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Logan and jake paul fanfiction

Logan And Jake Paul Fanfiction


Originally posted by one-more-kiss-dear. The apartment was quit and fully empty.

Name: Luci

Years: 31
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I love you. They were like your helping judges in finding the right guy and soon you came to your decision. But will he? When Chris found out he was going to be a dad, he was more then excited, but also worried. Logan jumped off of you and looked at his friends. Chris sat at the hodpital waiting room praying. Hoping to get their fast before anyone talked to me. When you told your brother about this movie, he was extremely exited, but when he found who else is in the movie, the excitement almost made his head blow up.

The movie was quit funny and romantic. When kissing Logan it felt like the world around you stopped and it was just the two of you.

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As Chris remembered that horrible moment his mom came out and call him. The next few weeks you spent learning more about how they make you feel. Before turning around he wiped away his tears. Chris kept praying.

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I could feel it and Bucky could too. While he was getting some snacks you went on instagram. Am I imagining things? He really wished it was a nightmare. A lot of times they would hang out in your trailer, you all would go out to dinners together.

Jake paul/logan paul

As Chris watched his daughter sleep he turned to the doctor. You and Logan laughed, he jumped out of the bed, ran to the door and locked it. His has always been a protective brother. Your wife needs some time. No one else just you, him and a kiss full of love and lust for each other.

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After checking if the door really was locked, you and Logan got back to what was started. A kiss that started so sweet turned passionate. Finally you noticed when he was already in the air jumping on the bed. Not saying anything just smiling at each other, Logan leaned closer attaching his lips to yours. He started to plan what to do on set. It hurt him to feel like he could lose someone he loved like no one he has ever loved. Time flied fast because soon you were on set and getting to know everyone.

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As he stood there trying to understand what was going on, trying to wake himself up since he thought it all was a nightmare. Who really is the one for you. He hesitated at first but took her in his arms.

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So you decided to skip few dinner plans with the guys. So many sounds. It felt more like camp rather then a movie set. You screamed out and Logan laughed as he softly landed on you. Originally posted by sodarknessibecome. That words should never be spoken about the women he loved. Feeling your cheeks get worm you buried your head into Logans chest. This time without them walking in.

Chris walked out letting the cold wind run through his hair. Chris ran past his mom back into the hospital and in the direction of the operating room, right then the doctor came out. Chris froze seeing the blood stained gloves. He talked more about the fun stuff he wants to do then the role he had to play. What am I going to do? The baby is slowly suffocating. He smiled at you, making you feel a bit less nerves. Your brother, luckily, was playing a brother in the movie, so that part would be easy. So you and Logan decided to spend some alone time in his room.

Pratt let out a sight. I hated being like this bus I was more then scared. I need to be with my wife. After dinner with everyone in the Avenger tower I started to walk to my room. He pushed you down a little bit more, hovering over you. He hugged you close. In the time you did that both Pratt and Hemsworth helped you. There were time where Evans and Pine would both ask you to hang out with them out of the group, then there were times you felt like they tried to push each other under a bus.

All the sounds made him Logan and jake paul fanfiction out even more. He looked at you then back at Hemsworth.

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With a slight giggle you went to your trailer and got ready for the first day on set. The apartment was quit and fully empty.

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You laughed still with your face in Logans chest. And it was the best one you had made since accepting the role in this movie. I just need air. Bucky and me were dating only for a years. He looked back at you and smiled. The doctor looked at Chris then to the side. They both had their cameras out filming what was going on. They are trying to get your attention. Hand traveling all over your body. Minutes later I was being pushed out of the room.

She looked so much like he mom. Evans, Pine, Hemsworth. Non of them good.

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Originally posted by one-more-kiss-dear. As filming went on you all got very close, sometimes closer then Prat was with them. You would be spending a lot of time with these guys. All of that started to get to you, it was a bit too much. They do some pretty funny and weird thing to win your characters heart. He felt him laugh and wrap a protective arm around your head. But still agreed. There were times that it felt like the movie you all were filming was happening in real life.

With tears coming to his eyes he backed up until he hit the wall and dropped down on to the floor. This was a hard operation but she will be fine. Bucky was already fragile. That made Maverick fly right at the guys making them scream out and run out of the room. He felt bad, for walking out at that moment but all that was around him made him freak out. Not only was it with your big brother but also with 3 other people names Chris.

Chris meant every words. They would talk to Evans and Pine, ask questions about you. God please save her and our baby girl.

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Originally posted by one-more-kiss-dear.

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