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Spying on wife stories

Spying On Wife Stories
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Name: Kristal

Age: 33
Where am I from: I'm argentine
Sexual identity: I like man
Gender: I'm lady
Languages: English, French
What I prefer to listen: Dance
Hobbies: My hobbies surfing the net

It was long, thick and super hard! I made certain that it was pointing straight down on the bed. Finally, I hatched a plan. Our kitchen is completely open to the den on one end so if I placed the camera correctly, I could catch both rooms and have a great view of the sofa where she might be fucking someone new. Every night, after she went to sleep, I would check them and find nothing on them except for her bumping around the house.

‘spying on wife’ stories

At first, I was just looking at the side of the fridge and the den off in the distance but I could hear voices and one of them was male. I almost choked. My wife is a rare beauty. When she didn't answer him, I knew her resistance was wearing down and she was beginning to contemplate getting away with it.

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He responded by smiling and pulling his muscle shirt over his head. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

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For a few seconds she was bashfully taking it all in. At first I didn't recognize him from the back of his head but when he approached her, she turned her profile to the camera and since he obviously wanted to face her, he did too. When I became conscious of it, I removed them and sat in front of the TV butt naked with my hand slowly stroking my ever-hardening cock.

She immediately wrapped her fingers around it and dropped to her knees. As Kim ran her tongue along the underside of Brian's cock, she gazed upwards into his eyes as if needing assurance that what she was doing was satisfying to him.

Its tip was glistening with the precum that drenched it. I worked with the husband some years ago and that is how we all met. When it sprang free, the tip of it poked right into the front of Kim's bikini bottoms. She had not cheated on me before and she was reluctant to cross that line even now.

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As I listened, I began to realize that I was witnessing a first time. She was not all that opposed to the idea of fucking him and was wrestling with her inner demons. The newest camera I hid in the bedroom on top of the dresser mirror. She stared at the muscles in his young teenage chest. He reached out to grab her but she wriggled away, turning her back to him but facing the camera in the process.

Spycam caught my wife

About two weeks after starting my voyeuristic endeavor, I came home and Kim was very horny. Then I saw him put his right hand on her ass. The bedroom was of course the most logical place. She rarely ever wears this particular bikini and just looking at her in it made my cock stir in my pants. Then it occurred to me that maybe she was even bringing him home and fucking him right in our marital bed.

She never actually swims in the pool and never puts her head under the water. I also notice her gaze linger a Spying on wife stories on the growing bulge in the front of his shorts. He even referred to her as aunt Kim even though they are not related. It isn't like I haven't done that. All accept her hair. I did work very long hours in those days and she was always home hours before me. She rode me like she hadn't had sex with me in 20 years. Kim suddenly stopped and said no. She quickly turned back to face him pushing the arm away in the process.

Everyday, I would drive home about 30 minutes before she arrived home from work and switched the cameras on. Her face was bright red with embarrassment but she was grinning and her eyes were shinning in the way they always do when she is turned on. At first I chastised myself. Five years younger than me, five foot five inches tall, brown hair and eyes, flat belly, firm little tits and a killer ass. It was June and very hot and humid.

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Then turned to face someone entering the room right behind her. I thought it was someone where she worked and maybe they were having an affair. I knew that look on her face too. She looked at the floor for a second as if to build up some much needed courage to cross the line she was so desperately trying to hold a few seconds before. I found myself actually hoping that I was going to see her fucking someone else.

They have a son named Brian who was 9 when we met them but had just turned Brian and my wife Kim have always been close. She let out a little squeal of surprise and her eyes were almost popping out of her face when she looked at the large appendage poking her in the crotch.

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The voices were getting louder and then suddenly she walked into the kitchen past the camera. She was wearing her skin-tight white bikini and she was wet like she'd been in the pool. Her cheeks imploded as her lips sealed tight around his shaft and then, as he moaned in ecstasy, she began to slide him in and out past her lips. About five years ago I became a little more than suspicious of my wife. He had sandy blonde hair and sky blue eyes that sparkle when he laughs. So I began to wonder what was turning her on during those occasions when she seemed to be horniest.

Brian was slightly over six feet tall with a very athletic build.

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She had plenty of opportunity. Satisfied to take what he could get and obviously not wanting to give her any time to change her mind, Brian hooked his thumbs into the elastic top of his shorts and jerked them all the way down. But the feeling that something was going on would not relent. We have married friends who are about 12 years older than us. I hurriedly hooked the camera to the TV in the den and rewound the tape to the part where they entered the kitchen so I could hear what they were saying.

Spying on the wife

Add to the fact that he was wearing a blue pair of athletic shorts and a red muscle shirt that showed a few light brown chest hairs and I was surprised she was putting up any fight at all. On this camera, I really couldn't hear the playback very well. Kim's eyes had been locked on his but when his shirt was being pulled over his face, Spying on wife stories saw her eyes flit down his body and back up again for a second. Deciding on a place for the other camera would take some thought. Who could blame her? She approached the rectangular, wooden, empty kitchen table and she laid the towel out on the tabletop.

Then at his round and muscular shoulders that curved up into a thick muscular neck. What I was about to see was more than I ever dared to dream. While Kim was absorbed, so to speak, in the task that she was so expertly performing, Brian bent over her head and began to untie her bikini top. He was coaxing her but she was resisting. There were times when I couldn't seem to get her in the mood at all and other times when I'd come home from work and she'd almost rip my clothes off.

His abdominal muscles are ripped and there was a thin line of light brown hair protruding from the tops of his shorts to his navel. I chose to hide this camera on the counter behind the toaster and some cooking crocks. I would discretely hide two video cameras somewhere in the house and see if I could catch what was going on. Then suddenly she slid the entire thing in her mouth, tip first. As I watched my wife's beautiful mouth begin to lick the tip of the dick of my friend's teenage son, I found myself squeezing my own dick through my shorts.

He only responded with some sharp intakes of breath as he gently stroked her hair with one hand.

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As she walked into the kitchen, she was drying herself with a towel. I actually thought about moving the kitchen camera outside to face the pool and then decided against it. You need to stop now or we are finished here. A couple of times I caught her in one of her bathing suits so I knew she had been out in the pool. Finally, I chose to hide this one in the kitchen.

Erotic stories

Maybe she is just really turned on by someone at work and can only deal with it by fantasizing that she is with him when she is really with me. The thought of watching her scream on another guy's cock was sending all of my blood right to my nether regions. She was making light of his advances but she was resisting by trying not to take him seriously.

We have one older video camera and one new one so I could choose the two most strategic places to hide them in the house. He had just graduated from high school a month prior and it was him who now stood before my nearly naked wife! He had on no underwear and his cock immediately sprang out. When I was checking and the bedroom camera, I found the usual nothing but suddenly I saw something very interesting on the kitchen cam.

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