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Soggy biscuit rules

Soggy Biscuit Rules


Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! In Register. I did it once at school, I lost and hate to eat it, I enjoyed it as I had a crush on two of my mates back then.

Name: Robenia

Age: 47
Nationality: Senegalese
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Pisces
Figure type: My body type is quite skinny
What I prefer to drink: Gin
Music: Techno

Heck, even buy when things hit rock bottom.

Contestants all jack off onto a digestive biscuit. Lots of soggy biscuits. That was totally nasty. A game where guys who are premature ejaculators are winners and guys with staying power are losers.

Soggy biscuit

The last one to ejaculate loses, and has to eat the " soggy biscuit ". The SAO or biscuit soaks up all the raging hormones and becomes. Dan was usually the first one to suggest a round of Soggy Biscuitbut he always played to lose.

house singles Nathalie

The game in which 3 or more men stand in a circle around a cookie, crackeror some sort of snack item and jack off. Over there as we can see, the famous McVitie's factory.

slutty females Arya

LI have some Digestives, who wants a game of soggy biscuit? Do you dare play the Soggy Biscuit game?

Soggy biscuit

It is also what a Sky News reporter would choose to say when a biscuit factory floods. A male masturbating game. That frat party was out of control.

lovely cunt Brielle

The loser What is soggy biscuits? The last person to orgasm is declared the loser and has to eat the cum covered item. The winner is the first person to ejaculate while the loser has to eat the semen laced biscuit.

white madam Zariyah

A male masturbation game in which the first to ejaculate on the biscuit is the winner, and the loser being the last to come on the biscuit is forced to eat it. Mark won soggy biscuit again because he jacks off like a fiend and can only last 30 seconds when he gets near an actual woman.

naughty girl Princess

The personification of a Nudgee College boy is Soggy SAO because everyone knows what a huge bunch of fudgepackers they all are. Also known as wank biscuit or in America ookie cookie.

black latina Jade

Attractive, but definitely batting for the other team. A male masturbation game where the players beat off around a biscuit.

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A male masturbating game.

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Everyone knows that frat bros and upper-class boarding school twits have been glazing cookies with their bodily fluids forever.

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Soggy Biscuit is a game in which boys purportedly masturbate on a biscuit or cookie and force the last person to ejaculate to eat the biscuit.