take control of their minds with hypnosis.

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Part 5: Brenda "I still don't understand?

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She was at a club, the music was loud and Ashley was dressed to kill.