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Sorority party tumblr

Sorority Party Tumblr


I figured new start, new adventures. Of course I looked into their greek life community just to see what kind of atmosphere I was getting myself into. However, with fraternities they have a good amount here and we have a lot of the same chapters back at my normal university. Throughout the past few weeks of living here I have seen groups of fratstars walk by and such, but I didnt really feel like putting up with their bullshit quite yet.

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Unless they can massively improve their pledge classes and secure their sorority relations, expect them to drop. Tri Delt should work on improving pledge class quality. Having secured a house, albeit one not on 28th street will help them. In the past few years, Pike had been on a strong upward trajectory, but this has reversed. Anonymous asked: are you done posting? Phi Sig holds 9, although they are steadily rising.

Anonymous asked: Best parties so far? Going to homecoming with ZBT also did them no favors in improving their standing. Anonymous asked: Your is garbo now.

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While their reputation of being rich and attractive the quintessential USC sorority remains strong, they will have to have a strong showing next rush. Their OC-Sig Chi pipeline yielded them another great pledge class. And their sorority relations lean heavily on their nice-guy reputation, making it difficult to make the changes they need to improve their social standings.

Pi Phi has begun to pull away from Theta with another great pledge class, but still have some work to do to climb into the top tier with DG and Kappa. Sammy is finally shedding their nice-guy reputation and are getting closer to being a top tier house.

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Anonymous asked: Do you have a new ranking. Looks like the better tumblr prevailed. If Pi Phi can continue to distance themselves from Theta, they could enter the top two in the next few semesters.

While competition is stiff from other top houses, expect DG to remain top two for the foreseeable future. DG continues to solidify their reputation as the house with some of the most fun and attractive girls. Their lackluster social events combined with vanilla pledge classes have led them to stagnate.

Although it is unlikely they will drop with Pike on the decline, they will need a massive overhaul to compete with AEPi or Sammy. In theory, Phi Delt has everything they need to succeed but have still lost ground. Some big changes are coming for frats.

Anonymous asked: since when does phi delt mixes with DG and Kappa mainly? Expect them to remain at a solid 4 unless APhi dramatically improves.

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With AEPi dropping, expect them to rise a spot, although they will have to make big changes to compete with Sig Nu. ZBT has been floundering for a while. Their parties, pledge classes, and sorority relations have improved dramatically over the past several semesters. They definitely have cool guys but their massive pledge classes have done them no favors as far as consistency.

With Chi Phi now in the mix, KSig has their work cut out for them. Mid-semester ranking is almost out.

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Sig Nu has held at a steady four. Lambda remains in the top echelon, no surprise here. They have consistently lost their best recruits to higher ranked houses, causing their recent pledge classes to lose quality.

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Although the gap between Theta and APhi is the largest on the list so far, Theta has been undeniably on the decline. Their sorority relations are unparalleled and recent pledge classes have been stellar as always.

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Their enthusiasm makes them popular amongst lower fraternities, but they will have to bring more to the table. Spring Sorority Rankings 1.

Expect them to hold at 5 for the foreseeable future. The newest house on the block. New ones will be coming later this semester. Their tailgates and parties in particular were also fantastic in the fall. Kappa slipped down to a comfortable two after having some retention issues this spring.

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They have a ways to go to close the gap with Tri Delt, but things are looking up. Anonymous asked: u slippin, greek insider got ranks out before you. After a rocky semester with very limited parties, TKE has shown they are back. Their register was second only to Halloween and their sorority relations are steadily improving. Halloween was second to none and they kept the pledge class quality extremely high even through recent trouble. Although they are still far below other houses, they are hungry.

Although they are still well above Chi Phi, expect pressure in the coming semesters. They will need big changes to compete with AXO. Sigma Chi is and will always be a top house. What happened? Most importantly, unless they can buck their reputation due to repeated incidents at parties and allegations they will struggle to improve or even maintain their sorority relations.

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Expect them to continue to have solid parties and hold their spot. Anonymous asked: So where are your updated rankings and top registers?

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AXO had a surprisingly solid pledge class this semester, but they will secure better fraternity relations with mid-tier fraternities to put pressure on GPhi. Their parties are solid but they are severely limited by their house and some lower houses have started having larger parties. Anonymous asked: when will rankings be released. Their new fall register Snow was also one of the top five registers of past semester. If they can keep their momentum, they can be expected to continue to rise in the ranks.

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Last semester they struggled to throw consistent parties and their pledge class was subpar. Alpha Phi is in a tier of their own, with a large distance between houses above and below. ADPi was floundering for some time, but have turned it around the past two semesters with solid pledge classes and improved fraternity relations.

Expect them to be back vying for the one and two spots after this semester.

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Although their fraternity relations are solid especially for their rankinggoing with Phi Delt to homecoming further muddied their position on the row.

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