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Naughty nun stories

Naughty Nun Stories
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Matilda Simmons from Episode 17 of the Black Butler anime. Thor: God of Thunder 12 has a minor character named Sister Marjorie who is a little too much taken by Thor but can we blame her?

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Likewise, Kosaku's enormous crush on her doesn't keep him from dating other girls. Residents were usually allowed to have visitors, and thereby hangs the tale.

Horny nun stories

Hint: they smuggle weapons. After the Time Skip in the Claymore manga, Galatea disguises herself as a nun, of all professions. Bloodline has the nuns of the Church Militant Shengdi. Two are wearing nuns' habits with knee-length skirts, a style just introduced at the time. Most specifically Leng Sha, who even has some relationships with both humans and vampires.

After all, her plan was to seduce the crowd with her unexpectedly innocent appearance. On the other hand, Sister Schach's battle armor consists of a sleeveless top, hotpants and pretty good Zettai Ryouiki. Bloom County : How Opus is introduced to Rule Prominent in Touhou Project fan works that focus on the Myouren Temple, a house of Buddhist nuns, as among the most popular genres of doujinshi are yuri and H-works.

Surprisingly for her, it's a very reserved and realistic nun outfit, but given it's Vanessait goes Naughty nun stories this by default. There is just something about nuns that turns a lot of guys on.

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Sister Marjorie: Yes. And what were those again? Heinrich Lossow's "The Sin" depicts the fronts of former Cardinal Cesare Borgia and a prostitute dressed as a nun having sex doggy style through a fence inside a church during the Banquet of Chestnuts basically, an alleged A Party, Also Known as an Orgywith both still clothed in habits and only having moved their clothing sufficiently to perform the deed.

The proportions of the prostitute along with the painting's lack of any sort of chestnuts that were said to be abundant at the party rather makes one wonder if the event it was supposed to be based on was a bit of an excuse.

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In the land of fiction, they complete the Fetish Trio right up there with Nurses and Maids. Lots of weapons.

The naughty nun: erotic 3 pack #1 - explicit erotica

Magister Negi Magi when Misora was forced to wear a miniskirted habit as a part of the class' "cafe". Nuns with bad habits not usually that kind. It's because on the other hand, flirting with her can have very serious implications. Community Showcase More.

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Maybe it's the Forbidden Fruit factor: you cannot have them, so, ironically, they become more appealing. Girls could also be locked up in convents if they had an inheritance coming, allowing the family to keep and control the money.

The naughty nun

This is alluded to in El Cidwhere Ximene returns to her "home" convent, and the Mother says she's welcome, but shouldn't try to up. It's hard to not see her as sexual, from her gigantic breasts to her "holy poses". That's just the beginning. That said, she and Sister Shakti are kinda cute, and the skirts on their real habits are short enough as it is. Follow TV Tropes. This trope actually dates back to Middle Agesas the literature and songs of the time often paint convents as "houses of vice" because it was, after all, a building full of womenmaking this one of the oldest sex and pornography tropes in Western history.

Unfortunately, neither the "naughty" or "nun" vibe really came across on thesomething that Greg Rucka felt was just lost in the translation from script to final product.

New take on naughty nun tale black narcissus is as eerie and erotic as ever

Let's not even get into the writings of sisters who took the whole "marriage to Christ" thing pretty literally Distaff Counterpart of Sexy Priest. When Sato from Welcome to the N. I shouldn't! Nuns are women who have dedicated their lives to religious service, forgoing sex and material wealth. Though she isn't actually a nun, she just likes to dresses like one. In Rebellionthere is Siggy. If a nun is fetishized, expect her habit to be far shorter and tighter than anything you would see in a real convent. Melpha from Queen's Blade.

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In the Black Clover anime-only cosplay contest, Vanessa dresses as a nun. This ad for Talens Rubber Cement.


Church Militant nuns, by nature of not only being a nun but an Action Girlhave a tendency of following this trope as well. You need to to do this. Comic Strips. In medieval days, many women in convents were mere residents, not sisters. That one is explained in the novels as being a punishment: that a nun would be forced to wear something like that is supposed to shame them. Sister Marjorie: Perhaps the God of Thunder Would like Naughty nun stories stay for dinner?

