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Renaissance fair tickling

Renaissance Fair Tickling
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The entertainment at the New York Renaissance Faire spans 17 different performance areas and all the streets in between! The Entertainment Stage Schedule will be posted the Wednesday evening before each weekend. Aaron Bonk is a 3-time International Performance Champion, 4-time Guinness World Record setting whip artist, and unique entertainer with a twisted sense of humor who risks his life to make you laugh.

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Same holds true for the water dousing, fire, and everything else done to criminals. But that's not an indication of how good they are, it's the opposite in my opinion. CRF Renaissance fair tickling use the new energy and ideas, it'd be a good shot in the arm for that fair.

The tickling is the entire point of it! I feel it's a big mistake to judge faires by their efforts to recreate 16th century England. Quote from: wat32 on November 03,PM. Quote from: shirefriar on November 02,PM. If they're being tickle tortured isn't it impossible to stay in character? This can be problematic, but what we keep in mind during our individual turns in the stocks is how our character responds to the situation at hand. What you seem to prefer sounds far more like historical reenactment than any faire I've ever attended Not That There's Anything Wrong With historical reenacting.

Much of that entertainment comes from deliberate anachronisms, and they're practically embedded in faire's DNA. These are also the jokes that connect with the audience and make them go wild. I certainly plan to introduce myself to RatherUnwieldly at CRF and I will probably use that nick as a way of cluing her in on where I know her fromand I hope to at least mention the forum and some of the posts, even if it is in a Renaissance fair tickling fashion such as describing our writings on the World Wide Web of Knowledge or some such.

Fun, laughter and entertainment are the primary goals of faire, and behavior that detracts from an accurate portrayal of the 16th century is an indication of where the faire's priorities lie, not of how professional and accomplished their actors are.

By describing them in this manner, you're measuring them by a totally irrelevant yardstick. In fact, I'd even venture to say that it's the "lesser" acts who would be more likely not to break character, as it takes a certain amount of skill to shift from one mode to the other without screwing up.

For that matter, there are certainly times when one should break character. So as you said early on, it really depends on what individuals seek from a fair and it's acts. Just one man's opinion. Not ticklish maybe?

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Dropping character destroys the mood others try hard to create and maintain. For example, during my first show, my character, Sylvie, was accused of writing profanities in the Queen's prayer book or some such. It sure looks real to me. Ratherunwieldly could say better as she's part of the troupe, but I've never seen the Nottingham Players ever drop character during a show or a fair. Quote from: wat32 on November 04,PM.

Quote from: shirefriar on November 04,PM. Your points all read and respected, we'll just have to agree to disagree. Most stage shows ruin that, lacking accents, they have microphones. Acts like make the fair special. Obviously I didn't interrupt any of his bits and I didn't do it in front of an audience, but we did talk and he dropped his accent completely.

I'm firmly of the opinion that they come back to faire and develop whatever level of enthusiasm for faire they do because faire is entertaining; entertaining in a way that's more interactive than watching a movie. They stay in character, I don't know Renaissance fair tickling, but they do.

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I've seen plenty of acts that stay totally in character, no anachronisms, are highly successful, and more entertaining than the ones you've listed. Your character defines how you react to the tortures, but it also relies heavily on your own fears and what not. I was speaking to a ren enthusiast today and dropping out of character seems to be the downfall of many faires today even among what are deemed pros such as Don and Miguel. There's something for everyone- as it should be. Hey Nunnie Nunnie's act is timed as precisely as an Olympic bobsled run. That probably would've made my director of several years ago very happy, but it visibly disappointed the patron.

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Welcome, Guest. s: 1 [ 2 ] All Go Down. I'm staying away!!! Or if someone sat next to you telling you "that isn't real, you know".

Casa de tickle ren faire :)

Less well known is an article from a free weekly paper from the Washington Post, wherein a reporter set out to judge the local faire by how historically accurate it was, and thought it was total nonsense, based on the fact that the food vendors sold deep-fried Oreos. Quote from: shirefriar on March 17,AM. I'd also like to check out some of the acts you are talking about Shirefriar. These people put quite a lot of work into making their act into what they want it to be, what's entertaining, and most important Renaissance fair tickling someone who does this for a living, what sells.

