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Vampire werewolf hybrid eyes

Vampire Werewolf Hybrid Eyes


February 23, Accirrah. Their fur and bones have a scent that is attractive to humans, werewolves and vampires.

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In or Register to comment. Lady Thorn is bae, dont me. Seeing a werewolf behemoth bloodknight would be absolutely terrifying but also amazing.

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And the rabbit hole goes deeper. Leave a Reply. And with Stone Garden it shows that not only lycanthropy can be reproduced the same way, but that it can be combined with vampires via a potion. A descendent of a lycanthrope became a vampire and the lycanthropy suddenly got activated.

Edited by Thevampirenight on December 3, PM. I'm under the belief it's a hard no, but after having played a werewolf behemoth that could turn invisible thanks to Vampire's stage 4 passive Vevvev wrote: ». Home Forums English Lore. If not exist then easily achievable with the right means. One idea if Bethesda ever went with the idea of a hybrid is using this.

1. silver eyes

That I don't know on, Its likely a hybrid would look like a normal werewolf in that form maybe some vampiric characteristics or paleness or even vampire eyes in the werewolf form. Since its fully possibly to recreate the curse of vampirism using alchemy and that is canon introduced with Summerset alchemy would likely be able to create the actual curse of lycanthropy in a similar manner.

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It isn't actual lycanthropy its just a alchemical reaction that gives that form. I doubt it would work like Underworld.

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An alchemist like Arkasis could potentially recreate the curse of lycanthropy along with the transformation. Or to go even further a vampire lord with pure enough blood or reproduction.

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We will have to wait and see if they ever do something with it but its also possible they might not. Vampirism has already been shown to be reproducible with multiple experiments including the vampiric flowers. Well there is magical ways you can be a vampire but then be able transform into the form of a werewolf.

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Lorewise and the devs stated this for the new dungeon mechanics in stone garden. So many one day we might see a way a true hybrid can come about.

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Edited by Thevampirenight on December 3, AM. December Thevampirenight wrote: ». The Ring of Hircine is one of them depending on how Hircine blesses it that allowed for it in Tes 3 Morrowind from what I read.

Vampire werewolf hybrid name

I just realized that we already made hybrids in a way. But they would have to make it for it to happen. Currently it may seem impossible for a true hybrid given both diseases like give immunity or even cure the other and that seems to be the case and how it works. Those potions we use to empower ourselves and the behemoth form use bloodknight parts. That one khajiit obsessed with werewolf behemoth and vampire lord. Now I sound like that Arkasis guy.

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Ryuvain wrote: ». Merchandise en en-gb de fr ru. The alchemical reaction is what allows a vampires to use the alchemical werewolf behemoth transformation. As for a full on hybrid like Underworld. Now that I think about it, hybrids already exist don't they?

Vampires vs lycans

That is only if the conditions could be merged in such a way without them counteracting the other, this could maybe be done alchemically. But this is Tes, and magic can do many things.

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Either the vampriism gets cured or by some luck they are both and the conditions don't counter each other like it typically would. Making a permanent hybrid is entirely possible afaik.

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But stronger than both.

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This character is not only one of the originals, but he is also believed to be the first official hybrid between vampire and werewolf.