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My husband spanks me for discipline

My Husband Spanks Me For Discipline


My husband spanks me. I never understood how submission meant getting spanked like I was. The apostle Paul would be appalled to see how his words have been misconstrued by so many Christian husbands and wives. I feel so ashamed about the spanking but who could I talk to about it? My husband loves me and we have a great marriage—no kids as yet.

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I was very aware that I had been thoroughly punished for my misbehavior and the soreness and pain would last for some time to come. My husband takes his husbandly duties seriously and also as a disciplinarian always makes sure to do the job properly. My thoughts and emotions during these times naturally reflect that my sore bottom constantly reminds me of having got a well-deserved spanking for being naughty. I was permitted to pick my knickers from the floor, I had kicked them off during the spanking, and then go to the bathroom and freshen up. My husband expects me not to forget the respect I owe him.

I have been in this unpleasant situation and had this embarrassing conversation many times and it is stressful. Quickly the pain is building up to what seems unbearable and drives me to desperation. During the spanking, the dreadful pain was so overwhelming that it alone occupied my mind but afterwards, the emotional impact of the spanking became dominant and though I naturally was not jubilant, I was far from despondent and in low spirits.

I could not disagree that my naughty behavior warranted punishment and that I needed a severe spanking. But being sent in disgrace to the car and waiting there had also provided healthy reflection resulting in guilty feelings and shame.


It was almost a relief when I was told to go and fetch the strap from its hook on the inside of the broom cupboard door. It is also sore and throbbing for days after. It had cleared me of guilt and it had humbled me and made me a better woman who would not soon forget my manners and the respect I owe not only my husband but also other people. It makes me feel guilty and deserving of punishment. No matter what I have done wrong I am always very ashamed when my husband has to correct and rebuke me. The moment I had done it I knew that I was in deep trouble.

The fierce pain on my bottom made me very aware of having been punished but the dreadful pain I had endured and was still suffering the aftermath of also made me aware that I had got the punishment I deserved and needed. It also causes me to experience a need for the actual punishment. He had good reason to do this because I had been naughty but I was annoyed and grumpy so instead of apologizing and adjusting my attitude, I gave him an impertinent answer.

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If I struggle and wrench too hysterically he puts his hand on my neck and holds me down. I hate this kind of conversation.

Hey, my husband spanks me!

My husband always spanks me again at least for a couple of days. My glowing red, aching and throbbing bottom caused me great discomfort and would for some time continue. To someone witnessing the situation would seem that I stood in front of my husband like a naughty little school girl but this is not how it feels to me.

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It helps me to fully comprehend how much I deserved the spanking and how beneficial it is for me that my husband does not hesitate to give me a sound and thorough bare bottom thrashing when I misbehave and fail to behave so he can be pleased with me. That is a long time to sit alone and reflect on the disadvantages of being naughty and speaking in haste without thinking first.

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The atmosphere during the drive home was unpleasant, and though we did not speak at all, There was no doubt that my husband was displeased with me and intended to teach me a lesson I would not soon forget. I brought the strap from the cupboard, gave a humble curtsey when I handed it to my husband and then I obediently stood behind the chair. The first whack has a shocking effect on me and it is the first of what seems to be a never-ceasing rain of forceful whacks that causes fierce pain and burns deep into my flesh. I did not know how many whacks I would get. All the time I naively think that it cannot get any worse but this does not prevent him from bringing the strap down continuously increasing the painful blaze on my bottom.

But I fully acknowledged that the spanking had been deserved and needed and would have a very positive effect on me and my attitude and behavior.

My husband spanks me

My bottom is so sore that there is no risk of me forgetting having been naughty and getting punished as I deserved. There must be a severe and tangible deliverance of punishment to ensure improved behavior. He always continues to spank me until he decides that I have gotten what I deserve. The fact that I deserve to be punished soundly and thoroughly is made clear to me and I need it not just as correction and behavior adjustment but also as atonement that can relieve me of guilt.

The spanking though highly unpleasant, was not only the natural and righteous consequence of my naughtiness but also as a positive influence on me.

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Exactly how this insecurity and such negative emotions would make me behave I cannot say and I hope that I will never find out. I wished I had kept my mouth shut. He spanks steadily and systematically without ever letting my tears or desperate twisting and kicking affect him. This was emotionally satisfying. I am a grown woman who should know better than being as naughty as I have been. He wields the strap forcefully from start to finish. When we got home we would have a serious talk about my behavior.

