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What happened to miko lee

What Happened To Miko Lee
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ed up: August 1, 3, days ago. Ethnicity: Asian. Height: cm.

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Once or twice a month, they would have a porn star visit there morning show to give some fluff interview about why they were in town promoting some video or convention. My heart was pounding as I punched the buttons on the face of the phone. Here it was p. Her smile was warm and genuine. In my mind, her voice was like a song and when she spoke it was very clear and elegant. I had to pace.

I wanted to pinch myself. I had better say something before Miko slipped through my fingers. Here I was, just a normal guy, waiting on a gorgeous woman to me.

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I am sure that I sounded like a moron. I hated to dwell on her reaction when she saw me. I was expecting nothing but ditziness from her. Her only obligation is to be there. Plus we are just going to dinner because I won a radio call in contest. She had her black hair pulled back in a pony-tail. How do you feel about that? Turns out Miko was in town to promote a book she had written about her life in the porn industry.

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I heard Miko Lee would be appearing on the show but at a time when I would be at work and could not listen. Hearing her must have broken the spell because I was able to get up and introduce myself to her.

She walked over to me and introduced herself. I was nervous as hell waiting for her to come down.

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She was just as gorgeous in person as she was in the movies. I knew I had almost no chance in hell to win. The first time I dialed, I got a busy al. So usually when the interviews would be conducted, I would switch the station. I think I want to beat off all over your face I am so excited. The second time I dialed, the phone on the other end started to ring. They both became really polite to Miko through the rest of the interview.

I was to pick her up at 6 p. It was the only thing keeping me from going insane waiting. This got a laugh out of both of the Regular Guys. I felt warm all over and strangely enough, my dick got hard. I have to sit through four minutes of car, beer, and sports commercials, the whole time wondering about how I would spend dinner with Miko Lee. Coming back from commercial, it turns out all I have to do is be the 96th caller to the station to win.

She saw me and gave me a huge smile. She told me there was no need to be all nervous and formal. Off the air, I was told I could meet Miko for a few hours later that evening at her hotel and we would be chaperoned to a local restaurant.

She flashed it both times she was stopped for an autograph on her way down the stairs. Some of the crude questions as by the DJ seemed to put her off. She was wearing a pair of khaki pants with a black button up shirt.

My date with miko lee

I was excited beyond belief. We could enjoy dinner and drinks but that was it. I think that really took Larry and Erich by surprise because both of them shut up the comedy act.

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She was a porn star but at least I could hear what she sounded like. She started getting really short with her answers as the questions got raunchier and raunchier.

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I looked around expecting some goon to to make sure that I mind my manner but I saw no one. I am sure she gets hit on everywhere she goes. I am not a bad looking guy in the least sense of the word but she is beautiful, beyond words really. I decided to sit down before she called security on me. When I arrived, I let the desk know I was here for Ms. The girl behind the desk kept looking at me like I was some kind of weirdo.

Larry sends the show to a commercial.

The few times I actually did but when people started staring at me, I decided to stop. Good thing I did because she came down the stairs. The phone bill was the one covering that, how ironic. They wanted to treat one of their listeners to dinner with a porn star. The Regular What happened to miko lee did most of the talking. I want to pull my hair out. So how does an average Joe get the chance to have dinner with a porn star? She wanted me to be myself and just have a good time. I walked from the elevators to the big staircase on the other side of the front desk.

I really think that was the only way to get her to agree to the contest they wanted to have. She had a gorgeous smile, not a fake one either. I only got to speak with Miko briefly. As I was finishing my thought, someone picked up the phone. I could always just put in a copy of one of her movies and jerk off later in the day, probably before work. I was worried about her coming down, seeing me, and running right back upstairs. I am about to go on a dinner date with my favorite porn star in the world and he asks me how I feel about it.

If I tried anything funny, I would get my arms broken. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I actually started doing a little jig in my kitchen.

There were probably 10, other men with the phone in one hand and their dicks in the other trying to get in on two lines. She told me she was looking forward to our dinner and excited about meeting me. I started to pace while waiting on her.

Then I stopped. Miko explained to me that she just wanted to have a nice evening out and not worry about her people pushing people around if they noticed her and wanted an autograph. I called her Ms Lee at first but she told me to relax and call her Miko. It was amazing enough with her being amazingly gorgeous but she was a world famous porn actress on top of it all.

When I saw her, I wanted to stand up and go to her but my legs turned to jelly.

My date with miko lee

I had no problem with that whatsoever. These were porn stars, not rocket scientist. She looked like anyone else out on the street. Turns out the phone was on the kitchen table buried under a pile of bills. She was hungry and it was rare she got the chance to go out and have a good time without camera everywhere.

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I was way to excited to say much. I was tempted to just say fuck it and hang up the phone but I decided to try just one more time. Who do we have here? I was thinking I would have a better chance of seeing the dark side of the moon than I would winning this contest. Her voice was just as soft and musical as when I heard her on the radio.

I was nervous as hell about her coming down and seeing me. You sometimes wonder what a person sounds like and you wonder if the voice matches the face. Every time the elevator doors opened, I wanted to jump up to see if she was getting off. She sounded very intelligent and capable of writing a book.

There was no way I was going to miss her even if it were just an interview. The phone rang and rang for what seemed like an eternity. At this time, I am screaming at the radio for details on how to win the contest. How do you think I feel about it moron? I thought I would try a few times and give up. I gave my name, age, and where I was from while we were on the air.

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Birthdate: 30 MarchAries Age:

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Miko was born in San Diego, to Vietnamese and Chinese parents.

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