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True crossdressing stories

True Crossdressing Stories
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When I was a teenager way back in the early eighties, I was taunted by some of the other boys at school for being overweight. I was a little, but in my mind at the time I was convinced it was a lot. It got to me so much that a few days before the start of the new school year I went into town with some money I'd been saving and I can still barely believe it even after all these years I went into a department store, went into the lingerie department and, with a bright red face, bought myself a panty girdle.

Name: Cherri

How old am I: 28
Service for: I prefer male
Languages: French
What I like to listen: Latin
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One night my wife and I went to walmart to have a picture printed off my phone. Bullet dodged; so I thought. When I was a teenager I started by putting my sisters makeup on and her clip-on earrings but always in secret.

talent madam Viviana

So, the only thing I thought to do was to crowd in front of her so she could not see the screen of all the photos. She probably thought it was my good looking sister.

Cross dressing stories

Jane Rohr was kind enough to send Glamour Boutique some of her best and worst stories and experiences dressing. She showed me all the options she had.

damsel females Vada

So, when I had some free time I would dress-up. I would like to share some of my stories with all of you lovely ladies out there.

tight girls Lucille

I pretended to be buying shoes for my wife, and the woman helping me seemed to believe me. I have like photos on my phone of myself dressed up as a woman. I was sure someone else was going to see them at this point though.

Yes true stories.. from jane rohr!

I ran to the bathroom so fast and started scrubbing away. Sure enough,I chose the waterproof mascara by mistake. As I got older I still had the itch. The worker had to re-plug my phone back in with my wife standing right next to me!

I keep them in a private album so, only I can see them.

house miss Saoirse

I was up buying a trolling motor for my bass boat when I passed by a very lovely wig store; clearly I decided to stop. When I got married the opportunity was there all the time since I had makeup at hand due to my wife.

Also, some important tips on how to NOT get caught by your ificant other. Take a look. Worst couple of days of my life. Take a look at these adventures of mine. I usually keep pictures of some wigs on my phone so I can say that my wife is looking for something like this and show them the picture.

Crossdressing confessions

I told her that I was taking a crap, which really got her to leave me alone. If you would like to tell some of your crossdressing stories and tips on how not to get caught to our blog, like Jane, feel free to glambmarketing gmail. LOL So. Follow Jane on Twitter! So there you have it, sometimes you have to be fearless ladies. I made my purchase and left the mall without any suspicion. They looked like crap.

Crossdressing success stories

Thank god my wife had walked away to go get something in the store at the time. Of course she had to tempt me with a long sexy blonde wig. All I wanted to do was wear those boots. I just went for what I wanted. Got a good deal on the trolling motor too However, that whole time that I was worried about what I thought other people were going to think was for nothing.

hot girl Simone

Married for 30 years. So, once she passed all of my private pictures I could see my loving wife had returned to my side. However, when my phone got plugged into the machine, my private album started loading all over the display screen.

stunner woman Araceli

I played like I was sending my wife pictures to choose from the whole time. And just like that my first wig fitting was under way. One evening I decided to go out and buy myself some boots.

black latina Tori

I am 52 years young. So, of course, I gave myself a makeover.

ebony housewives Madilyn

I began thinking of lies to tell the store clerk about why I, a middle aged man would be buying a wig. We are always looking for ladies that would love to help other fellow dressers. It was exciting and scary at the same time. My friends and family have no clue as far as I know.

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But that day I had nothing. This is when I realized I had bought a wide style shoe thinking the shoes were made for people with wide feet. I am a crossdresser.

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It was playing on my mind all month.

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Crossdressing Success Stories are real stories from crossdressers who have succeeded in an aspect of femininity.

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But the interest being a TV has created to the general public and indeed to the unique individuals who visit the Transformation site, made me want to put fingers to keyboard so to speak and share my cross dressing experiences and views with you.