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Plant vore stories

Plant Vore Stories


Well done, you've succeeded in making a story that the entire site is sure to hate. Only reason why I read this story was because of the like:dislike ratio. This one is no doubt a fairly bad one.

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You can tell Rarity's trying to approach it a bit like a romance novel. Thanks for sharing. The very sudden nature of everything in this, with it all wrapping up in a chapter and characters flip-flopping on the spot, makes things feel inconsequential and confusing, which distracts from the clop.

It wasn't easy for me to describe what Rarity was going through, but I wanted to emphasize that it was both scarily final and erotic.

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I display my love of death in unusual ways. If you mean pissing herself upon death, then yeah that's sounds sexy to me too. At least it went without the minor drag that was Cheerilee's class. I know well about Phineas Gage, he got a railroad spike through at a very odd angle very quickly speed matters, slower speeds can actually cause more damage, a very quick pierce will leave less secondary damage. Of course that may be a silly premise as well, but you helped me see the humor in it, so thanks. You focused a bit more on the carnal side of things, analyzing it without making the analysis the focus, and made a rather entertaining story as well.

‘plant vore’ stories

As for said actual physical stuff, it would've been better if Fluttershy had not covered up Rarity, allowing somepony to come in and have their way with her, and would fit more with what the two said on the matter. Something with even a moderate width will utterly destroy essential parts of the brain needed for consciousness and reasoning, and this seemed to be what the plant was going for.

Of course we don't have to continue debating this, it just comes down to the primacy of your own experience. I posit that our brain getting penetrated feels very dramatic because ever since we were born our brains have been powered on uninterrupted, even as we sleep, so we've always been comfortable in our own brain chemistry.

Bullets are very hit or miss, and are actually quite limited in damage, mainly causing bleeding if they miss hitting the right spots. It's also nice to not have that technically optional, but was put in the actual chapter end bit like the other story had, with Celestia Plant vore stories in basically to deus ex machina and flip flop everyone Compared to Draconic Desires, this is and the other story are a huge step backwards.

If the injury is to the frontal lobe, then the survivability increases. I write an average of one or two fics per year, but no guarantees. I'm probably not gonna change it, but I actually think that's the route I should have gone. Discord Follow us Twitter. Never before have I felt such visceral terror.

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I didn't quite get the foot fetish parts not my kink, personally but I feel like they might have been a bit lacking in detail as well. I was originally going to have it that Rarity cummed herself when she died, and in fact hit Fluttershy in the face with her projectile cum, but I figured that might come off as a little too perfect lol, though you can imagine. If you found it unintentionally funny, then I think I can understand where you're coming from.

Death by nature (devil flower vore)

You're proposing that the vine knocked Rarity's brain out of commission right away, but that may be exactly where the intensity is; she may still be feeling something. In this story, I was thinking Rarity lasts twenty to thirty seconds.

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People who've had near-death experiences report that it was intense and that's because the brain lost control. To be honest, I had been wondering if you'd read this fic. There's a different fetish for instant brain death that is sexy too, like if I wanted to use a high precision nail gun to snuff Rarity out instantly, which my intuition tells me would work.

Death by nature (devil flower vore)

There is no such thing as a humane death, that label is completely meaningless. Lol yeah sorry about that I have moments where I dont want to read this kinda thing and then the mood strikes and I go looking around for new stuff lol I bestow cannon upon whatever you are fantasizing about so you can pretend that I'm right there with you appreciating your style.

Having fewer characters established a much better focus, and Fluttershy was better written than Cheerilee in the other story. No one should have to endure a discussion about it. When one really thinks about it, why would the plant keep its catch alive by going through all the trouble with preserving air when it only wants them dead anyways? I would definitely say it's not a Venus fly trap nor is it exactly a pitcher plant, though I guess it could be? My story just happens to be the former and not the latter which may be unrealistic by real life standards.

I know, stalker much. I especially enjoyed Fluttershy's snuffy talk, and especially when Rarity started getting into it too, I feel her coming around to accept it was handled very well. There is also a greater chance of surviving a front-to-back gunshot than one that has been shot from the side of Plant vore stories head. EDIT: I kinda like that meme. I never meant to imply that the plant was keeping oxygen at safe levels for the prey's sake, but rather it maintains a kind of homeostasis that it needs for its own metabolism.

This is definitely a much stronger story than your last, and why I decided to follow you. You usually comment on my fics. I do think a few details could have done with a bit more focus the entirety of the aftermath is relegated to two short paragraphs at the end, for instance. Also, on a Plant vore stories note about the mechanics of it, penetration of the brain through the forehead is instantly fatal and consequently painless, and that is how captive bolt pistols little air pressure guns used to kill cows humanely work.

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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I read this and your soul altar story one after another and it fucking decimated me. Which actually brings me to a point about the character's voices and characterization. The idea I was going for was brain tentacle rape, which is a known fetish. Having our most intimate space penetrated would be more dramatic than an alien invasion or the most powerful psychedelic, whether it happened quickly or slowly.

All in all, pretty good story. I can imagine that being a huge relief. But alas, killing prey by destroying their most precious and vulnerable part - the brain - is hot, so have an upvote. Death by any means would cause us to feel our control slipping away on a very deep and noticeable level, even if it happened in our sleep.

I looked up an article on brain injuries.

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That story had buildup to characters wanting to die, and spread things out across chapters. If it uses a very, very thin tendril and snakes it around the head more, that makes the outcome make a bit more sense, but it's still rather crazy Rarity was aware for so long given the choice of entry point; the areas of your brain that are less vital are in the back and sides.

I would say that the vine in my story does not go as quick or as deep as pistols and is less jarringly efficient. Although this is less my fetish, she can shit herself too. It's up to you guys to sort out what it meant to you. Conversely, just getting knocked unconscious only feels like blacking out because the brain is still in control. However, this gives the victim a window of about two minutes to remain conscious.

I was never quite sure whether the plant was a pitcher type of plant or a venus flytrap, and, as a matter of Plant vore stories taste, it's a shame Rarity didn't wet herself when she actually died, and again the bit where she did wet herself could have used a bit more more detail. generated in 0. Being primitive, it thrusts around blindly, possibly missing the most vital parts of the brain for a little while.

This fantasy was quite a love affair for me to be sure, in my head Rarity's death was as romantic as Aerith's death in ff7. Also, look up Phineas Gage. I'm of the position that death is not comparable to sleep at all; it's the erotic merging back with the void and non-existence.

Vore shorts (updated)

Not as good as the one with Tree Hugger and Cheerilee, mostly because Rarity was more into it and in a very wishy washy sort of way for a while and it led to her and Fluttershy essentially doing "verbal masturbation" repeating that Rarity was going to die, which overshadowed a lot of the actual physical clop material. Regardless, I added Plant vore stories words tube-shaped to the first paragraph.

Sometimes I'll look at my follower list and see if they've been online. A bit light on visual descriptions and heavy on dialogue, but I like the idea, however silly it is. Explaining it away with her psyching herself up a bit more, and doing so audibly, would've also helped. This one was pretty experimental and I'm not sure I'll write one quite like this again. You have a point there, so I'm going to make a small edit to the story. At this moment I think Pinkie's Bake Sale captures me best for being the most fun, but again I'm not easily defined. Fluttershy by and far gets the short end of the stick here, but she's very strong at the start of the story.

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