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Rainbow brite enemy

Rainbow Brite Enemy


name: Password OpenID? Forgot it? Remember Me. I doodled some fanart in the first 10 minutes because these characters seemed like they'd be fun to draw.

Name: Leigh

How old am I: I'm 32 years old
Where am I from: Swedish
What is my gender: Female
I know: English
What is my favourite music: Easy listening
I like: Looking after pets
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Brite—she always had a way of keeping the color from fading. As the mythology went, Wisp R. Once, taking cover from the rain inside of a cave, Wisp came upon the magic Color Belt and realized she had to save the Color Kids—who were in jeopardy, in seven different corners of the land. Brite made her movie debut in with Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, and starred in a self-titled cartoon show in Rainbow Brite.

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The point is, you emulated Rainbow… she had a goal, and she pursued it courageously. And for her heroism, she was christened Rainbow Brite and named the protector of all of Rainbowland. She was first copyrighted by Hallmark Cards, and then in Hallmark and toy company Mattel ed forces to manufacture the original soft-bodied line of dolls, which had vinyl he and hands.

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One by one, Wisp managed to set all the Color Kids free. Rainbow Brite started, like Strawberry Shortcake before her, as a greeting card charmer. In addition to the original ten-inch version of the doll, there were large eighteen-inch dolls and small, all-vinyl figurines, aimed at little girls with not-so-little collector ambitions. Just like you.

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If the 80s had birthed a baby it would have been Rainbow Brite, who flared and died in the memories of childhood and unlike just about every other adulterated, rehashed 80s cartoon, stayed pretty much pure in our memories.

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The color kids are a group of ambiguously aged beings who help the Sprites mine the color crystals and apply color to Rainbow Land, a distant planet.