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Pam and jim fanfiction

Pam And Jim Fanfiction
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Breakfast was the last thing on anyone's mind that morning. Jim was hovering uneasily outside the bathroom door, where an unpleasant groaning was emerging from inside. Pam had been in there roughly quarter of an hour already by his own watch, emitting various retches and heaving sounds that would make even the least sensitive stomach lurch in kind. She had left the water running in a feeble attempt at disguising the noises, resulting in a sickening double suction effect. Jim was sympathetic to her plight — he knew she wasn't sick.

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He held her so tight, large palms calming pressures against her back or clutching her sides, and made her feel so warm and secure. Her expression slackens as she turns away from him quickly, bringing her forearm up to cover her mouth. He knew inwardly that he was being a little pathetic, but even for that one night he missed her and was excited to see her. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go to topic listing.

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the conversation You can post now and register later. He lifts his head to look down at her in concern, eyebrows drawn. It sounds conclusive. Display as a link instead. Nebula Posted December 11, Posted December 11, edited.

You're so welcome! She shrugs, fingers bunching in the back of his shirt. The rest of the day is tough to say the least. Maybe it was the hug withdrawal. With Jim and Pam in particular, tbh. Speaking of that proposal in the rain tho, and the following scene of Jim coming back soaking wet Okay, so, this comment from you kind of made my day. Pleasantly even.

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Reply to this topic Start new topic. Which makes it a lot easier not to take the slight personally. Clear editor. As if destined to only prove his point further that far-away look crosses her face again as one of her sniffles appears to spark something, and he can feel her breath hitch in her chest against his body. Never had been.

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She clings to him tightly, whether it be for warmth, support or comfort, which is why Jim feels it when harsh shiver rakes down her spine. Heather Posted December 11, Posted December 11, Oolia Posted December 11, Spoo Posted December 11, Cecilia Posted December 12, Posted December 12, Zwee Posted December 13, Posted December 13, Nebula Posted December 20, Posted December 20, Also this part is so sweet, and so them : Love how she completely gives up on denying what he knew from the start, and he's just like, "I think so too.

She knows its his, and that it was from his old college basketball team, name on the back and all.

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Jim winces a little in sympathy, they sounded kind of harsh. Glad you enjoyed. You can post now and register later.

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So reluctantly he bottles up his concern and decides to give her space. That combined with all the environmental stress factors So it was a necessary evil.

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Only 75 emoji are allowed. The statement coming from her in this condition hits him like whiplash, from somewhere primal or deeply instinctive. He leans his elbows on her desk as he always does and they chat entirely normally. Pam slips it on over the top of her cardigan with a stuffy but content sigh, and predictably sleeves entirely too long for her and it hangs down somewhere near her mid-thigh.

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The sense of it hangs in the air as they remain like that in comfortable silence for around a minute. If you have anin now to post with your. After spending weeks and weeks constantly stressed and flirting with sleep deprivation, whether it be due to class schedules, asment deadlines, juggling both alongside a part-time job, or trying to get as much as she possibly could out of student life - the house of cards was all bound to come crashing down at some point. This is completely lovely and so well written!

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Oh my goodness this was SO lovely and so well written! or insert images from URL. Followers 1. Ahhhh, you have no idea how much that all means for me to hear! This time she cups her hands in front of her nose and mouth as she turns away. So it means a lot to hear it was 'there' for you! I will always carry the torch for Jim and Pam, and this felt like it could easily have been a secondary storyline in an episode right after Pam gets back. So yeah, it had been difficult.

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So so good! Recommended Posts. This one takes a little longer, teases a little bit more and causes her eyebrows to crease in annoyance as her eyes flutter closed, full of moisture. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this. So soft!!

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I didn't know that I needed this, but I did need this fic. I so so appreciate it, and you taking the time to comment, thank you! I've read it countless times at this point, and never get bored of it.

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By Nebula, December 11, in Fanfiction. Pam relaxes further by the second into his embrace, letting out a tired hum when he leans down to kiss the crown of her head, then rests his cheek on it. Awww, yay!

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She dislodges herself and leans away as much as his hold will allow, raising her forearm to helplessly twitchy, red-tinged nostrils. College dorm buildings and the kids that tend to inhabit them are, frankly, gross. Paste as plain text instead. Pam mirrors his expression.

His arms were long so they completely encompassed her. Defeat considered admitted, however reluctantly. Link to comment.

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But she was back now. She jerks under his hand and he rubs her back in response, looking skeptical. Oh thank God! Because it's something I've dedicated a lot of my time to thinking about, haha. Love how she completely gives up on denying what he knew from the start, and he's just like, "I think so too.

Jim wordlessly brushes just off the half-hearted warning with a lazy shrug. At all times. He knew that from experience.

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It was just… Pam. He just genuinely thought his fiance was the coolest person ever, and he would never get sick of just chatting with her. She picks it up discreetly and sits down, smiling behind the desk as she reflexively brings it to her nose to smell it. After conferring over IM sometime later they decide to take their mid-morning coffee break together and sneak off to the break room, which they apparently time perfectly seeing as the room is empty. Hope at least some people may enjoy. Her arms tighten around him and she sags against him, snuggling her head into his shoulder.

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Pam was sitting at her desk, doing her own work.

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Preface: Michael is still in charge for some reason, Jim and Pam are still working at Dunder Mifflin, the camera crews are still rolling….

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