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Little sister erotica archives stories

Little Sister Erotica Archives Stories


It was an early afternoon, and I was sitting on the couch playing a few games on my Xbox. I had only recently got into gaming, and was hooked. I was playing when I heard a knock on our door. Our 2 bedroom apartment was quite small, and the slightest sound made the whole house echo.

Name: Carola

What is my age: 44
Eyes: Enormous gray eyes
What is my sex: Fem
Hair: Blond
I can speak: English, Russian
Other hobbies: I like yoga
I have piercing: None
Smoker: Yes

The frat brother put the tip of his cock right on her puckered asshole. The remaining three brothers had gotten up and walked over to Ashley. A couple of brothers were standing around her stroking their cocks. Tara and Jenna will be our fluffers, so that you will all be ready when it is your turn. When they arrived it looked as if there was no one in the house, but Tara reassured her that everyone was there and waiting for her. The brother on her right side aimed his cock at her face and started his barrage.

At the same time Jenna was on her hands and knees, being fucked in the ass while sucking on the cock of the brothers and stroking the cock of the other. All the men started to holler and whoop at the sight of Ashley causing her to blush. Ashley was moaning loudly and her head was thrashing from side to side. As we can see, she is clearly on her way already.

By h.g. collins

This is your initiation! A couple of days later when they were having lunch, Tara had ask her if she would like to be a little sister of the fraternity, since her and Jenna were already little sisters to the fraternity. The three women had three guys around them. You did everything under the sun with him.

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The frat brothers all formed a line in front of Ashley. The next shot landed on her chin and dribbled down her neck. Ashley felt one of the brothers reach from behind her and grabbed one of her breasts. Doing this again and again, going a little faster and harder as she got used to it. She always went to these parties with her girlfriends, Tara and Jenna. Ashley reached down and grabbed a cock in each hand, starting to stroke them. The brother who took her drink had kissed her, then bent down and took her other breast in his mouth.

One of the white brothers had come up behind her and started rubbing his cock along her ass. As they went down to the basement Ashley had stopped short at the sight that befell her. Another brother on her side slid his hand down her belly and started to rub her pussy. It was because she was so hot. Tara picked up Ashley and took her over to frat house. He gave his cock a quick jerk and the first stream of his cum shot out and landed on her forehead and in her hair.

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She took her finger and stuck it in her pussy, stroked it around, then pulled it out and put it in her mouth. Ashley was going crazy from the double fucking she was getting at the hands of these brothers. He was twisting and pinching her nipples making them swollen and bright red. Meanwhile, Jenna was on her knees, she was getting fucked from behind from by one of the brothers and blowing the two brothers standing in front of her. He then proceeded to nibble on her pussy lips, before finally taking her clit between his lips.

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He sucked hard on her clit causing it stick out a bit. Tara and Jenna both looked at each and started laughing. The scene in the basement of the frat house was that of a mass menagerie. When asked if she liked that she replied to them. As Ashley was getting the fucking of her young life, Tara and Jenna were also having some fun of their own. The two brothers that were standing on either side also began to cum at the same time.

They both had got off of Ashley and she turned around and sat down on the couch. He slowly pulled it out, then shoved it back in.

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Whether it was a tight shirt with a tight pair of jeans or if it was just a miniskirt she always had all the guys attention. Tara was held in the air by one of the stronger brothers, he was eating her pussy while holding her in the air.

Ashley attended a large university, which was infamous for being a huge party school.

Ashley stepped away from the brothers and walked over to the couch and laid down on her back, spreading her legs. Just remember that when you are going to cum, you have to give it to Ashley. Plus, she will also be our little cumslut, which means when each of you are close to finishing you will pull out and shoot it wherever you want.

When the weekend had come Ashley had gotten a call from Jenna telling her to come over to frat house around seven. There on her knees, naked, was Jenna surrounded by four of the brothers sucking on each of their cocks. He pulled his cock out for her ass, walked over to Ashley and started stroking it.

As she was doing this Tara was sucking on the cocks of three men surrounding her. Noticing this, he lightly bit down on her clit. Ashley stood there dumbfounded at what was going on in front of her. Ashley was left standing in her bra and panties. The second load landed on her left eye and across the bridge of her nose. Ashley had let out a low grunt as he pushed his cock into her ass, she whimpered as he slowly shoved every inch of his cock up her ass.

The remainder of his load had covered her breasts and her belly. They walked into the house to find the lights on, but no one was around. She was getting fucked by one frat brother, while sucking off the other; and the third brother was playing with her tits while stroking his cock. While one of the brothers was fucking Ashley, the next two in line were either fucking or getting sucked off by Tara or Jenna.

Tara walked over to her with a drink. He stood near her face and told her to open her mouth.

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The other two brothers got on either side of her and she started to suck their cocks. The brother that was standing on her left side started to shoot his load his load on her breasts and her belly. We all know about how crazy you were with Dave.

As soon she was naked three guys had got around and started to grope and fondle her all over. She had actually taken one of the brothers up on a gesture he had made at one time. Having gone crazy with lust she was more than willing to just about anything that was requested of her.

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Ashley found this odd because there always at least one of the brothers around doing something. She loved to party there because she always seemed to be the center of attention. Each of the women was engaged in some type of sex act. She knew it herself, that is why she always dressed for the parties. They were the ones that had brought to the frat house originally.

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The first load landed in her hair. She was passing with no problem, though she loved to party more than study. Then off to side there were at six more brothers sitting on the couches, with their cocks in their hands, waiting for their turn.

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The brother that was fucking Jenna in the ass had announced that he had a gift for Ashley. She had thought that this was all she could take until two more brothers came up on either of her and told her to suck their cocks. He was working his cock like a jackhammer, as if he was trying to break her in two.

Stick it in my ass! What will happen is Ashley is going to be on her back and each of you will get a chance to fuck her. I believe that is where everyone is. Ashley just shook her head.

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She had him sit on the couch and then she straddled his cock. While at the same time she was sucking the cock of the brother standing in front of her. The remainder of his load had covered her left arm and hand. This caused Ashley to turn a bright shade of red.

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His pulled his cock out of her and slammed it back in again. The brother that was between her legs was darting his tongue in and out of her pussy.

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He slowly pushed the tip of his cock past the ring. She told her that that was when her initiation was to take place.

His third load had landed on mouth and her right cheek. She thought that that was a wild night for her. After about thirty minutes each of the frat brothers had taken a turn fucking Ashley. Ashley had told Tara and Jenna about everything that they had done that night. They would spend most of their time partying and hanging around with all the brothers from the fraternity.

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He walked over to her, got between her legs and started to lick her pussy.

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I am in no way suggesting that the events of this story would be safe or appropriate.

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