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Massage therapist touched my groin

Massage Therapist Touched My Groin
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Welcome to our community of massage, bodywork and reflexology practitioners. Therapists, if it's been more than two weeks, it's time for your massage. Moderators: GreenDragonflyTalenyn. Post by Salty Dog » Mon Jun 12, am.

Name: Lorettalorna

Years old: I am 29
Sexual orientation: I prefer male
Eyes: Dark dark eyes
What is my Sign of the zodiac: My Zodiac sign Pisces
In my spare time I love: I like learning foreign languages
My piercing: None

I have on occasion has a massage that dealt with certain muscle groups, and pain, that I'm sure the massage therapist saw my balls, and probably my penis.

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But that was due to the specifics of those particular massages, and is not how it it is normally done. I've never done this so soon?

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She was professional, but she did offer a happy ending. It depends where you receive you massage.

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I refused; the reason because I was next to one of my friends and would have been awkward. What nearly all my very successful Christian friends do. I don't mean happy ending or not, but the actual type of massage.

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The other was today and she just ripped the linen off of me and dropped it on the floor. I was not happy then either, especially when she said, "opps" and acted like it was an accident.

Clients keep getting erections

NerdInDenial 2. Well yeah.

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Virgin shaming needs to stop. It just happens but only once out of all of these did the MT continue to touch. Believe all Women!

Was that massage normal? unexpected dangers of massage clinics

Yes I have gotten physiotherapy on a groin injury before if that counts. DarkHumorRUs Guru. Metal genres and subgenres: Part 1.

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Add Opinion. Share Facebook. My guy wants me to Prostate Massage when I give him head and I'm not sure what to do Girls, can you accept this challenge? I am wondering if mens genitals are visible if they just have a small towel covering themselves. It also depends on the type of massage.

One of vancouver's most trusted rehabilitative centres - serving kitsilano, west broadway & west 4th corridor

This is unacceptable, but one uncovered my penis and asked if I "wanted" her to rub it. That's one of the things "massages" can lead to in a relationship. Learn more. Related myTakes.

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Up Now! Related Questions. NO, and I ended the session.

One of vancouver's most trusted rehabilitative centres - serving kitsilano, west broadway & west 4th corridor

Show All. Where to get the most erotic massage? I have experienced this several times over the years when draping gets shifted by the massage therapist and my penis has been either partially or fully exposed.

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SuperNurse42 Xper 6. Sort Girls First Guys First. In some other places, the covering is less extensive, and there is more chance of your penis being seen. Yes No. I just see it as something that is bound to happen at some point especially when one has generous length. When I was in Thailand, I wore a weird spandex underwear. Terryrocks Xper 6.

Clients keep getting erections

Please don't judge me, gave him a BJ after the second date Can I text him. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

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Yes, I have had two women this month do this. Xper 7. MaxPax Xper 2. Have you ever had a massage that went further than a straight massage?

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Yes, but we had to film the scene too many times because I couldn't give the ol' dog a bone. Usually, they do not see your balls or penis. Also the odd accidental touch has happened. In most places, your penis is well covered, and there is little chance, though some, of your penis being seen.

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Sometimes life can be a real jerk.

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I am an osteopath, not long qualified, but decided to set up my own practice.

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Terryrocks Xper 6.

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As of May 18th Victoria Day, yes we will be openwe will return to Massage Therapy treatments once again.

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While viewing a Ted McCagg cartoonJeffrey Pillow remembers an incident when he was 17 involving a bottle of massage oil, a year-old masseuse, and his penis.

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Dylan I.