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Steve trevor fanfiction

Steve Trevor Fanfiction


Up until the sthe pairing was featured in various Wonder Woman comics as well as in the Wonder Woman — TV series. Between andthe pairing was broken up in the main comics universe and both characters developed romantic relationships with others. Elseworlds and adaptations such as Wonder Woman: Amazonia and the Wonder Woman animated movie did occasionally feature the couple, though not necessarily in a way that was considered in-character in the main verse e. In the New 52Steve Trevor started heavily featuring in various Justice League -related titles as the League's liaison and his relationship with Wonder Woman was eventually re-established as canon.

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Steve stood by the door, watching you with clouded eyes. He was shattered when she died and broke even more with each day that passed. His body was the first thing she saw. She began to hear him having conversations with you at night through the thin walls of the apartment. His lips hovered there for a moment before he inhaled deeply and moved his head so that he Steve trevor fanfiction look down at you.

She was the brain and the brawn and he was the heart. His lips turned upwards at that, and you knew that he was proud of the effect he had on you. In his mind, you were still there with him or you had gone to the store to grab something while he waited. Your bedroom door that had been shut since month eight was open, and Steve was no where to be found.

She nodded and looked at the picture with distant eyes. He always insisted that he hated when you called him beautiful, claiming that it took away from his masculinity, but he was so beautiful. Steve let out a deep breath, stumbling backwards until he reached a chair.

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He was standing in front of your closet, appearing deep in thought as he looked at your belongings. But then she heard Steve trevor fanfiction having full conversations with you. Not just any word, however, for it was a name. Three cups of tea or coffee made, one just the way you liked it.

His lips brushed yours before he moved to press soft kisses along the side of your neck. Charlie always brought Steve the best liquor he could find, claiming that whiskey and brandy were the best medicine. He merely hummed in response to your words before gently pushing you back to the bed. His blue eyes were dull and seemingly lifeless. His room had become his sanctuary, and he refused to leave. She would watch as a small smile would form on his face before he grabbed ahold of one of your hands, pulling it to his mouth in order to place a tender kiss against your palm. His eyes seemed to be sunken into his face, rimmed with dark circles that made him look like a corpse.

Your death had been bad enough, but losing Steve made life seem impossible. Diana and the others were there for him every step of the way. His normally shining blue eyes were dull and open, his face sickeningly pale. One of his hands reached up and brushed along your cheek; you instinctively leaned into his touch.

If he could just focus on something, maybe then he would calm down; at least that was what she told herself. Three dinner plates would be set out in the evening instead of just two. He waited and waited until night, beginning to worry that you were in danger.

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It worried her to no end that he was falling back into his old habits. Diana looked up from her place on the couch in the living room, setting her book aside as she sat up straight. He pulled his lips away from your jaw and sat up, arms stretching up as he took off his jacket and shirt. I was… I was surprised he made it so long. But if it had been her decision, neither of you would have gone to the plane; she would have stopped it instead. He shrugged it off, stumbling over to the window as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

Chief would always make sure that the apartment was stocked with what Steve and Diana could ever need. It Steve trevor fanfiction an action that she had watched you do to him many times when it seemed that he was becoming too stressed. He had been doing better as the months passed, the nightmare becoming less frequent. Looking back, she wished that she had told him how much he had impacted her life for the better. When she knelt down in front of him, her heart dropped.

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He was laying on his side, facing away from the door when she entered the room. He nodded stiffly, running a hand over his face as he began to cry. She whispered calming words to him as he collapsed into her arms, the guilt overwhelming him to the point of such a massive breakdown.

She walked in on him having moments like that more often than not. Nights with Steve were always full of passion and love, but something seemed different during that night. Everything was going better than Diana had hoped… and then the one year anniversary of your death approached.

She stood up from her spot and walked over to where he was putting on his other shoe. She would find herself wishing to find a love as pure as the one between you and Steve. He turned his face up and began to trail his lips across your jaw. You could tell that he was becoming emotional; his voice was lower and shook as he spoke, and his body trembled slightly.

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A small gasp escapedfrom you as his hands trailed down your body, and a chill ran through your blood. He had started to eat less and less until he barely had anything at all. You knew that he could feel it, too, but you were in the middle of a war and there was a lot that made things seem off. There was a bottle of empty pills on your desk beside a picture of you and Steve from a few years before.

His blue eyes were clouded with exhaustion and worry as he looked over at her.

She knew that he was gone, and she felt as if her soul was being Steve trevor fanfiction apart. Diana watched him carefully, confusion washing over her along with a mix of other emotions. Her dear friends that had loved each other so deeply and passionately were torn apart due to the war and their love.

Instead, it was just one word. Diana was at a loss when it came to finding ways to helping him, so she decided to reach out for help. Diana heard a record, your favorite one, playing from your room, so she assumed that he was up there going through your things for the first time in a long time.

Etta had arranged a lunch for the two of them and an old friend that was a respectable psychologist. Diana had never known that seeing him in such a state could make her feel so useless and full of guilt. Your hands moved to discard his shirt as soon as your back hit the fluffy bed, and he let out a laugh. It was as if she had sucker punched him, causing him to clench at the material over his stomach and attempt to catch his breath.

Her sword was in her hands instantly as she raced to his room only to find him thrashing around in the bed. She heard him move around the room before shuffling to the door and opening it. He simply laughed before leaning down to press his lips against yours in a passionate kiss.

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His body trembled as he lay in her arms, his head resting on top of her legs. Diana set her sword down beside the dresser before sitting on the bed in front of Steve. You still have people who love you, Steve. What happened? You could tell that something was bothering him in the way that he became more quiet than normal. Her heart had nearly stopped when she first heard him cry out.

It appeared as if he was simply sleeping, but he seemed to be too still. It was when he started to become more distant and quiet than usual that she became hesitant to leave him alone. The scene awaiting her arrival back home was one she would never forget. Even as she stared at the pictures of you and Steve many years later, her soul still felt the same.

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She would find him sitting at the dining room table, staring at the wall as he hummed one of your favorite songs. There was so much she would have done differently, but she walked away. He was capable of going through a few days without having a relapse into thinking that you were coming back, and those few days stretched into a week or two.

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His hands roamed all over your body, and yours did the same to his. The village you had all saved the day before was reduced to nothing, the people were all dead by the time everyone realized where the gas was going. He shot up in the bed as a loud cry burst from his lips. For throwing away what she gave him? He started getting bad again about a month before the anniversary.

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He was silent as he took a few steps foward and quietly shut the door behind him. He began to slowly take off his shoes and coat, his eyes glazed as he stared at the wall. When Diana finally told Bruce the story of how she came to be, of who the couple in the picture was, she felt a weight lift off her shoulders. She decided to let him be, however, believing that it did him no harm to just sit in his room and talk. Charlie, Sammy, Chief, Etta; all of these wonderful people.

He placed his hand under your chin and tilted your face up. She knew that he felt awful for not getting to the plane before you, and she felt awful for being the reason you had the opportunity. Diana refused to leave him alone for more than an hour as the anniversary of your death came even closer. A weight that had been there for a hundred years.

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