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Permanent male chastity device

Permanent Male Chastity Device


in. You know buy a device you think is the right size and fit, put it on, have your wife decide when more like if to unlock you. Not here and there, not a day a week but every single day, even if nobody is in the mood for it. How long should you continue this routine?

Name: Eloise

My age: I'm 42 years old
Nationality: Russian
I love: Male
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got brilliant hazel green eyes
Body features: I'm quite muscular
What I like to drink: Absinthe

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We regularly get questions about whether long term wear of a Chastity Device A device that locks around the penis. After an hour or less out of the cage they disappear.

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My device is steel. In my case, the real permanent change is that I have learned to like surrendering control.

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It too was painful. I asked Mrs. Lion to let me out for an important job interview on Tuesday it went very well. Try starting with this : Getting A Good Fit. Permanent Changes By:. In: Chastity hardwareLion's JournalLiving with chastity.

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Next Post: More Control. Spankings given "just because" Lion probably did something naughty that was missed.

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I believe he ordered plastic. Mostly it is a way we remind each other of our strict disciplinary relationship.

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A plus on that invenvention. It prevents erection and masturbation. As much as I want him to be off limits to himself, I do want it to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. About a year ago I was convinced that I had a red circle from the base ring permanently marking me. Very comfortable and made from organic material. When out of my cage, I have no desire to sexually touch myself.

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Glad you made this post thanks again. No thank you. Some of the prongs and welded spots were bent and almost sharp o the touch.

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Lion almost never announces that I will be getting an orgasm. The biggest change is that I no longer expect ejaculation to be the result of sexual stimulation. That says a lot for the comfort I feel in the Jail Bird. The realization that someone else now has full sexual control is a bit frightening. That proved to be untrue.

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We regularly get questions about whether long term wear of a Chastity Device. All rights reserved. Of course, as she wrote yesterday, that newfound freedom ended last night. May I ask if lion wears a metal, plastic, or soft chastity? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. In fact, most of the time when Mrs. I ask myself why this is happening now? When they reach a certain temperature body temperature they soften slightly and become a little flexible so to say.

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Do a search on this site. The general consensus among long term wearers is that stainless steel is the most comfortable and least problematic. Wearing it chafed me.

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Related Posts. I expect the build up and am prepared for the stop before I can ejaculate.

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A couple of other things have changed. Wearing a chastity device full time has not done any permanent damage to me.

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It is very unlikely that any off-the-shelf device will be too comfortable. A device that locks around the penis.

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If you are planning long term enforced chastity, then it pays to get a custom made steel device. His new device has still not come yet unfortunately.

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I would be very unhappy if I got it back. Tuesday night she felt under the weather so she left me wild.

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So, fear not. Thank you for this post.

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I was actually wondering about permanent changes in my guys area. We have a lot written about it.

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The Qiui Cellmate is a metal and neoprene device deed to be worn by a man as a deliberate means of preventing him from having sex.

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A 'smart' male chastity device called the Cellmate is vulnerable to hackers, according to research, with customers facing the prospect of having to remove it with an angle grinder.

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To use it, a man places his penis inside a metal tube, which is then locked and released by a ring that sits at the base of the balls.

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I was single, lived on my own and worked from home, so thought: why not place an order by post?