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Sharing my girlfriend stories

Sharing My Girlfriend Stories
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I do have more stories I wanna share with her that happened earlier, but this happened with my next girlfriend. I was quite heartbroken about being dumped and wanted to quickly get back in the game. A month after my break up I messaged a girl that I used to mess around with in high school and asked her out. We started going out regularly and after a few months of wild sex we decided to make it official.

Name: Rut

Years old: 26
Tint of my eyes: Enormous hazel eyes
What is my Zodiac sign: Aries
What is my hobbies: Cooking
My tattoo: None
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I hung out with him for a few minutes and we were both nervous… I knew from reading his texts she shared he was into her, and she obviously had a crush on the guy. She was stroking him and looking at me… i knew she was really hot.

A week later, I got a text from her. They made out hard… she took control, reaching down to undo his towel in a puddle around his legs. I was at the end of the bed on a chest, just watching… perfect view. He was rock hard… things stopped for a minute though. He took his cock in his hand and pushed it to her, sliding in slow.

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She whispered something to him not sure what and started plunging up and down on him, the tip almost pulling out of her each stroke. Finally, he tugged hers apart, slipping it off. My girlfriend and I had talked a lot about our fantasies together, especially during sex. For weeks they flirted and she would tell me about it, how it turned her on, how she felt, what he said or did.

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He pushed hard… you could see his hips press as he worked his dick all the way into her. She said she was with someone but was flattered. Things heated up a lot to the point where she wanted to get me involved. Her legs were spread wide, around his hips, and I could see he was slick from her already. They kissed again, long and deep, as he knelt between her legs. He asked if I was sure, and I figured it was a good way to break the ice. We talked about him, incorporating him into our fantasy talks instead of a stranger. She worked his cock hard… fucking him right in front of me.

The story of my first threesome and first time ever sharing my girlfriend [mfm]

She kissed down his wet body to his cock, slipping her lips over him and along his shaft. She brought up the idea more often, and in more detail when we did. At this point, she started texting him and talking once in a while, dropping hints. His cock was between her legs, hard and alert, as her hand worked him.

They met me in the bedroom, towels on. A few days later, he left with her again, waiting at the door while she walked out. He was glistening from his own cum as she pulled it off and dropped it to the ground. She turned around and faced him, kissing him very hard, deep.

Sharing my girlfriend

He was ready again soon, but she pulled him to a seated position to the edge of the bed, so his feet were on the ground but he was laying on his back. It was really hot watching her slide it over the tip of his dick and unfurl it down his shaft, one hand holding the base and the other sliding it down repeatedly until he was covered. One theme we brought up a lot was the idea of a threesome… she was more comfortable and receptive to having a guy us, and we focused on that.

His pace picked up fast, reaching that point where I knew he was close. She also made some efforts to get to know him… how she had been talking to him more, and flirting openly. He was abrupt… no teasing or waiting.

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I tried to just lay back and watch, inconspicuously. Hearing this later was a turn on… I guess picturing her cutting loose, exploring her own fantasy, and the idea of it was just hot. Her hand was on his dick, the other scratching his chest and stomach, over his nipples. Light candles?

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They were pretty frantic… it was a huge release for both of them. They came from the gym, so she wanted a shower. Her hands reached back and pulled his ass into her, all the way to the hilt as he came.

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She straddled him, facing me, pumping and stroking his cock. She talked about how she she watched him at the gym, timing when he left and leaving at the same time, running into him at the door. He disappeared and all I heard was the shower running for about 20 minutes. She later told me he walked in and after a moment, opened the shower curtain.

She put her hands in his and pushed them up over his head. They talked for a bit more, and she gave him her .

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They walked over to the bed, laying down facing each other and kissing. A few weeks later, she met this guy at the gym and over time developed a crush on him. She only wanted to do it with me around though, which was more than ok with me.

I brought up the idea of really trying it and she was OK with it as long as it was the right person. I was on pins and needles. He came hard deep in her, with the condom on, gasping….

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He walked her to her car and they flirted a bit, and nothing much, but it excited her to actually make the effort to talk more. After we talked about it, she wanted to see if it would go further. They walked to his car and talked for a bit there… they flirted and he asked her out.

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I could see her face, eyes closed and mouth open gasping, over his shoulder. It grew over time and obviously turned us both on. Wear a robe and smoke a pipe? They had been flirting for a bit and wanted one another, so it there was a build up to this. At that point, it was almost solely between them. She reached down and teased him, kissing him softly. By now, she had established where we wanted things to go and he had been receptive, at least while flirting on the phone.

‘girlfriend sharing’ stories

I showered, waited an hour and they showed up. Watching that was ridiculously hot. She whispered something to him and he started to pound… leaning over her, hands on the bed aside her head, drilling his cock in and out of her. As she started to clench up and cum, her toes curled against his sides… i could see he was almost ready at this point, after all the attention.

Sharing my girlfriend

He took her in his arms and they made out while he soaked up. They both spread their legs and teased… her hand reaching down to take his shaft and his to slip down and ease a finger along her slit. I finally just asked if he wanted to surprise her by going into the shower. They lay like that for a bit, until he pulled out and rolled to the side. Riding him now, she was going hard. After a moment, she pushed down… he disappeared in her, long and slow. I think he wasnt sure how far it was going to go, and neither were we.

It was all so confusing…. As she did, she held his dick and positioned herself over it, working the Sharing my girlfriend stories between her lips. However, we had condoms in the room so she stood up to get one and peel it open.

Put on a variety of lotions and gels? I encouraged it, and it obviously turned her on. She rolled over and pulled him to her mouth. He reciprocated, massaging her breasts and kissing back. She was totally turned on… that kind of heavy breathing, eyes half closed horny. A moment later, she gasped as he started to fuck her.

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One night, she hung out with him after the gym at his car where they ended up kissing. I was at home and she was with him… he agreed to come over and hang out. It was fucking hot… thats the one thing I really recall from the experience, that moment where she totally let go and fucked him.

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