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for Free! Limo and a picnic "She had a surprise for him" 2 Votes 2. Score 4. Published 11 years ago. Ring, ring, rang the phone.

Name: Frances

What is my age: I am just out of my twenties
Sexual orientation: Gentleman
Eyes: I’ve got huge hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
I can speak: English, Japanese
My Zodiac sign: Taurus
What is my body features: My body features is quite chubby
What I like to listen: Pop
Hobbies: Cooking
I have piercing: None

I let him know how much I appreciated it and how he could stop at any point, I would never ever be disappointed with him. I could get him off for a second time that way and of course swallowing every bit, after i swish it around in my mouth so as that I can taste him. But I would want my load in you also. What happened: This was something that he had never done Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean, he had inadvertently cleaned me up before and tasted cum without even realizing Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean this time he was going to lick it off of my bulls cock.

Rock on!!! Would love to clean you up. Let me know in the comments if you would clean me up after my bull was done with me and how you would do it. Sarah and Jack have allowed us to share our story in the hopes it helps other people and allow others to live out a fantasy through us, so here goes nothing! Hello, I have had this fantasy of becoming a cuck but have no clue on how to bring my Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean in on it or even bring up the thought to her, do you think you can help? I just love the taste of both pussie juice and cum.

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I most certainly would love cleaning you and your lover. We love trying new things and bringing excitement into the bedroom, no matter how crazy that Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean may be. What happened: Bill is a cuck so he enjoys this type of thing, he has probably tasted so much cum over the years by Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean and from just being so in the moment.

I think you would also like watching him take a facialhis way of saying go honey go, enjoy life! I would have loved to lick his balls and his big mushroom headed dick in front of my wife Theresa.

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I rang him and we discussed it together, I explained my fantasy to him and how Bill wanted to help and we came up Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean a great plan for us all that would make us all comfortable and happy. He waited eagerly next to us as my Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean fucked me senseless and when he was done Bill stepped in, licking at my pussy first before moving to his cock and licking off his cum and my juices. Sometimes people say stuff when they are horny that they do not mean or things they would never actually try but are saying because they are hard or wet.

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I think hubby should have his face under you while Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean is servicing you, licking both the f you during the action, then right before bull cums, he pulls out and cums all over your husbands face while you are watching. My husband agreed to this, he wanted to help me fulfill my fantasy but I knew he we needed to start with small steps to make sure he was happy at each stage and able to continue on. One I told him all about Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean fantasy and he asked me a few questions, I could see him get hard at the idea.

What happened: This next step was the biggest leap, we had discussed it beforehand and he was ready to try it. And your bull could have my ass pussy, its tight and I probably end up crying from the pain.

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So to bait him I asked him to NOT come for an entire week, then I slowly teased him, tickled his balls, kissed him, asked him to suck cock Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean me. Sissy sluts job is eating cum from a real bull and their misstress thats what my ex wife told me.

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Swinging in same bed. He is a natural! They welcomed us in with open arms and we owe a lot of our love for cuckolding and this lifestyle in general to them as they really showed us the ropes and sent us in the right direction. I was young, inexperienced, and in too much of a rush. I hope you enjoy this naughty couple as much as we do. I would not hesitate for a second. And seeing my muscular man with a big cock in his mouth makes me gush!

Before anyone tries this though You must be very secure in Your relationship for it to work. What happened: This was all new to us Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean and swapping cum with him is degrading he enjoys degradation but something that really gets us both off. I wait for you and your bull to finish your Love making and you motion me over. My Girlfriend and i used to play a lot with other Men and i thoroughly enjoyed watching Her get screwed and then cleaning His cum out of Her Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean. It was incredible and it ticked all of the boxes for me.

My hubby and I have been apart of the cuckolding lifestyle for many years. He kissed me eagerly after i sucked cock. It was so fucking hot and I decided to tell Bill there and then before he said anything or scrolled past that actually I thought it was so hot and it was something I would Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean to try in the future. I would love to lick the cum off the tits and even clean a big dick off.

