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Monk and natalie kiss

Monk And Natalie Kiss


Monk and the End " is the two-part series finale of the USA Network original criminal mystery dramedy television seriesMonk. It is the fifteenth and sixteenth episodes of the eighth and final season, and is the th and th episodes in the series overall. Adrian Monk Tony Shalhoub finally discovers his wife Trudy's Melora Hardin murderer after twelve years of searching, concluding a seven-year, eight-season long arc. When "Part 2" aired, it set a series high and a new viewership record for the most watched episode of a regular drama series ever in basic cable with 9. On the morning of December 14,Trudy Monk is discussing with Adrian how hard it is to keep secrets from him.

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And you didn't say anything?

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Linda Kloster's check. Write "VOID" right here. Natalie Teeger : Where are you going?

Tony shalhoub: adrian monk

Natalie Teeger : His garden? You didn't deposit this? I didn't say that. He was right. Natalie Teeger : What's this? Adrian Monk : What about the promise I made he wouldn't get away with it? Adrian Monk : What's she doing? Adrian Monk : Your wife came to see me this morning, Mr. Patrick Kloster : Did she? Natalie Teeger : Yeah I have been keeping track!

Adrian Monk : I'm a little short on cash right now. The door was open. Natalie Teeger : Uhhh, I feel fine. I've already torn it out of the checkbook. Natalie Teeger : Oh that's just me.

Mr. monk and the end

If it were up to me Natalie Teeger : Of course it's up to you! What are you doing? Stop the car. Natalie Teeger : You know I hate to disappoint you but I feel fine. Adrian Monk : [looks at her rather suspiciously] How do you feel? Patrick Kloster : I was upset, Captain. I never said that. Adrian Monk : Just stop the car.

Adrian Monk : I need you to use your inside voice. Adrian Monk : I'll never deposit it. Natalie Teeger : Oh my god! I am thirsty. Adrian Monk : How do you feel right now? I scream every payday. Natalie Teeger : "For my queen, Tatiana. Patrick Kloster : I find that grin on your face rather inappropriate.

Tony shalhoub: adrian monk

Natalie Teeger : You have to admit, he's real good. Captain Leland Stottlemeyer : Heart attack. Patrick Kloster : I'm sure she was. Natalie Teeger : It just occurred to you? Adrian Monk : There he is. That's why it took me 44 moves to win.

Natalie Teeger : [trying to direct Monk's hand to void her bad check] Yeah so you just void it out. Adrian Monk : You set a trap Natalie Teeger Patrick Kloster : Oh you've been chatting with some chess masters.

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But you know I'm good for it. I would have been too upset to concentrate. Adrian Monk : Natalie, I can't do it. Adrian Monk : It just occurred to me: if there's poison in the lemonade, we could go to the DA and we'd have all the evidence we need. Adrian Monk : His garden. Adrian Monk : She didn't seem unstable.

Natalie and monk

I'll make up for it. Patrick Kloster : This is a funeral home, Mr. My wife has just passed. Natalie Teeger : I'm sorry. Natalie Teeger : You made a promise to me too.

Natalie teeger

Is that the new norm? Adrian Monk : I know how you did it. What do we do? Adrian Monk : She came to me. Julie Teeger : All right, wait here.

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Captain Leland Stottlemeyer : [on Patrick Kloster having finished despite his wife having died] It's funny. Good for you.

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Adrian Monk : You don't have to read the dedication. Adrian Monk : She told me that you'd been planning to kill her. Linda Kloster : I'm sorry.

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Patrick Kloster : What did the medical examiner say? Natalie Teeger : But Mr. Monk, she wanted you to cash it. You can tell that this seems to be the norm every payday].

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Patrick Kloster : My wife was an unstable woman. Adrian Monk : Wait, wait. Adrian Monk : [offering the bottle of Summit Creek water] Try the water. Adrian Monk : [through the car mirror, he notices Patrick approaching them].

Natalie and monk

We should kiss. Adrian Monk : Even if I wanted to. My gosh, Mr. Monk, I've never seen you like this! We're going home.

Natalie teeger

Natalie Teeger : Wait? Natalie Teeger : What? Natalie Teeger : She's Adrian Monk : Well, she's good at it Natalie Teeger : Shut up. I didn't protect her. Natalie Teeger : Mr. Monk, you did everything you could. Natalie Teeger : Okay that's it. I thought I heard screaming. Patrick Kloster : You still think I murdered my wife? I wasn't thinking. Natalie Teeger : He's coming!

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Julie Teeger : All right, wait here.

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Natalie loves him!

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She becomes Adrian Monk 's personal assistant midway through season three and is portrayed by Traylor Howard.