However, they are extremely creepy, zealous and intimidating and men are more likely to rue an encounter with them than enjoy it Not to be confused with another comic book from called Leather Nun, featuring naughty nuns among other thingsby Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury. It's a sin! Although Agnese wonders if Bishop Biagio doesn't have other reasons for putting her in it Chrono Crusade : Rosette Christopher, but only in looks. Comic Books. Note that one of the girls in question was a ten-year-old clone of her church's Crystal Dragon Jesus.

It's heavily implied that the rest of the clergy are quite "unclean" themselves, despite the church's very harsh process of atonement for filth and sin. Then there's Sister Chantez, whose Barrier Jacket features a short skirt, a sleeveless top, and Underboobs.

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Her master Byakuren is rather outraged by Ichirin's impiety as she's "lusting after another woman when her body's vowed to Buddhism". It was Truth in Television for many convents, and some of the greatest female saints are those who instituted reforms to make them true houses of holiness. Sister: Remember your vows, Sister Marjorie. There's a whole untapped nun-fetish market out there! Requiem Vampire Knight : Downplayed with the Sisters of Blood, who are an order of vampire nuns that guards Dracula 's Royal Harem and are all dressed in bondage-like Chainmail Bikinis.

After all, they wear the elaborate robes and live in secret, away from men.

Naughty nun

Martin van Meytens the Younger did a double sided painting of a nun in prayer. While several of the nuns put their hands on Ciel to undress him, in a hardly innocent manner, it is Matilda whom Sebastian charms and has affairs with, none too quietly, in order to learn more about the church they are investigating. Sister Angela from One Pound Gospel. Christian nuns are by far the most common in fiction, but there are Buddhist, Taoist, and Hindu nuns too.

She doesn't really get 'naughty' until after a three-way running fight through the city with Miata and an Awakened, though. The humorous part is that this was the time of the "maxi-skirt" in secular fashion, so the nuns are showing more skin than the girls who aren't. Red Ears : Usually played straight, with nuns being objects of desire.

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There were plenty of priests who were Nun Too Holytoo. When his pants are all the way down she runs away so he falls flat on his face. One Charles Addams cartoon shows four young women standing at a street corner. Flipping the painting would reveal that the nun had her habit hitched up to reveal her entire backside. Sein really puts the "Naughty" back into "Naughty Nun" in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVidwhere she almost manages to grope the entire female cast note before the Inter-Middle participants were introduced in a single chapter. Additionally, most Nuns Are Mikos in anime.

Nun clothes aren't meant for combat, after all Zange from Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens. It's noted that these particular nuns are dressed in such a way that they are responsible for a far greater of impure thoughts than they could ever hope to expunge.

The naughty nun: erotic 3 pack #1 - explicit erotica

Eda is actually a CIA agent. Noblemen often sent their daughters to convents by force, to keep them away from men until a suitable husband could be found; sometimes, no prospect would appear. Trinity Blood presents to us a good example of Absolute Cleavage by this nun. Played with in that she is extremely devoted to her faith, and while she might harbor some feelings for Kosaku, she does her best to keep them platonic. Somewhat noted in Negima! In this video by Kawayabug, it turns out that Ichirin, one of the Myouren Temple nuns, apparently has hots for Mononobe no Futo, the retainer of Prince Mikowho is herself completely clueless, with the density of a white dwarf.

Twisted darkly by The Chronicles of Wormwood in which the Corrupt Pope forces nuns to service him sexually.

Naughty nuns

Nikolai Dante once came across the Church of Skoptje, which has a battalion of nuns as a Church Militant force to enforce their beliefs on the wicked. Instead of being ashamed when she does the poses, she does them willingly The Korean manhwa Rebirth features a very God-fearing nun in a very Stripperiffic outfit.

Subverted in one strip, where a nun plays up to the stereotype when she's sexually assaulted by a rapist. Maybe it's the mystery of it all. Then there's Ling Can, being a Manipulative Bitch in having a classmate of the second main protagonist their side. We need to get in on this! She prayed for the Lord's forgiveness. Get Known if you don't have an .

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Horny nun stories.