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Trey songz fan fiction

Trey Songz Fan Fiction


Paris smiled from across the table and looked up at me. So I went in and Babe I left this part out, but I actually got the part!!

Name: Louella

Years: 32
Color of my eyes: Warm hazel green eyes
Color of my hair: Long lustrous hair
I know: Italian
My figure features: My body type is quite athletic
I prefer to drink: Beer
I prefer to listen: Classical
Stud: None

I took my phone out and made a phone call. I looked over at him and walked over to him with a smirk not saying a word. Trey is vulnerable with his child and soon his wife out of the picture.

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I headed down the long hallway until I heard voices. I went against the commotion and made a quick escape. He was sure she had picked a side, sure she had speculated like the rest of the world and yet the only two people who knew what happened was them. I recognized the Spanish realizing I'm in South America. It was constant back and forth between the two the way it had always been. Just as he was ready to go he looked around hoping to spot her once more but he had no such luck.

That little girl is our key, of course Trey is gonna come looking for her we draw him in and we got him right where we want him"he said. Here she was in her feelings but her man was around. The baby started to cry making me shake my head. I hurriedly walked out the door until an alarm went off catching my attention. Try and get some rest" I said shifting the subject standing up.

Truthfully it was tiring being angry but he was still hurt and rightfully so. His voice filled the club as he sung along to his song. He wanted to go after her, but then what. Seeing Aaliyah cry really bothered me.

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Too many questions. Trey could feel the jealousy surging through him as he grabbed a nearby bottle and drank from it. Trey grabbed her, pulling her into the room before her back met the door and his lips were on hers.

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Why was she here? Too much history. How the hell did she get inside his suite? As the night carried on he drank and had a good time.

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I felt my eyes getting heavy trying to figure out where the hell I am. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. I fucking hate you! I'm here with Treys wife trying to find they daughter-" I started before she cut me off. Yeah I do.

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I think you're beautiful I've had feelings for you for like the past two years. You're my best friends wife that shit is just foul" I said before sitting next to her.

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I don't know where I'm at or where I'm going. I reached in his pocket to get the key and unlock the cuffs and cell. I looked down at my hands seeing the cuffs on them looking around and I was in a back room.

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About Privacy Policy. Homeboy had to realize he was a pawn in this game. Telling her that it's gonna be okay was just a bunch of bullshit. Knowing he still had the power for her to go out of character to get to him. I don't get why Raine is fussing me out she know the deal, but she don't get what Trey has done for me He the reason why a nigga ain't in jail.

And of course he had showed up with his guest of honor. The back and forth not unusual between them. I thought you were beautiful since the first time I met you, but I got a girl and you wit my best friend so it'll just be a crush" I admitted and she nodded. With no luck I tried to move my hands out but that didn't work. I headed towards a-shop that served fish.

His body slid down the cell before he hit the floor. I let her go and handed her a bunch of tissues for her to dry her face. I'll take that as no so I headed to look for more clues. Admittedly he had enjoyed seeing her.

I hit his face with a my knuckles before pulling him by the collar hitting his head against the cell before he was knocked out. I stood up a stumbling some trying to gain my composure. I looked around to see if the keys were on him.

I looked for an exit and my made my way to it. I quickly moved his moved body inside the cell and went to go find an exit.

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Too complicated. He thought. Letting the thought settle in the back of his head he walked over to Lori wrapping his arms around her waist and sticking his face in the crook of her neck, causing giggles to escape her mouth. I swallowed the lump in my throat and scratched the back of my neck. I then grabbed someone's jacket before putting the hoodie over my head.

Treysongzfanfic stories

I haven't heard from you in three days! Seeing her behind the screen of his phone, fine, but in person was a whole different ball game that neither of them seemed ready for. Visit Blog. Now that he had utilized the same courtesy she was in her feelings.

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How did he explain this entire ordeal? Once I got the picture I forwarded it to Red, before I could lock it my phone rang showing it was my girl. I ain't some pedophile! I looked around to see if there was something around for me to pick the lock on these cuffs. I held onto my phone tightly and Liyah was sitting at the edge of the bed looking at me.

You don't have to answer if you don't want to" she said while her voice came out raspy. I knew you wanted to fuck that skinny hoe! I kept my profile low looking for a to see where I was. Trey wanted to laugh. Now Kelly probably had a whole scenario playing out in her head.

She's only two months old and some weirdo done took her I need y'all to be quick on this" I stated.

So he pulled out his phone and shot off a text before heading back to the hotel. So what. I'm not even sure where to start with her I just held her and tried to calm her down. A sigh escaped his mouth as he reentered the suite. Just as he got through the threshold of the door he wasted no time toeing off his shoes before removing his shirt.

His eyes scanning over the beautiful faces in the crowd as he spotted a familiar one.

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The baby kept crying and I shook my head letting his words sink in. Besides he was sure Lori was adept to social media after all she was young. He snickered coming closer to the door which is what I wanted. I swear Nick you ain't shit! I promise you imma find her aight" I said assuring her. I looked for somewhere to hide until they passed.

She's coming home" I said to her. The knock on the door caused him to turn around.

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It felt like an eternity having to wait for it but once they gave it to me.

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As we gathered our bags and prepared ourselves to exit the jet, I started biting my lip nervously.