I'm told the first thing they teach at fairs is not to drop character. s: 1 [ 2 ] All Go Up. SMF 2. They're actors and paid to do their show in character at all times. Again, I didn't mean to sound harsh in anyway nor be argumentative. It's worth the price of admission.

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Wat- I'd say probably the best thing to do is to simply go to the fair and see the shows. Moreover, any character or accent dropping during a stage show is deliberate. The Chat server is now running again, just select chat on the menu! If they don't succeed in recreating the past for you, it's because that's not their objective. You say they do it because it 'sells'- others could easily call that cheap and merely selling out. This is like evaluating Ben and Jerry's ice cream based on how well it performs as a detergent. Penn and Teller used this premise as Renaissance fair tickling basis of its hatchet job on faires in general and CRF in particular, painting all its regulars as a bunch of history-ignorant neo-hippies who think the Renaissance was nothing but a giant beer party out in the woods.

While that may be why somebody comes to faire in the first place, I don't believe that's why the majority of people come back to faire.


Acts break character all the time, though obviously not when performing except deliberately for comic effect. I know I would be a blubbering mess and laughing nonstop if someone was tickling my feet and I couldn't move.

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Of course different people go to fairs for different reasons. Author Topic: nottingham players Read times. There's nothing in their act that's not rehearsed and polished. Yes of course we all know we're in the 21st century- but a renfaire isn't different from a broadway show or a movie where for a few short hours you get to suspend disbelief. Yes you're right Will, it did look harsh or mean to see it in writing, but not how it's meant at all.

Please or register. Ratherunwieldly perhaps could tell you better than I. IMO people come to fairs to be taken back in time in some believable fashion.

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I included some video links too of all the acts, Nottingham and the others I've listed. Even the vendors take part - how often do you see a shop sporting s that they accept "Milady Visa", "Master of the Card" and "New World Express"? Coming from a theatrical family and having been to faires such as the old NYRF that do or did take the acting seriously, and honestly did try to bring visitors back in time a bit, it's far more telling how professional and accomplished actors are if they can remain in character and do not drop out of it.

Huzzah for them! See what you think. Thats why they call it public punishment. Now you see, Sylvie is a very sheltered, naive, unworldly, nose-stuck-in-a-book type, very unused to getting into trouble of any sort a contrast to the other characters who are all written to be a bit more hardened, or used to this sort of thing happening to them so when she was sentenced to her tortures tickling, roasting with torches, star kicking matches between toes she was genuinely terrified and didn't pretend not to be, unlike some of the other characters who react with anger, defiance, etc.

Whenever somebody uses this criteria, faire usually falls flat understandably, since that's not its primary objective. I suspect this is coming out a bit more harshly than you intend. I know that troupe does not break character like so many lesser actors do at fairs today.

While there are obviously some newbies and some less-skilled actors who have trouble maintaining Renaissance fair tickling and accents, none of the deemed pros are doing so because they're not good or they don't take their acting seriously.

How disuptive Renaissance fair tickling would be if your movie hero kept dropping his accent and talking to the screen out of character. And yes, I also agree so many do drop out of character.

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How disruptive it would be if your movie hero kept dropping his accent and talking to the screen out of character. Everything Nottingham does is quite professional and realistic.

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Many of these acts are scripted; tightly scripted. There are also acts whom I'm good friends with, such as the Pyrates Royale and the Nickel Shakespeare Girls, who will talk to me out of character when there's no audience around.

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It doesn't seem to be their policy and their actors are talented and polished enough to stay true to their commedia dell arte styled characters. Most stage shows ruin that, lacking accents, they have micophones. Please post an introduction after ing up!


News: Welcome to the Renaissancefestival. Quote from: shirefriar on November 05,PM. Will did you ever get my on your last post and the list? Welcome to the Renaissancefestival. I remember one of the few times that a patron at VARF wanted to discuss history with me, and I made it impossible for him to do so because I had had it drilled into me never to break character, and thus I refused to discuss anything that was in the "future" later than the s except in a speculative sense.

So we might just have to agree to disagree. You believe that people come to fairs to be taken back in time in some believable fashion.

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Every year these fairs are held throughout our State, and many States across the United States, as well as throughout the world.

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Given that fact, I am posting here both to show off, and to maintain my ownership.