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Nudist community tumblr

Nudist Community Tumblr


Naturism is all of these things and more. It not only represents a value system shared by over 20 million people worldwide, it also represents a lifestyle, a way of life. In more conservative Western societies such as Canada, England and the United States, naturism presents hurdles for those who embrace its gymnos philosophy — hurdles of public and private roles, image definition, balancing textile clothed and naturist behaviours, and of habitation arrangements regarding location, privacy and access. As with other things people hold true or worthwhile, naturism is called upon to be defended or justified.

Name: Barbi

How old am I: 62
Eye tint: Dark hazel
What is my Sign of the zodiac: I'm Sagittarius

Obviously having a cool mum who is happy about us doing this stuff helps lo and our situation is pretty different from a lot of other young nudists, who might have to hide their nudism from their parents. I still do the same things everyone else does; watch TV, do homework, eat dinner, surf the internet, listen to music, watch DVDs — I just do it with no clothes on.

Her site has long since vanished, but here I preserve one of the articles she posted there. You might agree or you might have your own ideas. Well, firstly, nudism has nothing to do with sex.

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Or it could just be doing whatever you normally do at home or out in the garden, just without clothes on. So why would someone enjoy being nude? It could be all or some of these things together. Nudism is a lot of different things to different people.

Well, one of the main reasons I like it is the feeling of freedom it gives me.

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This pretty much sums up life…. Why do I like it? This is another one which probably sound pretty weird, but being nude also gives me a feeling of being closer to nature. Recently Liked. The other big thing about nudism which is great is that it encourages body acceptance and helps people to feel happier about themselves and how they look.

So what is changing?

You might feel differently of course but to me walking in the woods nude is better than doing it fully dressed. She perfect. It really stuck with me and was one of the big things that encouraged me to embrace nudism. So what is nudism, and why am I a nudist? Posts Likes Following Archive. It even gets called different things. Sunday morning anal. In the buff, etc. Being without clothes is a really free, liberating feeling; coming home from college and getting undressed is a fantastic way to unwind and de-stress. Note: When I was younger and first researching nudism, I came upon a site by a young woman named Jess.

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We love this short animation about plastic trash! And swimming nude means no wet costume to make you uncomfortable.

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But what is nudism not about? But the main thing is that it involves going nude.

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Relationship Goals. And just generally not wearing clothes is, for me, the ultimate feeling of freedom. It could mean going to beaches or parks where people are allowed to be nude. Basically though what it all comes down to is doing stuff without clothes on.

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Or it could be that you have completely your own ideas as to what it is. Personally I mostly use the term nudism as you can probably tell. It could mean going to stay at resorts or camps where people can go nude freely. We both sleep in the nude and in summer we sunbathe nude in the back garden. So, freedom, comfort, sensation, naturalness, body-acceptance and practical benefits.

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Great way to wake up.

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Clothing, modesty and shame were invented by man and neither a necessity to live.

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