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Rough sex imagines

Rough Sex Imagines


You regretted letting him kiss you that one night, three months ago. You were both so drunk, too drunk to realize that your actions would end up causing so much pain. You remember the way he made you feel that night, his hands on your body, mouth exploring every inch of you. You remember the way he said your name, the way his hips ground into you, the way he came apart looking like a god.

Name: Tobey

Years: I'm 18 years old
Ethnic: Latvian
I prefer to drink: Cider
I like: In my spare time I love mountain climbing

Go on and ride me nicely now, will you?

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She tastes sweet and her tongue feels cold against his, which makes him moan lightly and pull her even closer. She holds tightly onto his shoulders when he kisses her so hard it makes her lean back.

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He thumbs at her lip, releasing it from the hold between her teeth, a loud exhale escaping her mouth. You should probably do the same. Jamaica is also the place in which she found herself in some really unpleasant situations. Her nails dig into his shoulders, mouth parting in a silent moan when his hand lowers between them, rubbing small circles over her clit.

Dreamy — any kind of rough dream smut where he hits it from

No, the thing that took her by surprise is how needy he was at all times. He kissed her forehead after shaking his wet hair in her face, making her throw a towel at him and he kissed her neck when he was standing behind her in a crowded bar, watching the band playing on stage, her skin feeling hot and sweaty under his lips. She nods, taking a hold of his hands when they reach at her back, trying to unzip her dress. Are you gonna ask for another couple days and so on?

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She knows exactly what he means by that, just wants to have her here for as long as possible. Apr 10, — 1, notes.

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Give me this before you go. He asked and asked over and over again each day. She nods her head quickly, balancing her hands on his shoulders, trying to bounce up and down on his cock, careful not to move too close to the sand and biting on her bottom lip to keep the noises bottled up. He strums his guitar every chance he gets, goes on late night skinny dipping adventures and watches a rom-com each time before bed.

Dreamy — any kind of rough dream smut where he hits it from

Right now? Could go at it at literally any time of day, took her in all the places she could have possibly imagined, and asked for her to take care of the aching in his pants at least two times a day. They go on early morning strolls down the beach, have breakfast in their room, take naps every afternoon and go out every night.

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She feels an all too familiar heat rushing through her body that only Harry could get her to feel. His lips latch onto her collarbone, sucking in a deep bruise which makes her hiss at the harshness of it, knowing he just wants to leave a lasting mark on her.

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The waves are loud and the wind is cooling over their skin, the bubblegum ice cream feeling icy on her tongue. But as much as she wishes to do that for now, she knows that relaxing for the rest of her life and not doing anything else would quite literally drive her up the walls, so she has to go back home. He slows their walking by leaning down to kiss her cheek, only to stop completely when he turns to hold the side of her face in his hand, kissing the corner of her mouth before planting a full one to her lips.

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It involved a lot of sand in places where sand is never welcomed, sticky fingers and painful sunburns. The thing that surprises her though is that in the midst of it all, he fell on his back, taking her with him as well.

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He helps guide her by her hips with one hand, releasing slow grunts of his own.

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It paints a small, fulfilled smile across her tinted lips, making her feel all warm and bubbly inside.

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Original Imagine: Imagine having rough and angry sex with Klaus after making him jealous.

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