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Wife crossdresses husband

Wife Crossdresses Husband


I have been on the right side of things i. My father protested in the Stonewall Riots once he heard what the NYC police officers were doing to gay guys!

Name: Leodora

Age: 30
I love: Guy
My Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Body type: Overweight
Smoker: Yes

So cute!!

A majority of crossdressers live their public life as men while at times dressing as women in their private lives.

Go ahead and tell her, you might be surprised at how positive she is about it! We encourage discussion, friendly conversation, constructive criticism, and advice above all else. May you have a lovely life together!

Before I tell you my story, what's yours? Illusion successful! Thanks for the awesome compliment! Continue this thread.


Thanks for the comment! Sort by: best.

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It's probably only times per year, and not every time is photo-documented. Hi Chris I'd like to share, but I note you haven't submitted anything to this forum. A safe space for cross-dressers of all genders, as well as their family and ificant others.

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Hi there! I just wish this would happen more often.

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Created Mar 27, Top posts may 20th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top. Posted by 5 years ago. Yes, I am lucky, and I try to show her that. Love, love, love those heels!!!

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Your comment makes me feel great! Thanks for the kind compliment.

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Would love to hear your testimony- how you met, how you told her, how you started dressing together :. TY, sweetie! You found the Skittles flavored unicorn we all seek!

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Why don't you go ahead and shave them? Hi Crystal! Found the internet!

~ scratch your fetish with some innocent erotica & romantica

Are you a repressed CD? An admirer? But I do love these moments! This subreddit is mainly centered around sharing photos of ourselves, but it isn't a beauty contest, it's a community.

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Ok you officially suck!!

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