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Rosalina fanfiction lemon

Rosalina Fanfiction Lemon


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Name: Kessia

My age: 65
Where am I from: Nicaraguan
Hair color: Brunet
Languages: English, Russian
Body features: I'm quite muscular
Body tattoos: None

LuigxDaisy Lemon. Rated T because of something in the story. Luaisy is by far the cutest couple ever. Love, Lust, and Happiness by theodorefan reviews Two Weeks have gone by since Jeanette and Simon had their fun in the bushes, and Jeanette can't stop thinking about it. Shots of other ships, too, but won't take up the story too much.

Preacherman 6. A Couple Meant To Be by silvertonguue reviews It's a cute little love story as the tale unfolds between the meeting of Luigi and Daisy. What will happen when Simon catches Jeanette being naughty?

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Rated between T and M but its M just in case. Of course it will!

talent girls Olivia

Review please! No more future chapters. Can the two really stay together forever? This is a sequel to my first story. Reviews very much appreciated! Sequel to Never on a First Date. Luigi and Daisy's Sensual Night by 1KamZ reviews It is night time and Luigi and Daisy decide to have another session of passionate lovemaking with each other. I have posted it here as well as on Enjoy! GreninjaMaster 1. Re-edited for better understanding.

MsCouvy 8. This is a Simonette, but you will love the passion and romance that all comes together to make it a perfect evening. Rated M. Feels like the first time by BJ30 reviews With their birthday fast approaching, the chipmunks finalize their wish list. Luigi and daisy, A spy story by akirathedelirious reviews 3 spies many adventures. Daisy skipped a grade.

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Will their love ensue? Hope you enjoy my first FanFic! Will smooth moves and fancy talk be enough for Jeanette, or will Simon be rejected again? Luigi and Daisy are a match made in Heaven, but what would happen if Mr. L fell for Rosalina? Please read and review! FanFiction unleash your imagination. Will they get caught or be able to watch everything from start to end? Rated M for mature readers. TheDCStar 8. This story involves a major Luigi x Daisy love story.

An Unconventional Apology by MsCouvy reviews Luigi and Daisy have had their first fight as a couple, and have been avoiding each other for a while.

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Never on a First Date by MsCouvy reviews Luigi has finally plucked up the courage to ask Daisy out on a date, but how exactly will their date go? Sleepover Spies by 1KamZ reviews Peach and Daisy host a slumber party one night and only invites the girls in the Mushroom Kingdom to attend in the castle, so the univited guests which are boys decide to sneak in and see what goes on in the castle. Short summary. Also quite lemony, just to warn.

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My favorite Nintendo characters and Couple! Simon's Proposal by Simon wanna be reviews Its the perfect night what will transpire between Simon and Jeanette. Birthday Surprise by 1KamZ reviews Today is Daisy's birthday and none of her friends were there to give her the attention she deserves and goes into depression from this. A more modern version of Mario and Luigi.

Daisy is tired of dealing with high school drama, and can't seem to get over her best friend's boyfriend. JCxX KiltedEngineer 4. Fanfic Retiree 5. Saphire isn't so thrilled with the news. I hope you enjoy!

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A sequel to Luigi and Daisy's Sensual Day. When she accepts, he's happier than ever. There is a sequel! Jeanette says by munkedupjoe reviews Simon says? I completely dominated him, at least for a while before he dominated me. They are in high school.

Mario x luigi fan fiction lemon

Luigi 4ever LuigixDaisy4Ever 1. The couple we've all been waiting for by Przybyszewski reviews Its Peach and Mario's wedding where Luigi reunites with Daisy years later. That's not what happened this night. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Ssb x reader one- shots!

But, King Richard, Daisy's Dad, doesn't like Daisy going out with a non-royal, and will ruin the relationship one way or another. All Simon wants is something his brothers have already done: lose their virginity. This time her stomach will be noticeable. I wouldn't be writing this if they weren't getting together!

Just my version of a flower child and green plumber love story. edid: Drama ensured.

Mario x luigi fanfiction

However, drama and unexpected incidents begin to occur. Causing tension between Mario and Luigi.

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Soon however, beginning to feel guilty about starting the fight, Daisy decides to apologize to Luigi in an unusual way. Daisy's Diary by 1KamZ reviews Luigi finds something that he shouldn't put his eyes on. Crazy for Luaisy. Daisy is thirteen and Luigi is sixteen.

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This Fanfic is my first but I feel good about it. Birdo and Yoshi find dating is hard when you're on different levels, Rosie knows popularity isn't all its cracked up to be. She thought that she will spend the rest of her day alone but this soon changed when she was disturbed by an unexpected visitor. Will Luigi still help his brother when it counts, or will anger drive them apart? Let this be our own secret game, Jeanette says, I love this game already.

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