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Nip slip stories

Nip Slip Stories


Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. As she reached across the bar for her drink, Shawna's big, pink areole peeped over the top of the loose, white, silk camisole she wore. She turned slightly to her right to grab some money for her drink out of her Louis Vuitton wrist bag, and her pink nipple delicately followed its areole.

Name: Haleigh

Years: 41
My gender: Female
My Zodiac sign: My Zodiac sign Aquarius
Favourite drink: Champagne
Favourite music: Classical

Wanna buy me a drink to say thanks?

sexy Julissa

We were wasted, obviously. The blouse I was wearing was transparent beneath the bright Church lights, and the bra I had on was sheer, so the entire congregation had seen my nipples. Follow Thought Catalog. Not one of my finer moments, I must confess.

talent women Crystal

Not exactly a nip slip, but a definite slip involving two totally exposed boobs. I was so traumatized, and Gary just stood there laughing at me. Visualizing what it would be like to let the guy ravage me, I reached out my hand eagerly and introduced the sexiest, smartest, smoothest version of myself. Some of my colleagues and former professors received that card.

Ladies, what's your awkwardest nip slip/bra malfunction story?

It took me forever to find the perfect bubblegum pink princess dress to wear, and I spent hours getting ready for that once-in-a-lifetime night. From then on, it was impossible for me to walk across camp grounds without a bratty little kid pretending to lift their shirt up to make fun of me.

gorgeous sister Gabrielle

You're in! But by the time I threw my arms in the air for my grand tada! You could only see half the right nipple and a whole bunch of squished flesh, but that was enough to send the man into a frenzy.

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If I could move, I would. Since some of the kids were afraid of the biggest slide, I made a show of offering to demonstrate how fun it was. The plan was for Gary to wear a sock on his dick and for me to go completely nude. More From Thought Catalog.

single housewives Zola

Before I had time to consider buying that asshole a cocktail, I ran to the bathroom to readjust. As soon as the Principal called me up to the stage to crown me, I yanked down on my dress with both hands to get things in order. Do My Nipples Offend You? Get our newsletter every Friday! See you Friday.

10 women share their embarrassing but hilarious nip slip stories

I have pretty sizable nipples, so the kids nicknamed me Silver Dollar that night, and it stuck. I dove down that steep yellow slide and enjoyed the ride down. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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Just follow her on Facebook! Just as I was getting back from a five-mile run one morning, my neighbor, a crusty old guy who could be hoarding black market kidneys for all I know, was outside checking his mail. Flickr, J. Lightning 1. Not the best look at a well-lit, family friendly establishment, but I had to laugh at the fact that I was caught in the dairy aisle.

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Nipple Slip Story - My wife is a hair stylist and was asked if she could assist in giving men "buzz cuts" at a local bar to raise money for breast cancer.

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For me it's when I was wearing a strapless bra in high school and forgot to bring a sports bra for PE.

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Nipple Slip Story - My wife is a hair stylist and was asked if she could assist in giving men "buzz cuts" at a local bar to raise money for breast cancer.