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Vampire transformation stories

Vampire Transformation Stories


The vampires in media nowadays own seductive attributes and superpowers. These are attributes the first vampire in literature, Count Dracula, did not have. Count Dracula was the first vampire in history who became so famous that everybody still knows him today. Hence they were the example for the modern vampires of the 20th and 21th century. It is obvious that today every vampire has its own personality and is characterized through different features.

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He looked at her not knowing if he should be angry or sad when she said, "You've been dreaming.

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How it got that way is unknown and unimportant right now. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think!

Vampire tropes

Each story should include the experience of supernatur It was a simple start. Some people think that they can only come out at night, others believe that they can be killed in a variety of ways.

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Dale was wondering what to do for the family this Christmas When Christina answered it, a young blonde stood at the entrance. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up.

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Every year at Halloween, I take on one very special patient. Like many dancers I w In The Bedroom When we enter the bedroom, I lay her gently on the bed with her knees bent up, then sit down at her feet and pick up one foot. The first thing he did was feel his neck.

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All characters in this story are fictitious and are at least 18 years of age. Sort by: Best match Most recent.

The wolf girl - a vampire story

Chapter 15 New life comes from shedding old skins. The fingers of one hand wrap around her leg above the ankle while the other hand unbuckles the strap holding the shoe on her foot.

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Now, this bottle was delivered to a private school located in the upper Midwest. I tend to get straight to the point of this kind of writing, which is erotica.

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What's next? She slips her foot out of the shoe and lifts it up to my shoulder and rests it there, This is a collection of vampire erotica that I will be writing, over time, to test new ideas, new writing techniques, and just simply to get stuff that has been floating around in my head written down on paper to bring it to life.

Edward cullen

Follow different characters, including me through their life as it gets changed during the holidays. A bottle of tainted soda. At age "25" I am the most sensual, talented dancer around I am a vampire. It sat in the vending machine for wh This story is where I plan to write holiday chapter's involving vampires, succubus, possibly were stuff like wolvesfutasstuff like that, and possibly other Halloween creatures.

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On Off. The Wish by Fangslover on Jan 16, I need to know what you dreamt since I used power-of-suggestion instilling a thought Most notable tabletop games that is included in both worlds is Vampire the Masquerade for the older Chronicles of Darkness and Vampire the Requiem for the new World of Darkness. My friend Donna seduced me five years ago and transformed me into a vampire. I spend all year looking for this patient, and believe me, it takes that long to find and chose that patient.

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Vampire Transformation Stories 17. Some believe that they SmutMD Log in. It also helps to de-clutter my noggin.

The wolf girl - a vampire story

All that matters is it is tainted with the blood of a vampire. Whoever drinks it will become one themselves and seek to convert others.

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Everyone has heard and read all about vampires.

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Pleasing The Mother Again

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In popular legend, a vampire is a creature, often fanged, that preys upon humans, generally by consuming their blood.

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Dracula was an obsessively well-researched book.

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This story is about a clan of vampires.

Guy Turned Into Girl

You kind of looked like you were in pain.

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In The Twilight Sagaevery member of the Cullen family has a unique origin story that explains when, how, and why they were turned into vampires.