First I lick and suck all of your juices off of his Big Thick Cock.

Hemp milk tastes delicious!

BillieJean, For cleanup duties I would wear my French maid outfit and lick Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean suck you both as clean as possible, and probably beg for the opportunity to do it again. Hi, my name is Emma and I am so excited to share our journey into cum cleanup with you all. I was so turned on and he was too, he fucked me with my panties still under his nose and he felt my pussy all used up by my old friend. If that would plz my wife, to show how devoted I was to her and her happiness. Never got Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean show her my absolute appreciation for those she did do — even if it was without me.

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Putting him in Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean position to try it without pressure was the only way I wanted to see if it was really for him. Hi with my story my girl friend and I split up and she ended up going back to her x boy friends any ways she did come back to me one late night I was so horny to fuck her and lick her pussy but when I Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean to go down on her she Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean me she said to me that she should have a bath But I kept on trying and finally got my way her panties where all wet and ended up taking them off and when I got my mouth on her pussy I knew it was cum but I didnt say anything to hershe was moaning with pleasure I am bi sexual I have more to tell thanks.

He was rock hard watching me with another man. I serve a Mistress and have offered to do the same for her and her bull. our Cuckin Membership for more content like this plus so much more. I was wondering how cool you would be with him trying it out with us? No humiliation, just trying to provide true pleasures and enhance where I know I fall short; which is what apparently gets me off. Yes, I would diffidently clean you and your bull up. I crave to be a cum slut and would obey my Mistress and Master.

Making my cuckold husband cleanup my cum filled pussy (whoops)

I fantasize about this and the man fucking my face till he comes in it. He sucks my bulls cock perfectly hard and guides it into my vagina. Oh this happened in our 4th year of marriage! I Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean have loved to taste both yours and his cum.

I am a eunuc and to see you get fucked so that you scream. Make love with others watching. I would just drool over a fresh fucked pussy and a bull cock. Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean could come from the foot of the bed and clean you up a little bit just to get the gush of sex off of you then to your bull and lick him clean by Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean on his red hot cock and then gliding it all the way in to my throat.

He later told me he tasting me and seeing me like that. To actually know she came wen he fucked her I would do it to get her juice off his cock only, not just to get his cum only. When we did it, I thought he would back out but he was really open to it and figured why not? My hubby is a cuckold and I a hotwife and we wouldn't have it any other way. He changed his mind and let me tell you, it was one of the most sexually awakening things I have ever seen and believe me when I say, I have seen a lot.

Nothing better than being totally living and bringing pleasure to your loved ones.

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Your bull screwing me would be the finishing end to a great sex life. Step one was complete and it was time for the next step. I had always wanted my husband Bill to be into cleaning me up, but at the start of our journey, it was something he Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean wanted to try. It was an amazing feeling when my husband started cleaning us up and it really ticked off my fantasy for me, everything was done perfectly. Left my wife feeling unloved quite the opposite.

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She made. Today we have a very special submission from a cuckold couple who we met when we first started this journey all of those years ago now.

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Im not submissive or bi, would I ever clean a guys cum off his cock if he just jacked off? We separated and managed a close friendship the past 25 years. Browsing through Reddit as we did most days and a cuck cleaned up after the bull was done with the wife. He asked if I thought it was too Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean for him to do, I kissed him, started touching his Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean and telling him exactly what I wanted him to do and how I wanted the fantasy to play out and his cock just grew harder and harder in my hand.

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Cleanup is my Greatest Fantasy. He kisses me as I play, licks up the semen, and sucks cock as well as I do! It has been a long time since I have had the pleasure of doing cleanup and I miss thta ore than anything else in my life.

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I would not suck his cock just to get his cum off his cock and balls. Part 4: Letting my bull cum in my mouth and giving it to Bill to help with the cleanup.

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