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Why do we have rules in school

Why Do We Have Rules In School
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It is important to teach students about the classroom rules, schools rules, daily routines, learn to practice new skills in the classroom and out of the classroom, and now their school schedule and outside of school schedule. You want to be patient with them and be consistent and have a trusting relationship with them because, if they are suffering depression, anger issues, then they think think that the teacher is gonna failed them. It is best to have a teacher tutor them for whatever is their weakness that needs to be worked on for the children.

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School may have a few set of rules but at my school, The administration just makes rules pretty much every day which can make the children easily get in trouble from a stupid rule the administration didn't even announce Here's a example 1. It also applies to the s 13 14 31 41 and Other rules say you cant where black and blue because their "gang colors". Are school rules necessary?

I understand that some school rules are unecessary but life after school is full of rules and having rules in a school setting prepares us for that. Children will eventually become adults, causing them to lose their freedom to play and just have fun. We should be able to wear what ever we want and me as a girl is more stressful because we r not allowed to wear tank tops because it shows our bra strap. Some children would probably be running around with knives, Anyone that voted no.

School rules also help in your adult life to become successful and a good person.

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Imagine a school with no rules School rules are quite important because they are made for the safety and better welfare of the students in school. Like Reply Challenge.

The importance of classroom rules in school

This is really dumb, But some rules are necessary. And, We aren't allowed any nail polish, Even clear, Or makeup, Even natural-looking. There are some school rules that are necessary but the grand majority are statistically inificant in what they fix. That is why i think school rules are necessary! Having rules and a code of conduct to adhere to prepares you for a job as the majority of workplaces will have rules to be followed. Discipline is about managing behaviour and the ability to get along with others and learning to understand others and manage their feelings.

After you leave school, Do you honestly think you'll be allowed to run wild, Doing whatever? Maximum words. Like you cant socialize with your friends out in the hall that's just stupid. Do you want to die? Many rules created by schools are controversial and unneeded for success.

Without school rules there is less safety. Uniforms also look great and very neat when the whole school is together, Trust me.

Importance of school rules & regulations [3 reasons]

Is banning gum really necessary? Obviously not. Thus i wrap up my arguement that yes rules are necessary to some extent but rules are also not necessary at a decent amount of extent as well. No Phones allowed anytime of the day not even during between classes or lunch and they say they're not trying to make school feel like jail. School rules are important because if they weren't there, Nobody would listen. Create New Poll. If rules did not exist then there would also be no idea of rules or society and even in that sense it can not be determined as good or bad due to it never existing.

No comments yet. Children need to enjoy themselves as much as possible because once they grow up, they will have no time for fun and games anymore.

Unit 9 (primary school, class 9) – why must we obey rules?

Posted by: wrexinite Report Post. Google Search.

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Parents shouldn't shelter their kids from the real world with out seeing what it truly is. Rules are a vital part of a student's life. Report Post. In Up. Add a New Topic. I've noticed a lot of people complaining about school dress codes, In my country every school has uniforms and I understand why, Not every student is as fortunate as the others and therefore can't afford brand name items or clothes as good as the others and thus takes a toll on the students self esteem.

Adding additional rules does not help prepare students for real life as the school environment is no longer representative of the world.

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Posted by: CherryBerry Report Post. These rules give students a guideline to follow, This in turn prepares them for society and life after school finishes. Like one kid wore his Denver broncos jersey to school in 3rd grade and was told to take it off because the 18 is "gang related". They also show us bad stuff when we don't follow the rules just like the real wold. Regardless of how annoying you think school rules are, They're nothing compared to what society has planned for us.

Posted by: chloeleblanc82 Report Post.

Why do we have rules?

You will need rules at school otherwise children would run wild. Existing federal, state, and local laws are already sufficient.

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In my school, We aren't allowed to wear scarves on-site, To and from school is fine, But not on site. If there were no rules then there would be no discipline. Children will also need to learn responsibility as they will need this when they are older. Because of rules, children cannot express their creativity. Some school rules are necessary, We can't have children doing whatever they want and hurting themselves and each other, But some of them are really stupid, And those are the ones we need to get rid of. Society has a structure and a set of rules that's way harsher than what we have to follow at school.

Of course not. Its been proven that if kids don't have to hide the fact that they have gum then they throw it away more often than if it were against rules. The reason for this is that there are many rules and guidelines to follow outside of school and in the real world. Comments 0.

Importance of school rules & regulations [3 reasons]

They also prevent children from having fun. I get that we should have some school rules but some aren't necessary at all. It is mainly used to promote good behavior among students and to maintain the good image of the school. However i personally think that schools shouldnt have school rules as well because there is a huge possibility that students may just break the rules either way and the most common excuse ive heard is that "rules are meant to be broken" which many teachers may not take it as an excuse and just scolds.

Of course rules may seem to keep everyone in line but what about those who don't. They make sure that we are safe and that they will prepare us for laws in the real world.

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Posted by: IanGardner Report Post. Adjusting to rules in an earlier period will help ease into adulthood in a society following rules and regulations. Rules keep the student in order and the school running smoothly, Without rules certain students will take advantage and spoil others learning and that isn't fair. Post Your Opinion.

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Like Reply. Are there rules that will keep even those who do bad things in line? I'd say this because many a times students may not behave themselves thus having rules are necessary. Learning to tolerate and follow rules at school when we re young helps us adjust better to life outside school. I hope this helped.

Why do schools have rules?

School basically used the rules to form it into a prison School may have a few set of rules but at my school, The administration just makes rules pretty much every day which can make the children easily get in trouble from a stupid rule the administration didn't even announce Here's a example 1. I don't think all school rules are stupid but like having a hole in your jeans you get expelled that's why they are stupid. Load More Arguments. Like its jest a bra strap it wont kill anyone but the teachers think it will.

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School rules are usually associated with classroom management and school discipline.

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After all, these are expected policies that are set forth in an institution.

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After all, these are expected policies that are set forth in an institution.

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When schools can make rules Can schools make rules?

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When you want to ask your teacher a question during class, what do you do?

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Rules are everywhere in our lives yet I have found that students spend so much time thinking about the consequences of not following rules and they often don't take the time to think about who created them and why?