I am already at this point, genuinely contrite. I wished that I could have avoided the punishment altogether.

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It is true that it is not exactly pleasant when my bottom is sore and aching after a spanking and I at least for a couple of days have to give up riding my horse, give up riding my bicycle, be careful when I sit down and must expect the smoldering pain to blaze up if I move without caution but this is only a physical and not an emotional discomfort. I cry and twist and kick uninhibited without caring how childishly and undignified I act.

Spankings are always severe, and if needed they are very severe. It took me some time to compose and stop crying, and the burning pain on my bottom abated only slowly. Sternly he told me that my attitude was unacceptable so I should go and sit and wait for him in the car. Furthermore, it would make me feel insecure if my husband was permissive and lenient so I no longer could rely on him to be the immovable authority that keeps me in line and ensures order, stability and harmony within safe boundaries.

I was not proud of having misbehaved so that I deserved to be spanked. A little spanking or a light spanking is not practiced in our home. The embarrassing stern questioning and lecturing before the spanking is also part of the important aftermath.

Hey, my husband spanks me!

Acknowledging the positive effects of getting my bare bottom spanked soundly and thoroughly when I misbehave also means that the aftermath does not cause bad emotions bad mood. I knew that my husband was going to punish me. But what all these and many other thoughts are coming to is this: The satisfied knowledge of having been punished as I deserved, increased respect for and faith in my husband, gratefulness that I am well looked after and kept able for my misbehavior and finally a deeply satisfying feeling of content, security, harmony and order.

It has kept me from getting on with my gardening projects, and every day the dog and I came home wet and dirty from the riding club. I guess that is what made me moody and sullen so I forgot my manners and behavior. For the last three days, we have gotten lots of rain. It is punishment and every whack is meant to inflict considerable pain. He would not dream of warming up my bottom with some slaps with his hand My husband spanks me for discipline light lashes with the strap.

Outside the bakery, my husband rebuked me and reminded me sternly about how I am supposed to behave. It is a fact that being kept in line, being held able for my misbehavior and consistently being spanked severely when I deserve punishment all is a very positive influence on me. Then it comes naturally that my thoughts are focused on my misbehavior and the punishment. Emotionally I was now much better off than before. I reflect on how why and I misbehaved, how foolishly childish I behaved, how my bad behavior made it necessary for my husband to discipline me, how ashamed I was, etc.

I lifted up my skirt so that he could pull down my knickers before I assumed the position bending over the chair back and clinging with my hands to the seat. I had atoned for my misbehavior and now was given a fresh start. That area always gets thoroughly thrashed so it is burning intensively long after the spanking ends.

Having my naughtiness and failure to behave described and elaborated on in embarrassing detail affects me a lot emotionally and I always experience it as a deeply unpleasant part of my punishment. I am sure that the bad influence on my attitude as well as my mood would soon be obvious. Except for the of whacks to anticipate I knew exactly what would happen. The embarrassing questions and reprimands are lengthy, it causes great emotional distress and makes me cry more out of shame than fear of the upcoming punishment.

I was ashamed, frightened and nervous.

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I had been burdened by shame and guilt because I was naughty and now I had been thoroughly punished as I deserved. The strap hits all over my bottom, but mostly it focuses on the fleshy lower half of my buttocks and on my upper thighs. The days when my sore bottom keeps reminding me of my misbehavior and its painful consequences give me a chance to both intellectually and emotionally consider every aspect of the punishment and why I deserved it and what I should learn from the painful experience.

My husband had a few errands to run in the mall, so I had to wait half an hour or so before he returned. But the strap continues to work on my bare bottom, regardless. Eventually it was over and the strap finally stopped dancing on my bare bottom. Since childhood it has been my habit when feeling the need to emphasize humble obedience, to reflexively give a quick curtsey before hastily and with head bowed, going to the car.

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I never feel like a little girl but am well aware of the fact that I am an adult who still has a lot to learn about how to behave. It is so emotionally troubling and makes me shamefully aware of being a naughty and wayward woman. I dreaded it, and with good reason.

I was both ashamed and frightened, so I hastily obeyed. This time, the questioning, lecturing and reprimanding did not go on for long. I thought that the punishment would never end and at times during the spanking I acted hysterically.

The pain was still intense and caused me to whimper. Although it at the moment would be a relief if my husband only spanked me leniently I no doubt soon would feel strangely dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

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