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Wife gaining weight stories

Wife Gaining Weight Stories


WebMD archives content after 2 years to ensure our readers can easily find the most timely content. The Rumor: Men lose weight more quickly than women. Many people believe that when it comes to weight lossmen have an advantage.

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Well that seems to have faded after just three days, because she ate 4 giant sugar cookies in one sitting, asked for a DQ shake the next day, and then made a whole batch of cookies for herself again last night. One thing I've noticed over the last few months is that her belly is just growing out more, but her whole midsection is getting wider these days.

She confesses she just doesn't seem to want to change her eating habits to lose weight. Bad news for me is that she started to lose some weight after my last post. I mentioned that she wanted to lose weight again, and she did lose 2 pounds to bebut she hasn't kept it up and started to gain weight again and I'm pretty sure she is at pounds now. Not confessing would be not being honest with her. I'm not sure what that means but I hope she's just within a couple pounds of Well this may be the end of the story, at least Wife gaining weight stories now.

She wasn't upset or anything and just I know I've said things that made her know how much I enjoyed her weight gain but I felt like this confession was different because I had never come right out and say bluntly that I'd prefer she not lose weight but put on weight. Well I'm back again already.

I think my compliments on her looks are making it so she isn't as concerned about the diet. Anyway, I was really hoping she would get past her max weight and go at least another 20 pounds beyond, just to see what that's like, but if she wants to lose weight, then I will support her. In the past, she would normally have to save the shake for later, but she seems to be able Wife gaining weight stories eat the large shakes from Artic Circle in one sitting. She is back to sitting and reading all day again and that has also been helping the body to expand more too.

September update:. It's pretty hot to think that just a weight gain of pounds was noticeable enough that I could tell her belly and love handles were already much bigger, so I can't even imagine how big and hot she would be if she gained 80 pounds to be at lbs like what other posters have said their wives were at, let anyone gaining over that and being bigger at or more!

Without trying, I noticed today that her awesome belly was sticking out further than ever before and I just couldn't stop myself from looking at it in wonder with a big smile on my face. She has put the weight back in and then a little more.

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January update :. Yesterday she was reading about Donald Trump's medical checkup and that he weighed pounds.

Weightgain stories

We both recently noticed that despite the weight loss, her mid section was getting rounder and she thought she was just putting on weight again, not to being pregnant. If that's the case, then naturally she's just going to continue growing. She is pounds now. Her chest is starting to finally grow a lot more with the weight gain, and she made mention how they are starting to get massive. Anyway, over the past week, she seems to have gotten her appetite back and is eating however much she wants again. Oh man, this is the life.

I thought I enjoyed seeing her at her old max weight of before but now seeing her atI was just getting turned on by her so much quicker now, it was so much fun! She is 5 months along!

My partner has gained a lot of weight

July Status update :. When I first met my wife 13 years ago, she was 19 years old and she was around pounds. She then said she weighs almost as much as he does, but she didn't want to give me a. The other day, she was feeling down about her size so I told her how attractive she was. I Wife gaining weight stories told her I wouldn't mind if her weight gain continued. I made sure to tell her that this is just a preference, not something I demand of her or something I require of her or anything like that and that this is her body and she can do whatever she wants with herself. She noticed and so have I that she was getting bigger, so she weighed in this morning and found she was at lbs.

It's all been fine for me, I've been attracted to her no matter what her weight has been, but over the last year and a half she has started gaining weight again, and I was finding myself being lured by the bigger curves again. I remember around this time going over to her place and seeing her wear the same shirt she wore when we first met but instead of the shirt fitting well like it did 8 months ago, her new, bigger belly was hanging out from underneath the shirt, easily exposed and visible.

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Its nice to finally see her extra weight going to her boobs because it mostly goes to her belly, but hey, no complaints here either way. She didn't say she would put on weight or anything but that she wants to lose some weight and I said that's fine and I support her and will always love her and be attracted to her no matter what, which is true.

I couldn't believe that I had said that secret desire because although I've wanted to say that for years, I never had the guts to say it to her, but now I did. Due to her weight gain, she had to go and buy some new clothes that are the next size up. She has an IUD so when we saw s of pregnancy, we chalked them all up to other individual things, like just getting sick, having COVID even, and the prescritpion medicine she was taking.

We just discovered two weeks ago that we are expecting! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing about it.

Do men lose weight faster than women?

A few weeks ago she decided that, due to stress, to stop worrying about losing weight right now and just try to maintain, which was secretly super exciting to me, because if she couldn't lose weight and was maintaining while trying to lose weight, she would probably gain weight if she was now trying to maintain. I've made a few bold comments lately, like when she said she wanted to lose weight, I told her "Well I like your size", or that I was secretly happy she gained a few pounds when she had gained before.

Every other day there are high calorie and high carb snakes coming home from either myself or from her, and she just eats it up. Well its been some time, I should give some updates. The weight gain continues every so slowly, but what matters is that it continues. May 29th update:.

Men tell all: my wife gained weight & i hate everything about it

I blew my mind how much bigger she looked and she was just 18 pounds bigger than her old record! After just 8 months of dating, she had gone up to pounds, which was her heaviest weight so far. I told her that I felt like telling her this because I owed her the truth and had been completely open and honest to her about just how much I would rather see her gain weight instead of losing it, and that she deserves to hear my honest fantasies.

I told her that I've finally realized that my true fantasy is not to see her lose weight, but that I actually would prefer to see her gain weight and get bigger. One day while talking she was mentioning her weight, and out of the blue, I blurted out that I secretly wished I could tell her to just gain weight!

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No complaints here. I had started writing this down about a year ago with updates, so its been copied and pasted as such below. This is the true story of my wife's weight gain over the last 13 years that I've known her. She seems to go back and forth on the diet throughout the day.

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I've got some bad news and then good news in the area of the wifey's weight. However, my time of enjoyment is over, as she was feeling pretty upset about gaining weight and is determined to get under Oh well, such as it is.

Going to help my wife become the fatty she was meant to be

She hasn't been on the scale in a couple months, so I'm not sure what she weighs now since my last post, but we both know she's been gaining more weight, but I estimate by now she might be pounds, maybe a little bit more. She took the news completely in stride and was like "yeah I pretty well knew all that", so apparently none of it was new news.

Since the marriage, her weight fluctuated between and over the next few years. This was so amazing to see, I loved seeing her belly continue to grow, which is mostly where her extra weight goes. Man I love this woman. We thought her weight loss was caused by her diet and some new prescription drugs she was taking, which it very well could have been, but her loss of appetite was probably also caused by her pregnancy, which has been the case with all her past pregnancies, which caused some weight loss.

I am constantly telling her how great she looks, how attractive she is, how Wife gaining weight stories has only gotten hotter over time, all that stuff, and it's all true, it gets said a lot because I am gushing over her looks. She has gotten serious about the diet and is now down to already. She complained recently that she is getting too big, but I truthfully tell her that she isn't and that she's a long, long way from being too big. I estimate she is at pounds now.

Ladies, here’s why you gain weight after marriage (and it’s not what you think)!

So as I expected, she ended up gaining weight. She was very determined a week ago to really go on a diet and lose weight through a keto diet. November update :. May 9th update :. She is now ata new record, and she looks so great, and noticeably bigger already.

It was an awesome sight. I did notice a little growth in the chest area and maybe a little in the butt, but not much.

Men tell all: my wife gained weight & i hate everything about it

She got down to about pounds a couple weeks ago. Unlike the last 3 children, this pregnancy wasn't planned, but we will still keep the child and love it all the same. An exciting development: she went bra shopping at Victoria Secret the other day and instead of buying a 38DD or 38E like she had in the past, she went up to a 38DDD bra, or 38F equivalent. One other fun fact is that I found out she was complaining to her friend a year ago about gaining like 40 pounds since she started her job in which is actually now 50 pounds as of now and how she should probably lose weight, but she is conflicted with how much I find her attractive when she gains weight, and that she sometimes uses that as an excuse to eat whatever she wants anyway.

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August update :. Heck, just today she ate 4 massive high calorie crammed donuts, so who knows. Man, I really loved seeing that belly grow and get bigger and more massive. Late May update :. She just brushed it off and didn't take it to heart, but despite that she was still gaining weight again and she got up to pounds, and part of me secretly hopes she gets back to and keeps growing, because I love her belly, I love it when it gets bigger and bigger I don't know why I find her bigger belly and butt attractive, I just do, so here we are.

It was a new, bigger wifey at a size I had never seen her at before and I loved it! Some time between now and then, I finally and completely opened up and told her how I feel. She tends Wife gaining weight stories get insecure about her body, so I asked her if she wanted me to go on with my feelings about her body, she said yes, including things about her size. She also said she is enjoying the extra attention she is getting. From then until the time we got married, she went on a diet and got down to around pounds. I was so turned on when I read that last part.

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But ya never know, you always hear about people gaining all the weight back after awhile and then some. Im no professional writer, but i find the true stories are the best ones. The belly and sides have taken most of the gain from the last 4 pounds and are sticking out more, she looks amazing. That seemed to cheer her up. She's noticed that we are being more intimate lately cause I can't keep my eyes and hands off her and she made a joke that "hey, maybe I don't want to lose weight if it means more action like that!

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My wife has gained and lost weight many times.

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A few months ago I heard from a reader who felt guilty because he wasn't attracted to his after she gained weight.

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User packageturtle writes today:.

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I've been married for almost 20 years.

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